Friday, July 31, 2009

Almost finding a job

Well this week I went to a job fair for a store that is opening in my area. There were about 700 people that showed up on Monday. I had to wait approximately 4 hours to be seen. I waited outside for about one and a half hours. Then I filled out an application form and attached my resume. I then waited another two and a half hours for an interview. I was so relieved when my name was finally called. I had an interview with a pleasant man who really didn't ask me about my job experience at all but rather was only interested in my availability. I am now not putting up any more road blocks ( as Mr. Sunshine calls them). So my availability is when ever they need me. Well that was enough to get me a second interview. On Wednesday I met with the HR person for Canada. She extensively went through my job experience. At the end of this interview she set me up with a third interview with the store manager for this morning.

Well, I went for this interview. On the ride up on the elevator a man entered who I recognized from Monday (he was one of the organizers and interviewers). I was suppose to meet with the store manager Jeremy but this person who walked in with me Michael called my name instead. He also focused on my job experience. Asked my availability and asked what I have learned about the company so far. When he was done, he asked me to take a seat in the waiting room. I waited there for approximately 20 minutes hoping that my next interview would be with Jeremy. I don't know Michael's role in the company as he never told me and usually when they ask if I have any questions, my first question for the interviewer is always "what do you do for the company." Well Michael never asked me if I had any questions. He just whisked me into the other room and asked me to wait.

While I was waiting both Jeremy and Michael and the HR person that I had spoken to on Wednesday were all calling people for interviews. Some were first interviews, some were seconds and I assume that some were thirds like mine.

Well Michael came back in and called my name again. This time instead of going into the interview room, we sat in two chairs in the hallway. He said that they were interviewing many people but that they obviously have an interest in what I can bring to the company. Then he said that they would be making some important decisions today and that IF they decide to proceed with me then I would hear from them by the end of Today. Well that last part kind of burst my bubble. I have done enough interviewing to know that the 'if' word is usually translation for this is the end of the line.

I wonder if things would have been different had I have met with Jeremy like I was initially suppose to. I wish that I knew what Michael's role in the company was. In the end I also wish that I had told Michael that I would be happy with a sales position even though I know that they were leaning towards other things based on their questions and my work experience.

I will wait to hear if the phone rings today but I doubt that it will. It's too bad because I was really starting to like the philosophies of this company.


  1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  2. Hey their Sunshine try and stay positive. I totally understand the IF but you just never know. Now that I have spoke to you also on the phone again I am still hoping for you it all works out. On a side note I answered my first call waiting and didn't hang up on them!!!! Thanks for the help Sunshine