Monday, July 6, 2009

Meeting Dr. Mark

What a afternoon. The morning was uneventful, did some cleaning and watched the little one ride her bike on our street. At 1:00 she started to complain of a stomach ache. And I in all my parenting wisdom told her to go to the bathroom. But I did tell her to hurry as we had to leave at 1:30. I wanted to stop at the post office before we went to meet the orthodontist, so I could mail my nieces birthday gift. Her birthday was a few weeks ago but you know how it is. At 1:35 I start yelling upstairs for the little one to hurry up. She yells back she is in the bathroom. Now she has to go, when I am in a rush. But like I have said before I she is on know ones timetable but her own. Finally she is ready and it is now 1:45, she is still complaining of a stomach ache but I have a feeling it is nerves.

We make it to the orthodontist with 3 minutes to spare, we skipped with the post office, have to do that after the appointment. Now Sunshine had told me about the orthodontist before hand so I was somewhat prepared. Let me say I should of married orthodontist and not a auto worker. What a operation, TV screens, Video games, staff everywhere. They have this whole teeth, braces thing down to a science. We are ushered into a a office (of course after the little ones goes to the bathroom again, man she is nervous). We are meet with a women who is the dentist's agent I guess, I don't know what else to call her. She sits us down and what is nice is she talks to the little one and not about the little one. She explains all that needs to be done, and how its going to be done then she goes on and on about how amazing the office team is. And how Dr. Mark is great, wonderful, friendly etc.... I could feel myself getting excited, I was ready to get up and start a cheer. But darn I left my pompoms in my other bag.

The agent left to notify the Dr. of all Orthodontist, and it was just the little one and I in the room. Now during this whole sales pitch the little one has not said a word, when she sees we are alone she turns to me and says "What was that?" I laugh and am just about to reply when the man of hour walks in. He appears to be a nice guy, Sunshine said he was very nice. He thrust his hand out to the little one and starts into this long story about when his wife was pushing out their first daughter (yes pushing out) they had agreed on a name which happens to be the same as the little ones but on the last push his wife changed her mind (as we all do while giving birth) and now his daughter has a different name. Hello, waaay to much information. If I am every to meet this women I will have to congratulate her on her amazing multitasking . I don't know about you but I wasn't think of much more then "GET HER OUT" during my last push!

After the chit chat with Dr. Mark we were then whisked of to the Xray room. We were met by the xray tech and proceeded to get photographed. Then off again to the dentist chairs for molds of the little ones upper and lower jaw.

Now this is not just any dentist chair. The little one was asked to climb up on the third chair from the left. That is right this room was about the size of my family room and kitchen combined and it had in it a row of dentist chairs with handheld video games attached. Each chair had a kid in it and a mom sitting in a standard chair staring at their kid. I would say the room held about 8 chairs. When a hygienist was in need of something she would just holler and an underling would come running and grant her request. I have never seen anything like it. Obviously this is some operation.

By the time we were done (1 hour later) it felt like all 22 staff member had come over a greeted us and they appeared like they couldn't wait for us to return in three weeks. I was almost tempted to invite them all over for a BBQ. As we were leaving Dr, Mark came running with not one but three coupons for free ice cream cones at McDonald's. So after dinner tonight the little one is taking us out for dessert! Not bad for $2000.00 plus dollars and we are not even at the braces part.

Side note: We just got home from our ice cream and the husband commented that he hoped we all liked our cones as they were the most expensive ice creams we have ever had!


  1. Carolin you are so funny. I'm not really sure from your comments if your little one really liked it or not? As you know I love Dr. Mark and we have been seeing him since my oldest was about 8 years old. She is now 14 and we are scheduled for stage #2 with her so we will see our favourite orthodontist on Thursday at 12:00. My little one always talks about how much she loves Dr.Mark and she always fills our the contest sheets even though she is not a patient as Dr. Mark always tells her to go ahead and take a guess. I feel as though he could actually be family. His first baby and her name was a very big deal. I recall them having a suggestion box for names and also a contest to see who could guess the closest time and day to the delivery of their first child. For his second child we were only there on a yearly basis so I don't know what fun things were done. They also organize a skating day in the winter were you can bring your family and friends. We have never been because we have always been busy those days.
    We just used our ice cream coupons on the weekend. I hope that your little one will enjoy the experience, as much as you can possibly enjoy going to the orthodontist.

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  3. I'm BACK
    That was very funny Carolin. Ice cream coupons way better then suckers.
    Hope she has no pain when the work begins.Thank goodness a visit to the dentist no longer involves pliers and an electric drill.
    And a bigger thank goodness for dental insurence.
    Love You Mommie