Thursday, December 23, 2010

Let the Cooking Begin!

The cookies are baked, the lists are done and the gifts are bought and wrapped. Now it's time to get cooking for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We all went out last night to purchase the groceries. We found everything we needed at the, 'No Frills'. We used our PC points to purchase the groceries. This is a nice treat for us a this time of year. We just save up all of our points and use them for the Christmas groceries. As I mentioned before, we found everything we needed, except for the turkey. I wanted a 9kg fresh turkey, not basted or stuffed with butter. Have any of you every read or listened to Stuart Mclean's, "Dave Cooks the Turkey"? Well, we had to go to four different grocery stores until we found the right turkey, Canada, grade A - not grade B. (you have to listen or read, "Dave cooks the turkey", to understand)!

So far, so good. Come home and with the boys help the groceries are all put away in the various locations. I go to bed as I have the early shift. Today, I arrive home from work, change out of my uniform, have a quick bite to eat and enjoy a cup of tea before starting to cook the rouladen for Christmas eve. (rouladen is beef rolls stuffed with onions, bacon, parsley, sometimes pickles, and mustard, rolled and browned and stewed in a paprika cream gravy). I go downstairs to get the cream for the rouladen and discover that a bag was left out of the fridge. It contained a 4L bag of milk, 1L carton of buttermilk and a 1L carton of cream! It was warm. Of course, NOBODY, took responsibility! I searched the internet looking for some site to tell me that it was still good. I mean, it was still sealed! I even called Carolin to get her opinion. We both thought as long as it wasn't curdled or smelled bad it should be ok?????? I know, I know..... I'm not taking the chance, especially over Christmas. I called Hubby who will repurchase the milk and cream on his way home tonight. So now what? I have a list and schedule to adhere to!

So, here I sit, enjoying a cup of tea......

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Little Goth Can Go Along Way In The Mother Daughter Relationship Department

What a wonderful Saturday the little one and I had today!

It is not often we can spend the day together doing errands without me rushing and stressing about work. The next two weeks are mine, as Christmas is just around the corner and I have a million plus one things to do.

Our day started at the hair salon where the little one had her wish come true. She has been asking for a few months now for a black streak at the front of her hair. So Sam, (her hairdresser), obliged and she had two foils done at the front of her hair with a colour called, "blacker than black." He also gave her a wash and trim and just pampered her. I did get not overly positive comments from the older patrons about if I allow her to have black streaks now what will she do next? I kept a Barbara Coloroso in my head. "It's not life threatening, it's not morally threatening, and it will grow out!"

Pooh, to the 'old biddys'. I actually like the black streak and the little one loves it and really that is all that matters. And this is my theory (right or wrong) if I let her experiment while I have a say, hopefully she won't come home at 15 (when my opinion is second to her peers) with many piercings and multicoloured hair, etc. Time will tell.

After we left the hairdresser we headed down to the Lindt Chocolate factory. Wow, was that place packed! I have never seen it so busy. The little one kept telling me that when she becomes a Mom she is defiantly bringing her kids to this store.

Then we headed to Michael's craft super store. Once again she was in heaven. So much paper, paint, crafts, and lots of pretty, glittery, sparkly stuff. And now we are home watching, "White Christmas" and eating cookies for dinner.

I hope your Saturday has been as nice as ours!


Friday, December 17, 2010

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Hi all. Well, even though I am ready for Christmas I too am finding myself busy with lists. Grocery lists, cleaning lists, kids to do lists....
It was a good week, I guess. I just can't remember any of it. What did I do this week? I suppose it was nothing out of the ordinary, just work and home and mom taxi. We did receive some good news this week, our younger son was accepted into the Peel Honour Band! We are all very proud and excited for him. He will have a practice once a week and a big concert in the spring.
When I stop to think about it, next year will be busy for the boys. Our older one will be working as a lifeguard and swim instructor and our younger one will have band practice as well as volunteer swim instructor every week. I think their lives will keep us hoping as we have to make sure that school work stays front and centre. Congratulations for the boys, that sounds really exciting.
Hey Sunshine, how many people for the cookie exchange? (Sunshine) I am just working on that today Cathy, I have not had any time to do so earlier so it is now crunch time and I have to get organized. E-mails and phone calls are on my list of things to to today (that day is Monday Dec. 20th). The weekend was busy as it was our 17th Wedding Anniversary. We went to Niagara Falls on Friday and just spend some fun quality family time. I have been watching lots of Christmas movies and just enjoying time with each other. It was a great weekend.

(Carolin) I'm not Sunshine! One more day just one more day. Just have to get through one more day. I am expecting a fairly quiet day tomorrow as the high school students will be gone for the day. I plan to clean the ovens and give everything a good wash down.

The teenager was in the Peel Honour Band when she was in grade nine. Yes, it was alot of driving. Her practises were in Mississauga and the final concert was ... Now that I think about it I didn't go to the final concert. Bad Mommy, I gave my ticket to an old neighbour of ours as she was driving the teenager and her son. Cathy, a heads up from what I remember you are given two tickets and the rest you need to buy. Also the tickets are hard to come by. I remember some of the teenager's music teachers offering to pay money for our tickets but I had already given them to Bibi.

I only got home about 15 minutes ago. What a busy day: work, pick up the teenager after her last exam, go back to school to watch the little one's Christmas Concert, drop kids off at home and run to Chapters to buy a book they had on hold for me. We did squeeze in some nasty old and cold McDonald's for dinner in our running around. (yech!)

Well, it's a week to go. Kids are home. If we don't have time to blog next week, on behalf of we Ladie's, we wish you all the Happiest and Safest Christmas! May God Bless you all!
It's going to be a very busy week. I am making my to-do list and it is so long it won't even fit on one page. Some of the highlights, cookie exchange, grocery shopping, cooking, baking, present shopping, cleaning, waxing, etc. etc.etc.

Have a great last few days before Christmas and remember to enjoy your time leading up to the holidays, no matter how busy things get.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....

I think we live in a bubble as all the land surrounding us is snowed in and we only have a light dusting. I remember this happened last year as well. Last winter was the warmest winter in a long while. We had a great summer and everyone predicted a proper winter. I'm still waiting for it. I like snow. (Sunshine) The snow is beautiful but I don't mind if it holds off until the kids are off on Christmas break. (Carolin) I am with you Sunshine, let it snow Christmas eve and then be nice and cleared away after that. We were just discussing the same bubble subject tonight. It seems everywhere around us has had and is getting snow but us. I am sure our time will come.
So it was back to work for me this week. Nothing changed. Why do we always think something should be different when we have been away from work for a while? Is it just me. It's deicing season at work. Here's a hint for anyone thinking of taking a cruise. It's worth the extra expense of traveling in to your departing port city at least one day in advance. It's really worth the added expense of the hotel room and food. I'm just saying. It happens far too often that flights are delayed due to the cold and ice and fog and remember that your flight is not the only one in the sky, or at the airport. I would love to be somewhere tropical right now.

The kids Christmas concert was last night at school. They actually sang Christmas carols and wished everyone a Merry Christmas! WOW! It was a great concert! Just one week left of school before the break. Is everyone ready??? It sounds like a nice evening. The little one has her concert next week. I am not sure which day though.

(Sunshine) I am so ready to be off for two weeks. I do agree with you Cathy, work is always the same although we always expect it to be different. Maybe its because we don't enjoy it like we use to when we didn't have much else to do. Having a job was my life at one point and I enjoyed being at work very much. Now a days, it is a means to an end. It is only a pay cheque and there are so many other things that I would rather be doing then going to work. I am looking forward to spending time with the kids and with all of my family and hopefully catching up with friends. I am also looking forward to being off my feet and resting my knee because it will not heal until I can give it a much needed rest. This week work was hectic. We had some special functions and that predictably means that the manager, well some around there call her "the meanager" is in a horrible mood. She is grumpy and tired and frustrated and picky about every little thing. All I can say is TGIF. Why does she take it so personal. It's just a job let the owner worry, fret and carry on about the events and bottom line. I sure hope my staff don't call me "the meanager".
I think it's so cool that you have a staff!
I have not done a thing for Christmas as of yet. My tree is not up, I have not bought a single gift and I have not done any baking. I am however in the process of addressing my Christmas cards and I hope that my Christmas calendars come together and are ready in time because they are everyone's favourite gift and there is a lot of people waiting for them. I have got a little bit done but still loads to do. I keep telling myself I will do it when I am off. Hey, what about Rice Balls. Do we think we can fit making them in this year? Let me know as I will help this year, too.

Is everyone OK with the 23rd for our annual cookie exchange? I was thinking of having it at my house at about 7:30 in the evening. Please let me know if it works for you girls and then I will send out e-mails to the rest of the girls. The 23 is fine with me. I think I can stop by for a quick hi and bye as I have to work the next morning.

We are still meeting with window companies, I think that this has been the 6th company that has given us a quote so far. We will have to make a decision soon but it won't be easy because everyone is very expensive. For a few hundred dollars it might be worth having your house audited. Then when you get the windows you could qualify for a rebate. If your interested the husband has the info.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) TGIF! Well, not really. This means that my week of staycation is almost over. It's been a good week though. My Christmas shopping is done. My Christmas Cards are written and addressed. I have baked my "frou frou" cookies for our cookie exchange. When is it anyway? For now the cookies are hidden away in the freezer. What the heck is a "frou frou" cookie. Doesn't sound yummy :(. Just wait. It's not a bar will like them! (Sunshine) How does the evening of Thursday December 23rd sound for our cookie exchange? Cathy you are so far a head of me. I am not even close to sending out my Christmas cards yet and I have yet to buy one gift.
(Carolin) It has been a busy week, my Christmas shopping, not done, Christmas cards done but no letter yet. nothing baked, and I am afraid to look in my freezer for what I might find hidden in there.
Last Sunday, the first Sunday in Advent, my mom, aunts, sister and cousins all got together for our annual Christmas Pudding making, (or baking). We all soak our fruit separately. We get together early Sunday morning and mix it all together in a HUGE tub. It's always fun to taste the raw pudding as everyone has an opinion on whether or not it needs a touch of spice, or lime. We always agree that it needs more rum! After the traditional three stirs and a wish we divide the batter into tins and settle in for an all day bake. Every year it tastes great! I am so sorry that I missed the wish and the stir this year but thanks so much for including us over the phone.

This coming Saturday is our annual Family Christmas Party. It's always held on the first Saturday in December. This makes it easy for all to remember. It's a chance for all of the extended family, and we are many, to get together and share before the Christmas rush starts.

Before the rush starts? First Saturday in December is the annual Bethlehem Breakfast at the school the little one goes to. I have been organizing this event for 11 years now. It is done and I am exhausted. Things should be a little calmer now. This past week I catered a diner for 25, cooked 13 turkeys for a seniors dinner, cooked 200 hamburgers yesterday for lunch, organized, set up and cooked breakfast for 225 this morning. Of course doing this while trying to run a business. I am pooped and looking forward to the break. When is your break? Have you heard from Sunshine? Sorry ladies I had actually started blogging this weekend and then the stomach flu hit me and I spent the rest of the weekend in bed. I seem to have had this flu on and off for the last six months or so. I am not sure what is going on but I do feel better today. Also I somehow managed to twist my knee and it was feeling much better until I re injured it during the week. So I was a limping, vomiting, dizzy mess. I want so badly to feel good for a change.

Sorry Cathy, but somehow I manged to delete some of what you have posted. I think I had it on insert and didn't notice until I got to this line.
I am not sure what you were talking about here, please let me know.
versary is the next day so I was hoping that Friday would be good for you. Let me know. (Carolin)The 17th is good with us.

Well, it's now Monday. It was a busy weekend. I guess Sunshine was too busy this weekend so I'll post this now and we will look forward to catching up this Friday.

Hope all is well with everyone!