Friday, February 24, 2012

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Hi all, let's hope we can get this post out before Sunday! We did receive a bit of snow today. I had to laugh when I heard all of the school bus cancellations. It was just raining this morning and I wonder if the buses where cancelled to save on gas. I don't think there has been any reason to cancel buses this school year. Let me know if I am wrong. (Carolin) You are not wrong Cathy. Absolutely ridicules that they (whom ever they are) would cancel school bus' which of course means for my school is canceled. I was expecting a banner day as the school was hosting a basketball tournament. GRRRRRR When I woke up at 6:30 am there was NO snow. At ten to seven I got a text from a parent saying school was canceled. (Sunshine) I took Little Miss Sunshine to school that day and the roads were a little bit slippery but not bad at all.

As you know we ladies got together for Carolin's birthday last Sunday. We went to a Greek restaurant and enjoyed really good Slovakia with lots of garlic, yum! It was funny as Carolin's twenty year old kept looking at her watch as she had a party to get to. (It's reading week for university students)Some universities Carolin kept reminding her daughter that it was her birthday!! Boy, it's so neat to see the kids grow up and start their own lives and agendas. I know it's frustrating at times, but it's also somewhat satisfying to watch them, (especially when they are not your own!) The crazy thing was we just got in the car when the oldest received a text saying her ride was not feeling well and would not be going to the party. She nagged for nothing.
Kids , you gotta love em!!!!

I go to the doctor's next Tuesday to get the results and next step for my arm. It really hurts this week and I am having a hard time moving it. I hope to get some good news and can start to move forward with the healing process.
I am crossing my fingers for you Cathy.

Sunshine must be in the last stages of wedding preparation. I think the wedding is next week Saturday. I wish her sister and soon to be husband all the best!
Its less then a week away now and everyone is nervous and excited.

Carolin, I hope you had a good week. You work so hard! Its almost March break so only three and a half months to go before summer break. Where has the time gone?

Have a good week everyone!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Catch up Fridays

(Sunshine) Hello everyone. Cathy, thanks for keeping us up to date last week. I have been really busy with work and my sister's wedding. We are now less than two weeks away. I was also hoping that Carolin and I would be able to come by and see you but time has been flying by. Sorry Cathy, but I have been thinking of you and I hope that you are feeling better. Carolin, how are you doing? How is your nephew feeling?

(Carolin) I myself have not been feeling so great, seriously thought of closing the cafeteria early on Friday. Since Thursday I have this constant feeling of nausea and very tired. I hope it passes soon.
(Cathy) Do you think it's just a continuation of that flu from earlier on this year?

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO OLD!!!!!! I have gone to Tim Horten's twice since they made the cup change. And both times I have screwed up the coffee size. I used to get a large for myself and a medium for the husband. Now that they have changed everything around I can't get it straight what I want. I suggested to the little one I should make a little sign for my dashboard in the car with what I want so I will remember. She laughed her head off at me. How Rude! Since I am a prisoner in my own home I have yet to go to Timmy's and see the new cup sizes. What did they change?

I have another question about Tim Horten's. If my memory serves me right (which is always iffy). Role Up To Win is coming up soon and I thought to get a role up cup you had to order a medium or larger cup. That the small cups did not participate in the game. So now that all the cups have changed and a old large is a medium and a old medium is a small. Does that mean all the old medium drinkers have to spend more money for the new medium (old large) just to be able to play the game? (that's deep thinking.)

Hi all, well I went to the neurologist and he was happy with what he saw. He is sending all of the info to my doctor who I see in a bit over a week. I hope then they will all decide what to do with me. 

It's birthday time for both Carolin and Sunshine. Happy, Happy birthday to you both!

I hope to start my tomato seeds this week. Hope they do better than last year. 

I really don't remember planning a wedding taking so much time and energy not to mention the emotional strains on everyone. We have so many girls in our family that I think that we are overloaded with estrogen. My poor dad and his son in laws. Hopefully all will have fun on the day of. All the planning means things will go great on the big day. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures!

(As an aside, we ladies and family met for dinner to celebrate Carolin's birthday. Her Husband organized us all getting together. It was great to be together again, thanks!)

I am always so tired. We all need a break around here.

Have a wonderful weekend!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Hi everyone! Did I mention last week that Hubby was away for work in Kuala Lumpur this past week? He comes home tomorrow night (Saturday night). It takes him twenty-four hours of travel to get to Malaysia. He took a fifteen hour non-stop flt from here to Hong Kong and then a four hour flight from Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur with connection time in between. Hubby really only had three days in Kuala Lumpur for actual work! I hope it was worth it! He texts me that the weather is hot with thirty plus degrees Celsius with ninety percent humidity! As for food, do you remember when he was in South Africa last year and there were no vegetables? Well, this trip he has been eating food I like: spicy Thai, Japanese and to quote Hubby, "lots of fish with eyes!!!" He sure is getting a nice introduction this planet we call home. I wish I was with him!  

So what did I do with my week? Nothing. I am trying to rest my arm so that when I go to the neurologist he will tell me that I do not need surgery. It hurts and does not feel normal, who knew that one little fall on snow would result in all of this? I would really like to start my seeds. I was late last year and with the summer we had my tomatoes did not do well. I am hoping to get my seeds in on time or even a bit early this year. 

Mom came over yesterday and made a big pot of potato, leek soup, yummy! We sat and watched some movies and chatted about all sorts of stuff. It was fun! 

Carolin and Sunshine, I hope you both had a good week. 

Oh hey, I just remembered that it's Valentine's Day next week! What to do, what to do????

Does anyone do anything anymore for Valentine's Day?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Wow, another week has flown by. Did I miss winter? I really think we will meet spring without actually seeing significant snow. I know that that is good for driving and getting to work, (work? what's that?), however, I wonder what this lack of snow and cold will mean for the rest of the year? (Sunshine) Its really strange to have grown up with such harsh conditions for winter all of our lives to now have a winter that is so incredibly mild. I miss the snow and the cold and so do the kids. (Carolin) I don't know if I totally miss the snow. I would love a snow day to catch up at home. It is nice for driving and all week I have been just wearing a hoody.

So, to catch up, I am still at home. Sometimes I can use my hand, but I pay for it. I am supposed to balance out wearing my splint and sling with passive movements so my shoulder will not seize up. The positive thing is that I know my arm will heal in time. I really have a better understanding of those people who do not have the use of a limb. Well, not really as I know I will get the use of my arm back. That must be so frustrating Cathy. We are so much more aware of how amazing our bodies are when something isn't working properly. Cathy, try and relax so you can heal properly. Maybe we will come and bug one day this coming week. That's if you are not too busy.

Sunshine, did Miss Teen Sunshine get her driver's license? Well I called her just before I walked in for work and she said that she failed because she hit the back pylon as she was parallel parking. I felt really bad for her and I was surprised because I really thought that she was ready. I called Mr Sunshine in Vancouver and left a message on his cell phone. He called back when I was on my way to pick her up after work to ask for some insurance information and that's when I was informed that she passed. In the evening when he finally heard my message from earlier that morning he called to say that it sounded like I really believed that she had failed. I guess that she wanted to surprise us when she got home but with time changes and short phone calls everything got a little bit messed up. Well Cathy the short answer to your question is YES!! (Carolin) Yeah for Teen Sunshine.

Carolin, how is your nephew doing? I hope you all are feeling better, too. Our thoughts and prayers and with you all. He is still in the hospital and seems he will remain there for some time still. My mom comes home this coming Wednesday.

It is Saturday afternoon I have been home for 45 minutes. I catered a conference today for 90 people. Morning coffee, mid morning refreshments, then a lunch. I was at the kitchen for 7:00 am and the teenager (who isn't a teenager) came at 10:00 am to help. All went well, I am just tired. I get very stressed over these catered events, I would rather not do them as I am just bone tired from the week. But I don't know how to say NO.

Carolin if you have time this week, lets go and visit the one armed bandit. I think that we could all benefit from spending some time together and I would love to see you girls. Cathy do you have some free time and are you up for some rowdy visitors? The husband is back on the afternoon shift this week, but perhaps Friday night will work.

Time to go get my Jammie's on and lay on the couch.
Have a good week everyone!