Friday, July 3, 2009

Thursday at the park

OK., it's Friday morning and I am already getting grief for not having posted anything this week! I have a few ideas and I have been spending a lot of time researching our blog and trying to understand how it gets 'crawled' by gogglebot and therefore how it shows up on a google search. I know, boring stuff to you but, fascinating stuff for me. Anyways, I took some pictures of my garden and I am going to post them along with pictures of my containers. Cathy, we will call our Web Master, the Tech guru!

So, Sunshine is starting a book. We are trying to figure out how to keep her new chapters at the top of the blog. We are thinking that if she were to edit the post, all of our readers would have to continually read the older chapters to get to the new stuff. Any ideas???????

Louise starts her new job next week so today we are menu planning for the next two weeks.

Carolin is going on about how the back to school supplies are already in Zellers. How come Sunshine and Louise are starting and I am going on... like some nagging old hag??

(sunshine) We are reviewing what is popular at the blog and what do people like to read. (Benchers) readers, are you interested in what we have to say? What would you like to see more of and what really bores you? Where do we take this blog now? It needs to really expand and really, it has been stagnant for sometime now. I like the blog, but, I feel that our interaction with each other is not as prevalent as it use to be. Reality TV is so popular, is reality blogging at the same level of interest? Seems Sunshine wants us to comment more on each others blogs. Even when we don't really care about the death of the king of pop and the angel, or what happens next with jon and kate.

Life takes us in so many different directions and sometimes we are happy but many times we are sad, and is it hard to read the sad moments? It may be but I think that it's real and emotions at the time are very important and sharing them is a good thing. Don't we feel amazing when we see progression in someone's life and their lives are finally a little better! Those are the best days for me. I am happy with the lives that come full circle or sometimes part circle, but, the circle is going in the right direction.

We are so into the gardening season right now. We are dead heading and planting and watering and enjoying the fruits of our labours. We should share more of our gardening experiences as we have some experts on the panel and I can attest to the fact that their gardens are beautiful.

We should also post more on menus and menu planning and post some pictures of our dishes. It sounds good but it also sounds like so much work. I guess that I should get into the groove and learn the technical terms of doing some of these things that seem to be so high tech for me.

Canada Day has come and gone and it was a fun day. In my home it was Mr. Sunshine's Birthday and we pretty much hung our around the house because that's what he really enjoys doing. We had an evening soccer game and there was some bike riding and breakfast at Cora's which was so much more impressive the first time that I went. It was dirty this time, with many fruit flies all over the walls and the food did not look or taste that great! Maybe it was just because it was Canada Day and it was very busy but I don't think that that should be such a big excuse. Did you know that the Mandarin was free all day on Canada Day? Apparently the line ups were insane but good for the Mandarin for doing something so wonderful on Canada's Birthday. I would never go to the Mandarin on Canada Day, what a zoo. I am not a big buffet fan as it is. And with a child who has a seafood allergy it is wise we don't go to buffet restaurants.

The kids for summer time are all over the place. Mine and Louise's are mostly at home and Carolin has one at camp and Cathy's older boy is in summer school getting ahead of the game to have more options for electives next September.

We are reviewing menus for the next two weeks for Louise as she will be extremely busy, very very soon. We all wish her best in this new chapter in her life. It is a little bit scary I'm sure but also very exciting!

Carolin here, we are still talking menu planning for Louise. She is trying to get a menu done for the first two weeks of work while everyone gets used to the new schedule. Do other benchers use the menu plan in their everyday lives?

Sunshine and Cathy are now talking about the new dog that Sunshine is babysitting for the week. I hope it goes well, cause I am hoping Sunshine will watch my cat while we are at camp for a week. Keep your fingers crossed.

Louise has to go downtown (Toronto) on Mondays (ugh) and then she can stay here in Brampton for the rest of each week. I was thinking of going to my moms (mommie) next week but with the Toronto City Strike I don't think I want to go down there.

Sunshine has brought up a story she heard about a Jewish couple. She wants to know if it's true. But, she heard that after the marriage ceremony the couple disappear for a hour or so. Then they return for the reception. The hour in between they are supposedly consummating their marriage. And the parents check the sheets! Now our question is, what is the consequence if the sheet does not show proof!

So benchers, things are going to be different as of next week. Louise will be at work. So we are thinking we might get together just the three of us and then Louise will post later. We are thinking of maybe doing a pot luck next Thursday evening, then we can post but we will have all the kids and maybe a few husbands.

So the countdown begins, as we are sitting here talking away, I have butterflies in my stomach knowing that I won't be here for awhile. I'll be working!!!! We are trying to figure out a time that we can still blog together even though we wont be together. My boys are home running through the house, running outside, just running! We are still trying to find the key ingredient that brings new readers........Is it Sunshines pop culture??? Is it the sad and personal thoughts???
Don't worry "benchers" we will always make this a very personal blog but I think we may start stirring things up a bit.......Maybe write about topics that are a little risky, or something that's so off topic it's intriguing.
You will have to wait and see, when I get my sh#$ together I know I got lots to say!!!!


  1. I am looking forward to Louise's risky subjects. And what could be off topic, we have talked about everything. We dont always post Cathy sex life and Louise's lack of!

  2. I think that there is so much that we don't post but maybe actually talk about. I am however also looking forward to Louise's upcoming surprises. I wonder what they will be.

  3. That was a nice read. Sound like you ladies have everything under control and will now be on new adventures.
    I have to admit that summer time takes me away from reading the blog regularly. So I can fully understand that there will be less blogging.
    I have enjoyed most of what has been written. Very little what has been written did not interest me.
    Love You Ladies