Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Final Bill is in the Mail

The hopefully last update on the teenager and her mysterious illness.

We went to the doctors yesterday morning. Well in the exam room waiting for the doctor the teenager had a hissy fit because I insisted on being in the room when the doctor came. She carried on that she was an adult and could take care of this on her own. I looked at her and said "Tough"!

When the doctor did come in the room he found two women barely speaking to each other. He asked the teenager how she was feeling and she replied that she was getting better each day and the pain was less and less. He asked her "do the trick your mother asked you to do on Friday". So she jumped up and down and the pain was back on the lower left side. She did say it was not as bad though. He reviewed all the results of her test and everything looked normal. He looked at the ultrasounds and said the left side was not real clear so they could not get a good picture of it. We then all looked at her Xray. I really didn't know what I was looking at, the only thing I recognized was the necklace she forgot to take off for the Xray. So the final diagnosis is suspected cyst on the left ovary. But as her body is healing it self there is not much that can be done. He would like her to have another ultrasound in a months time to make sure everything is good. He also wants her on a high fibre low fat diet for the next month to let her body heal.

This morning when I got up she was already up (told you before she is an early riser) and she said with a big smile on her face that she felt great!! So that means we all head of to camp for what was to be her last week working there. I spoke to the camp director and they are looking forward to her return and have a list of chores for us to do well we stay. Sounds like it should be a great vacation!

Thanks to Sunshine for watching the little one for me yesterday, she had a blast playing and swimming. And thank you to all who called, fb, and commented here, asking how the teenager is doing.


  1. I am so happy to hear that she is feeling so much better. Have a great time at camp. We will all miss you. Regarding the little one it was our pleasure.

  2. I'm really glad that teenager is doing much better. And that she is off to camp again. She is a good teen really.

  3. Wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy camping!

  4. I'm happy that she is feeling much better. But did you ever find out what was causing the pain? Also who is Dilbert fitting in to the picture? Is she cured of that too?
    Have fun at camp. This is the 18th so I guess your there now. Phone me when you are home.
    Love You

  5. Not who is Dilbert but how is Dilbert