Friday, December 23, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Merry Christmas everyone!!!!
It is now 8:52pm and I am now sitting down for the first time this evening. I have to be in bed in thirty minutes. I think I am done; done with all my lists. I usually like to have a spotless home for Christmas, however, this year I decided to just clean the bathrooms and do a general tidy. Hopefully, tomorrow when I am at work in the chaos, someone at home will vacuum the floors.
We received a few early gifts for Christmas this year. First, our older son received his first early acceptance to university! Very exciting! Secondly, I was able to get Christmas Day off!!!!!! Christmas is all about family and friends and sharing and caring and now I will be able to participate!

Hey Ladies, are you all ready for Christmas? Who is hosting and who is cooking what? Is anyone trying anything new this year? Where is everyone going to be this year?

(Carolin) This home is all ready as well. Gifts are bought, wrapped and this new tradition you have started of letting Christmas come with a messy house 'Rocks'. As we too, also will not have a spotless clean house. We are NOT hosting Christmas this year. YEAH!!!! My Mom will come tonight and then tomorrow afternoon we will head to my Aunt's for Christmas festivities. I am to bring the turkey and dressing. I cooked the turkey yesterday while at work so I am ready to go.

Just in case anyone forgot:

Merry Christmas and God Bless Us Everyone!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Sunshine) Hi everyone. Its been a busy week. Christmas is almost here and everywhere you look you can fell the hustle and bustle and sometimes the panic. Its kind of exciting. I am finally putting up our Christmas tree today. Have a wonderful week and try and remain calm amid all of the chaos. (Cathy) Putting up your Christmas tree means carrying it upstairs, right??? (already still decorated from years past, lol!)

(Carolin) Another week passes us by. I was feeling stressed this past week but after this weekend I feel much better. The teenager was able to get the little one's gifts all wrapped. I got all the laundry and house cleaned on Saturday. The little one and I even were able to get the basement cleaned! Today (Sunday) the husband, little one and I went to the new Loblaw's grocery store that open a few weeks ago. I had wanted to check it out and was very impressed. Loblaw's had bought the iconic Maple Leaf Gardens a few years ago and have turned the famous Hockey/Rock Concert Venue into a very impressive upscale grocery store. They did a good job and have kept the history of the Gardens with pictures on the walls and on tables. At first it felt weird walking into a building to pick up some coffee cream. The husband and I had our first date in that building back on May 7th 1982. We saw Brian Adams and Loverboy in concert it was very surreal being there. The first time I was there that I can remember was for one of those , "on ice" shows. I was very young. The next time was when I was in high school and my girlfriends and I took the bus after school and went to our first concert! The Village People!!! It was fun!

After our grocery shopping we then headed to the Lowe's Christmas Market at the Distillery District. It was very enjoyable but like all things in Toronto the crowds take some of the enjoyment out of it. It was a nice afternoon and then to top it off we stopped by my Mom's for a little visit. So all and all it was a great weekend! We would love to go to the Christmas Market, especially at night. I'm surprised it doesn't stay open until after Christmas. The weeks that it is open are always busy and no one is able to go after work during the week. Maybe next year.

Oh Yeah I forgot to mention the little one and I went to see, "Arthur's Christmas" Friday night. The movie was OK (a little dull) except the part where Toronto is featured. Of course they could not say Toronto but kept calling it Tor-On-Toe. I am not a big fan of 3D movies and that seems to be all they make now adays. If I had realized it was 3D I wouldn't have gone. This new fangled movie technology is not for me. I know I am old, the teenager keeps telling me that I am not 'old' , I am 'OLD'. Oh well that's me and I am learning to embrace my old.

Gosh, I am trying not to think "old". Hubby and I have noticed that there is finally a generation gap between us and the boys. I have no idea when it happened. The energy is just not there the same as it was years before. I even find myself listening to the classical music station at times because it is just so calm and peaceful!

Carolin, do you work up until Friday? I think you already told me but I forgot. And, hey Sunshine, what is happening with the job??????? Are you still working at the camera store in the group of stores up by where we all used to live??? (hint, hint)

Merry Christmas everyone!

p.s. I am just started to read Dicken's "A Christmas Carol". I have seen the movie but have never read the book. So far, it's great!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Hi all, it's Friday again! How was everyone's week? I have to work both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. My first time ever! Oh well. I still have to get the dinner thing sorted out. (Carolin)Why do YOU have to get dinner sorted out while you are at work? Your kids are not babies anymore they can figured it out on there own Cathy. We had pancakes and leftover stew for dinner the other night?? It was kinda good. (Sunshine) It was a challenging week. Mr Sunshine has been gone all week long and the girls have been taking turns being sick and I have been working and training and today I was feeling sick as well. I am ok with the flu and even the stomach flu but when out of the blue I fell like I am on a ship with big waves and I need to hold onto something it really freaks me out. Hopefully you feel better. Again where are you working?

Carolin, how did your week go? I hope you have a free day or night coming up soon so we can have a ladie's night out. Your comments last week hit home and I agree with you. We ladies are too wrapped up in our little lives and we need to physically see each other and have a good gab fest. Any news from the school front? I am up for getting together. I miss it all very much. I find it very sad that many of the things that we use to do routinely are now gone, ie. ladies night, Cookie exchange, etc. But I guess life has its twists and turns so although I feel that we try to keep past traditions going inevitably we have had to give in on letting things go. The next two weeks the husband is on afternoons so I don't have the freedom as much. I have next Friday night free but will have the little one with me more then likely. A evening during the week is to hard for me.

It has been a weird week with the principal. There has been NO mention of my email sent to him Sunday night. But he has come by to introduce me some IT guy and his son who are doing upgrades with the schools networks? Also I found a Christmas card in my work mailbox from him thanking me for all I do. Very strange indeed. Not sure if I am being set up for a slaughter or what.

I have a busy couple of weeks at work to get through and then I will very much enjoy my break. I have a Banquet to cater on the 19th for 80 people and hope to get alot of the prep done nex week so the Monday day and evening run smoothly. Also I am makeing and packaging up 600 cookies in 1 dozen bags for a Charity in the city to hand out to the needy. I would like to get them all baked next week and the Teenager will come in next Tuesday and bag them all. By the way she turns 20 in a few weeks so I guess I need to come up with another name for her.

Hey Sunshine, how did work go this week? Have you been given a schedule yet? Work was good. I am on a day to day schedule for now. The deliveries that are suppose to be scheduled to come in on a certain day at a certain time don't always get there so my schedule changes daily. When I left on Friday the assistant manager told me that the manager will call me this weekend to tell me when to come in next week. Are you enjoying this job so far and hopefully they will give you a schedule so you can plan around it. The Teenager is working in retail (seasonal) and also enjoys it on the most part but she doesn't deal to much with the customers. She has all this coming week off because of exams.

Ten days until Christmas!!!!! Yikes!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! And I do mean Christmas and not Season's Greetings!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Catch Up Fridays... on Tuesday???

(Cathy) I go away for a week and no Friday blog! I feel so important!!! (ha, ha, ha) Hubby and I went away to the Riviera/Maya last week for the first time without our boys. I don't know how I did it. All the planning that takes place prior to leaving makes one wonder if it will be all worth it? A great big thanks to Sunshine and her family who took in our boys for the week. It was great knowing that we didn't have to worry about them. In fact, upon returning Hubby and I didn't think they even wanted to come home! They were spoiled!!! My sister took out puppy and he too was spoiled. Oh well, back to reality for one and all! The reality is.... there is snow on the ground!?! Oh where is my sandy beach, blue sky and cerveza???? (Sunshine) Welcome back Cathy. A sandy beach, sunshine and a blue ocean sounds really good. We enjoyed having the boys over, we will all miss them very much. Also, I am so sorry but I completely forgot about the blog this week. (Carolin) Well don't I feel sheepish, I didn't know Cathy was away or that Sunshine had the boys. Good thing we are a tight knit bunch of friends. I hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable time Cathy.

Well I started my new job on Monday and I work the next three days in a row. Right now there has been a lot of on line training modules that I have finally finished. I must say that it is so different from what I am use to. A much calmer environment and a very normal pace and a clean work place. I am so use to the hustle and bustle of the school cafeteria's. Even dressing up to go to work seems a little strange. I realize that I have absolutely no dress clothes or shoes at all. Oh, well it is part time seasonal so I may only have this job until the end of December so I will have to make due with the wardrobe that I have. I only worked five hours at the location so far and about six hours on line but I am enjoying it so far. There is a lot to learn and I am up for the challenge of working on something new. I really hope that Miss Teen Sunshine gets her licence in January that would solve any issues with me working past the end of the school day. Once again out of the loop, where are you working?

Well I feel a little foolish blogging as it is obvious I don't know what is going on with my besties. My excuse is it was Bethlehem Breakfast last weekend, and you know the stress that causes me. Even more so this year as they decided to sell tickets at the door be neglected to tell the cook. I bought and cooked for 160 people as I was told the numbers were on Friday. Then they sold another 50 tickets at the door and the powers that be wondered why we ran out of food. O well it is done and I don't have to think about it anymore, till next year anyway.

I have been having some issues with the Principal this past week. Well lets say I have had enough and wrote a extensively long email answering a zillion questions and why I do what I do in reference to Food Services. I then decided to not just leave it at that and also expressed my feeling on how I have been treated this past two years and demanded respect or I was leaving (as well as my child). I have had no response but I did find a Christmas card from him in my work mailbox (first time). Also he came to the kitchen today to introduce some IT guy (again first time) . So don't know if all is good or if I am being set up for a slaughter.

Now if I can get the nerve to deal with Dragon Lady all will be good. I was given the evil eye yesterday because she screwed up and tried to blame it on me and I would have nothing to do with that. Maybe I am growing a back bone (just a little).

So I know what Sunshine was doing..... what has Carolin been up to last week???

Carolin, where are you?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Hi all. So I just finished my first five days in a row working full time. Ugh! Will someone please tell me again why I (and it was me) chose this new path? I will get used to it in time. Funny thing though, the time at work flies by and I like it, however, reality hits when I come home. How am I supposed to do all that I did in the three hours I have free before I have to go to bed? I wore a pedometer last week and in nine hours at work I walked over 13, 400 steps! The recommendation is from 10,000 to 12,000 steps for an active person! What does this make me? Is it good for a loss of five pounds? Ten? In time I will figure out a new schedule. It's the cooking and phone calls and organizing that I have to reorganize. I will give myself until after Christmas to get it all working. (Sunshine) Good luck with the new shift. I suppose one way to look at it is if you are going to work, then you may as well work all day and make some good money out of it. (Carolin) That is alot of steps Cathy. I should have a look around for my pedometer I would be curoius to see how many steps a day I take.

On to another topic. What did everyone think of the Breast Cancer post? Did anyone go onto the Rethink Breast Cancer website? There has been a lot of talk on the news lately about Breast Cancer screening. I have no answer, I just wish cancer would go away. I watched a friend die of Breast Cancer. She had discovered a small lump in her breast. She did go to her doctor who told her it was nothing to worry about. Her instincts told her otherwise. She had to really bug him and when he would not get the lump tested she went to another doctor. That doctor did the test. By that time the lump had grown and it was too late. I get that testing costs money and some tests might do more harm than good. So, what is the answer? The "C" work really scares me. I watched the video like you asked Cathy. I thought it was a little over the line but that is cause I am a prude I guess. I got there point though and that is what matters in the long run.

Changing subjects yet again. This Sunday is pudding day. It's the First Sunday of Advent. Time for three stirs and a wish! I am sure that it will be a really fun filled family day. I am sure you will have a great time with your Mom, Sister and Aunts.

I haven't' got all my shopping done yet but I have made a big dent in it. It was a another busy week at work. We had 4 volleyball teams visit from other schools for a tournament on Wednesday. We will be hosting another tournament this coming Monday. And of course it is that time of year so I am gearing up for Bethlehem Breakfast. I have everything ordered or completed (I think). On Thursday school is done at 1:00 pm so after I clean up I will be heading up to the Holland Marsh and pickup 50 poinsettias from a grower.

The husband set up the Christmas tree but we have a problem. Seems the kitten (Prince) loves the tree. He climbs up to the top and sits up there and has his nap. The little one doesn't want us to put any decorations on the tree so Prince can enjoy it. I on the other hand am not to pleased. I am going to get the lights on the tree and hope that will be a deterrent for him to stay off the tree. The teenager thinks I am buying the 50 poinsettias for the house so that I can poison the cat!

Wishing everyone a warm and happy Christmas Season!

p.s. Dear Santa, I've been good this year..... really!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rethink Breast Cancer - TLC

Just a friendly reminder!

Thanks to Rethink Breast Cancer. They are located in Toronto, ON. They have a great web site!


Friday, November 18, 2011

Catch up Fridays

(Caroline) Well look at this, its Friday and I am the one setting up the blog. I am not good at dealing with a white screen. So where to start. (Cathy) Awesome job! I went Christmas shopping with my mom. We are almost done! Just one or two little things to pick up.

Another week has gone by. Same old, same old at work. We had a 1:00 pm dismissal today. I brought Mac and cheese home with me as KD has to work. She will come for dinner later. I love mac and cheese. Just yesterday I asked my mom if she would be so kind as to make her mac and cheese for us for dinner one night. I love it with ketchup!!! ???? Mac and Cheese are two little girls (KD's daughters) But glad you like them with ketchup!

(Sunshine) Its been a busy week and a frustrating one at that. I have been working all week for another catering company in another school all week. It is far to get to but I told them that I would help them for two weeks until they found someone permanent. It's a busy place and run very efficiently. The pay is a big issue once again and I am getting so frustrated. To work our butts off for almost nothing just doesn't seem fair. Then I had an interview this week in retail for a company that I really like. They are doing a background check and then I will receive the offer letter according to the manager. I love the environment and the staff and philosophy of the company with regards to the customers and their employees. My frustration again is with the hourly wage. I can't understand how any mature adult can be expected to work for minimum wage. This job would be part time and would include weekends and summers and March break as well but at least there is room for future advancement and it could possibly become a career in the years to come. It would mean a lot of changes within my family and some of them I don't really know how to handle. Summer time will be a big problem as Miss Teen Sunshine will be working long hours and Mr Sunshine is in and out of town and not available for time with Little Miss Sunshine when I would be working. Taking her to work with me is not an option, I already asked that question. I know everyone is thinking how am I different from any other family out there. I want to know how do people do it when putting her in a day camp would be more than what I would make for the week and she and I would be very unhappy. I feel as though I am going around in circles again and again with regards to this subject. I am feeling so lost. Sunshine, what job would make you happy? I ask this because though I work 70 plus hours a week and if it is a good week I might make $8.00 an hour, on the most part I am happy. I wake up looking forward to going to work, I enjoy my day. Of course there are parts about it that are frustrating but all in all I like it. The hourly rate is the hourly rate, Ontario's minimum wage is one of the highest in the world! As a consumer we want the cheapest price for products and service but as an employee we want to make what we feel we are worth. Unfortunately, they don't meet.

On to family life, little Miss Sunshine is getting older so she could be left alone at home during your shifts. Teen Sunshine can look for a summer job that is closer to home or take the bus as many others do. Mr. Sunshine has always had a job that required him to travel. And that is not going to change. Is the compromising with your home life worth it? Keep in mind with retail you will work 4 hour shifts (all over the place), for less then what you were making, and is there a real potential for a career? Are you willing to work whenever they ask and (you will hate this) do you really think career advancement will be given to a 40 plus with baggage(husband, kids availability restrictions) or to a twenty something who will work when ever and has bounds of energy. I know you won't like that thought, really think about it. The other thing to think about is sick time. Will you have any? Or family care time. They might say that you can call in for a day off for when the kids are sick but will you still have a job and for how long? What about nights? Will you be able to get time off for concerts or after school sports? I have worked 13 years full time and when the Younger One was a year old I went part time. I was lucky because of my seniority I was able to choose shifts which we could make work with our family. I was also lucky because I had my parents and you good ladies available to help out when I was in a pinch. Hubby did not have to travel with his job so there was consistancy there. When we worked out daycare and a house cleaner verses part time; part time came out ahead. Now, after another 13 years I am back to full time. We will see if it will work; however, I still have options. I know you are thinking about all of this and it is a really hard decision!

The Christmas season is upon us, and the city's Santa Clause Parade is tomorrow night. The little one has never been to the parade and every year when we ask her if she wants to go she says "No". This year was no exception till the maintenance guy 'Jim' asked her if she was going? She said she wasn't then he asked her if she would like to sit on a float and be in the parade. Well, that changed everything. So, though she has never been to the parade she can boast she has been in the parade! She is pretty excited! I am so happy for her. She will have a great time. When I worked for a company many years ago I was in the Parade wearing the company's mascot costume. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. She is going to have a ball.

How's the Christmas shopping coming along? I am hoping to be completed by Dec 1st.

Christmas shopping, what's that?. There is no time and no money, even if there was time.

I think this Christmas will be a good time to refocus on what is important and valuable in life: no money needed!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Hi all. Every year on Remembrance Day I try to participate in some way. This year I was home so I watched the ceremonies on the television. I cannot make it through without crying. The Silver Cross Mother always breaks my heart and this year was no different. How I wish life were different. Hopefully, one day.
(Sunshine) I am glad that we have a dedicated day to reflect and remember. There is talk about it becoming a statutory holiday in the future. I hope that this happens as I know that it is a difficult day for so many people.
This year again our older son played, "The Last Post" and "Rouse" for a local elementary school's Remembrance Day's ceremony. We are so proud! That's really special. (Carolin) Remembrance Day is a very special day. The little one's school does such a moving tribute to the lost and all who have sacrificed for our freedom. Sunshine, I don't agree (surprised); I don't think it should be a holiday. I don't think the government, banks and postal workers should have the day off either. I feel if it was a holiday it would end up losing its powerful meaning. Because the kids are at school they are learning about the sacrifice that was made for them. I know most of them are bored but perhaps as they grow up there will be a nugget that they will keep in their heart about what was lost so they can be free. If we had a Statutory holiday most of us would be doing many other things then what the day really is for. I agree with Carolin, if it were a holiday so many people (kids) would not even give the day a thought. This way we have their attention each and every year.

On to another topic. Yesterday, after careful consideration, I cut off all of the old relaxed hair on my head and wow is it short and curly. I love it! I feel so good and when I look at myself in the mirror I see someone I have never met before! Hubby really likes it too!! I can't wait to see it. I love the way your natural hair looks.

Oops, I just looked at the time. I have to go and pick up the Older One from school. I will be back!

This week has been very busy. I put a lot of miles on my car looking for a job and handing in resumes and meeting with people. I was given an offer to start on Monday in one of the high schools and I went and met with the manager and the girls who work there. It is a really nice operation but I declined the job because of the distance. It took me over half an hour to get to the location and it is so far north that driving those country roads in winter would be very challenging. If I was offered more per hour I would definitely consider it but at that hourly wage it just doesn't make sense. I think that I need to stop stressing about finding a job and start enjoying my time off. Christmas is coming and I am lucky to be home. It's so hard to change my mentality and to be OK with staying home now that I have been working again for over two years. I feel guilty at not bringing in an income but at the same time it angers me to know that in certain industries adults (even with a plethora of experience) are being paid minimum wage or something close to that for an honest days work. In the food service industry in particular, unless you are at the top, you are paid a very meager salary. I blame it on the government. Minimum wage has to increase across the board so that employers are forced to pay a higher wage. Every job in society is important and is to be respected. Emergency personnel who work all sorts of hours should be given more money but the rest of the population who do the day to day jobs, we all deserve a decent salary. I think it is best if I don't comment. Well, I have many thoughts with that, especially as a unionized employee who has not had a wage increase in over ten years.

The little one and I had our hair done today using my Wagjag coupon I bought a couple of months ago. $19.00 for a wash, deep conditioning, cut and style. Not bad eh! Hubby said you did something with a coupon at a salon. Was it at a salon you have been to before? Will you go back? Did you cut off all of your hair like I did?

I have been in Christmas mode lately, I copied all my CD's on the computer and is one step closer to getting them on my iPod. I have been in conversation (text) with the sister in law getting the husband's side dinner get together organized. And I heard that just 20 minutes north of us had SNOW! I of course am still wearing my hoodie. I wonder how much longer I can push it before I need to get the winter coat out. All I can say is at 4:45am it is very cold out! 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Lest We Forget. Remembrance Day, November 11

The poppy serves as a symbol of remembrance for those who died defending their country or in the name of peace.

 In Flanders Fields

 In Flanders fields the poppies blow
 Between the crosses, row on row,
 That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.
 We are the Dead. Short days ago
 We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
 Loved and were loved, and now we lie,
 In Flanders fields.
 Take up our quarrel with the foe:
 To you from failing hands we throw
 The torch; be yours to hold it high.
 If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
 In Flanders fields.

In honour of my husband's uncle, MIA December 1941.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) It's Friday again! Que bonita! Me pregunto si es possible escribir todo esta "blog" en espanol? No? Ok. I hope I spelled all of that correct and the grammar was ok too. If it was not, please feel free to correct me. That's how I will learn. I am finding that the spanish is coming back to me and when I speak spanish with my colleagues at work they seem to understand me, so I will continue to watch, "Las Aparicios" on TLN. It's really good! (Carolin) I love you Cathy but you are really ODD!
I wonder how Carolin and Sunshine did this week? I am sure they had a great time and it was a success! Well, we didn't kill each other. All went well Cathy, always stuff to do. Sunshine was a great worker and it was amazing having her there to help. We got it all done and the customer was happy and that in the end is all that matters. I must say though I am tired, my body is tired, my brain is tired. Feeding 500 teachers is tiring! Firstly, Carolin was a GREAT MANAGER AND BOSS. She has a really amazing operation. I admire her so much for having the courage to just go for it. She took a chance, believed in herself, put in the hard work and she succeeded. Way to go Carolin! I agree!!! You can compete with the big guys no problem. On my way out I expressed to her that I was so impressed that I wish the operation was mine.

How many kids did you ladies get for Halloween? I think we had about 80 kids, adults and dogs trick or treat at our door. It was fun but too short! I did miss the old days! I'm glad it didn't rain. I was home alone (and it was great) we had maybe 18 kids. We had next to nothing left so I believe we had about 150 or so kids. We were out trick or treating for about three hours and it was a fun and warm night.
It was a typical week for me. Just routine. Sometime this weekend I will go and tidy up the yard. All I really do is clean up the containers and bring in my little statues and signs and lamps. I like to leave the seed heads and stalks for the flora and fauna that visit during the winter. Does Merryweather also enjoy the seed heads when she comes to visit? But of course!

Well, as it's Friday we are having pizza for dinner. Big surprise. You would think that they get tired of eating it every Friday. I now I am bored with making if every Friday. It's easy though so I cannot complain too much. Only Fridays, you would be bored of Pizza if you made it everyday like I do and not just one or two but 6 to 10 of them. Now that's boring I love pizza anytime, any day.
The convention is done and now on to the next project. The annual Bethlehem Breakfast. Yes ladies you have heard me whine about this breakfast for 12 years. I am seriously considering hanging up my volunteer hat after this year, it's time for some fresh blood. I find it somewhat frustrating as I try to do something different each year (same basic structure) and it feels to me my ideas are turned down. I had a live Christian singing group, "Carried Away", all lined up to be our entertainment and it would only cost $200.00! I was told, No, cause they are more for adults than kids. Yes, I know that and that is why I wanted them. Guess who buys the tickets and decides if the family is going or not, the adults!!!! Live music is entertaining to kids regardless of what they are singing and if we get the adults engaged then its a win win for all. So guess what we are doing for entertainment this year? Come on guess? You got it as of this date we have NOTHING! $200.00 sound like an amazing deal. I can sing???

Also feels since we have a new principal it is getting more bureaucratic and top heavy. Everything has to go through layers of red tape and purchase orders have to be created. So in the long run not much gets done and it is boring. I no longer have the patience to deal with this kind of 'business'. As I said to Sunshine this week I don't think I could handle working for a 'company' anymore as they zap all your motivation and creativity and it takes forever to get anything done.
I agree and I feel more and more like that everyday.

I am inquiring about poinsettias to purchase for centre pieces and then sell them. I think I will just do it with out telling the powers that be and when all is done and it looks great they can take the credit! It is always hard to stand back and watch the injustice. I always feel though that I will always do what is right and proper and continue to be happy with myself and my choices. Carolin, you will always make the right choice and always remember that what counts is how you live your life!!!

Have a good week everyone!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's November First

Is it spring???

or is it fall???

My garden cannot decide!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Hi all. So about this week. Kids are/were sick. I was not at my best and now it's sunny!!! See, life is good! I just finished watching the movie, "Julie and Julia". This is such a good movie. I remember the first time I saw this movie. It was a long ago Ladie's Night. Remember those??? I remember that we were going to try to get together and cook a meal from Julia Child's cookbook, "Mastering the Art of French Cooking". Just how long ago was that? (carolin) I too enjoyed that movie. I did get Julia Childs cookbook you mentioned from the library. It is way to tomb like for me. I am a simple cook who needs pictures! (Sunshine) I really enjoyed that movie.

Hey Sunshine, how was your week? Any news on the job front? Are you going to help Carolin next week? I know, I should just call you, right? Sunshine I will send you a email with when I need you next week and what I am expecting you to do. We have a Teacher conference this coming Thursday and Friday. I have spent this past week working on the ordering, staffing, and general organization of it. I have been looking and applying for work everywhere. NO luck just yet but I am hopeful. Carolin I look forward to spending a few days with you.

Hey Carolin, is everything set for next Saturday? Did you ever tell me what I am supposed to wear? You have Saturday off Cathy, we didn't get that catering event. I am good about it as I wasn't impressed with how it was being handled anyway. Trust me all is good

Hey, it's still sunny!

So what is happening for halloween? I am full of a lot of questions today, aren't I? The little one is going to the church with her dad to help him run a Harvest Party game. She is happy to be a 'big' girl and help her Dad. Little Miss Sunshine has invited a few girl friends over. My dad may or may not be comming and my sister will not be comming over since its a Monday night. Anyone who wants to join us is welcome to come over.

Ok, my mind just went blank. That is a rare occurance, one I shall now enjoy!

Have a good week everyone!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Sunshine) Hello everyone. I hope that all is well. It is really starting to feel like fall outside and all of the colours are so beautiful. (Cathy) It's starting to get cold. You should feel how cold it is at 4:45am when I leave for work! Brrrr! (Carolin) it is getting crisp. Today the little one and I went winter coat and boats shopping. I got her a winter coat for $8.00!!!!! Can you believe it. Also I was snagged a pair of knee high leather black boats that were 20% off. So the $40.00 boats were only $32.00, not bad eh?

Work has been a little bit difficult this week. I can't seem to take my mind off of all of the injustices that exist within my company. I have tried and I go in everyday and my heart is just not into it. I am sad and miserable so I resigned at the end of the day yesterday. I was honest with my manager about how I feel regarding everything. The other thing that helped to make my decision final is that I had asked for a small wage increase since September and I am just getting the run around, no definite answer. So the deed is done. You have not been happy there for some time now. It is hard to see injustices done. I always wonder how those people live with themselves. You will find something else. I will keep my eyes and ears open. Hey Carolin...... ,lol!
(Carolin) Wow, Sunshine how did the meanager take it. Did you give her two weeks or just leave? I can hire you Nov 3 & 4th and maybe even the 2nd. I am working on the menus now(will have them done this weekend). Once they are approved I will have an idea of what needs to be done.

Its time to pound the pavement and find another job. Wish me luck!!! Good Luck!!

Did you ladies read in the local paper that the city wants to pave over the public skating rink at the Civic Centre?? I have to say that I am not impressed with a lot of the decisions made by our elected city officials, seemingly behind closed doors. Why would they decide to pave over a skating rink which is heavily used and enjoyed by thousands each and every year? Especially considering its location. The reason given is to add parking as the new bus terminal took some parking away. There is a huge mall just across the street with a marked crosswalk. The skating area is used all year round with its seating area. I just do not understand how they city officials keep making one bad decision after another. Its like they forget that actual people live here. Cathy are you going to write to the editor and voice your complaint?

Well, before I go I should tell you that my friend Carol ran a personal best at last Sunday's Toronto Marathon!!!! Woo Hoo!! Here is the link to her blog as she is better at writing than I am and has blogged our week together.

It has been a busy week for all it seems. I had our highest single regular school day sales this past Friday. I can't explain why but man it was busy. This coming week will be quite though as 80% of the high school will be away in Washington. I am hoping to get alot of prep work done for the week following as we have some big events happening then.

My brother and his wife came by today for a short visit. They are leaving on Monday for their honeymoon (finally). They are backpacking through Thailand and Singapore for then next 4 months. I prey they are safe and that they have a amazing time.

Have a good week everyone!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Hi all! Just sitting here beside my girlfriend, Carol. watching a CFL- Argos vs Stampeders game. Carol is in town to run in the ScotiaBank Toronto Marathon this Sunday. We have been doing a lot to prepare for the run. We have spent many hours in grocery stores planning menus and coming home to cook and enjoy! After picking her up at the airport, we went to have some Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup). Thursday, we went to our favourite grocery store, Oceans, and shopped and shopped. We had Dim Sum and Roti and Carol purchased more of her favourite mango coconut curry sauce. This morning I made Saltfish and Akee with toasted hard dough bread. We made pizza for dinner and are now sitting watching the football game. Argos are up by 8, but Calgary just intercepted the ball. (Sunshine) It all sounds like a lot of fun. Best of Luck Carol.

Ladies, I am going to e-mail you my new work schedule which is effective Nov. 15th. I am on a rotating schedule so the e-mail will help figure out when I'm off. Carolin, I am good to help you on the Sat. Nov. 5th. What do I need to wear??? (Carolin) I haven't put the quote in yet as I am waiting for info from the planner. But I do have conformation for this years ACSI teacher convention. Nov 3 and 4th (day time) I am looking for staff for these two days. Depending on your availability would determine where I put you. Window for walk up orders, Serve private luncheon for 50, snack table, Runner etc. Plus I have another confirmed day long snack and lunch for 100 Sat. Feb 4 2012.

Sunshine, here is the link for the art classes: Let me know if you need anymore info. Thanks so much Cathy.

Not much new this week. Just work work and more work. We have a dinner dance thing that we are going to tomorrow night with all of my family. My dad would like the whole family to attend so will all be together tomorrow night. Boogie your little heart out girl!

Another week down. Like Sunshine work is work, The school hosted a World Concerns Conference on Thursday and it was crazy busy. So glad that day is over.

We are having a problem with our new kitten. He uses the litter box but he also has been peeing in the Teenagers Room (hehe) and the bed in the spare room. So far because he is small the mess is small and hasn't made it to the mattress but I don't know what to do about it beside the obvious (get rid of him). The rest of the family wont go along with me on that option. Any advice?

Also (Cathy you will love this) I woke up around 3:00 this morning and at first thought the cat had peed on me as the front of my pj's were all wet. But know it wasn't pee but sweat from me, I was hot and had to take the blankets off for a while as well as my wet pj's. The window was open a little, perhaps I had my first night hot flash? This has never happened before were my clothes are wet. Very strange, maybe it was just a lot of drool :)

The weather has really changed the last few days. Fall is definitely in the air. I really don't have much more to say at the moment, so talk to you all next week. I find this very hard to comprehend!

Have a good week!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) It's now official ladies. As of the 15th of November I will be working full time. It will be a rotating schedule, probably five days on with three days off. I bid next Wednesday. Let's hope there is something decent left for me when my turn comes. (Sunshine) Cathy, I hope that you get an excellent shift.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, everyone! We are off to my sister's this year. I am only responsible for the butternut squash soup with chorizo. My brother in law will be doing most of the cooking this year. I think it is so great that your family takes turns. That way know one feels burnt out hosting and cooking for a large crowd.

Hey, my girlfriend from Calgary, Carol, arrives next Thursday to prepare to, once again, run the Scotiabank Toronto Full Marathon! She ran a pb, (personal best) last year and I know she will do great again this year! Yeah for Carol, I am sure you two will have a great time again this year.

My cousin, Chris, and his two sons are running the Half Marathon in the same race. The race is being held on Sunday, October, 16th, 2011. Good luck to everyone!

I am taking a few minutes here to blog as I have been running around all day and then going out with my mom and some friends from work to a comedy show tonight. I am expecting 22 for dinner tomorrow and bought all that was needed today. I am already tired. I have been very vocal this year with my extended family that we (as in all of us) need to step up to the plate and start taking turns hosting these large family dinners. So far it has fell on deaf ears. Needless to say I will NOT be hosting Christmas dinner for a large crowd this year.

Hi ladies. It has been a very busy week. Thanksgiving lunch for all of the students at school and it was crazy busy. I worked from 7:00an t0 3:-00pm both Thursday and Friday. It was so busy and very exhausting. Then miss Teen Sunshine worked Friday night from 6:00pm until 2:00am once again this week. Then on Saturday we had all of Mr Sunshine's family over for thanksgiving dinner and now its Sunday and I am exhausted and taking a bit of a break. Tomorrow will be my families side but my little sister is hosting it so that makes me very happy. Thanks so much little Sis!!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Just One Click

(Cathy) Just one click and the blog has been returned to it's former self. The other ladies voted to wait until the new Dynamic view is complete. Welcome back!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Hi all. I am trying out the new Blogger Interface. Like all things new it will take a while to get used to it. I had to look for about five minutes before I found where the "labels" where. I just started clicking around and finally found them. I hope the colour will work for me now. It hasn't been working and Carolin has had to fix it for me.
Now, this is confusing. As I sit here typing this blog in English, I am watching a soap opera in Spanish. It's a new one which started on TLN this past Monday. It's called, "Las Aparicios". It's about a family, three generations, all women who are all widows. It's really good. So, what do you all think about the new look on this blog? (Carolin) Cathy did you take your ADD Pill? I am still waiting to hear what Carolin and Sunshine think about it. I told you last night I didn't like it.I can always switch it back.I would like to have it back.The weather is getting cooler so I have to now think about bringing in some plants and herbs for the, wait for it, winter. I have to clean up my plant room downstairs before I bring them in. I have not been hungry all week and all the family has wanted to eat is "comfort food". So, I made meatloaf on Monday with the best sweet potato fries. I cut the sweet potatoes into french fries and coated them with some olive oil. I then tossed them with some "Epicure smoked Spanish paprika" ( I just love the stuff, thanks Carol!), and grated some "Epicure Chili Garlic Sea Salt" on top and baked them until crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Yummy!!! Tuesday was roast chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. Wednesday was sausage tortellini with marinara sauce and Thursday was leftovers. Guess what, it's Friday so it's pizza night. Have a good week everyone! Seriously you are all over the place.

Well Cathy you are on fire. Though this is Catch up Friday it is actually Saturday night. It has been another busy week. I was at a baby shower this afternoon. I am very happy for my cousin who is expecting in December but am burnt out when it comes to showers.

(Sunshine) I have been looking for the upstairs cordless phone that has no battery left so even though we beep it, we cannot find it. Carolin, you and I have talked about comming up with a solution to this problem many times. I still think we could make some good money if we were to invent a solution.

Work is the same as usual. It is constantly busy and I am relieved to know that one month is down and there are nine more to go until summer vacation.

Everything else is going well. I have nothing new to report.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 30, 2011

BODY MORPHOLOGY ::: Make AMAZING Happen!: Portioning cheat sheet!

BODY MORPHOLOGY ::: Make AMAZING Happen!: Portioning cheat sheet!: To eat well, you dont have to be a SLAVE to calories. Be wary of your sugar, sodium & fat content & make sure you're eating a workable amoun...

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Trying New Dynamic view

(Cathy) I just finished reading a few articles on the new look for Blogger. They are called, "Dynamic Views". You, our reader, can flip from 7 different looks on our blog. To try it you just have to click on the labels located at the top of the blog.

Here is a link to one article I read which summarizes the change.

Enjoy, play around with it and let us know what you think!


Monday, September 26, 2011

BODY MORPHOLOGY ::: Make AMAZING Happen!: Did someone say Pancakes!?

Hi everyone, this is a link to blog from my cousin's very good friend. I think there are a lot of posts we will find interesting!

Happy reading!!


BODY MORPHOLOGY ::: Make AMAZING Happen!: Did someone say Pancakes!?: Blueberry Cottage Cheese Pancakes This is a recipe I borrowed from my friend @committed_jay He's a superhero trainer down in AUS, and le...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Sunshine) Hello ladies, I hope that everyone is doing well.

(Cathy) Hi everyone! Sorry I am late! What did I do yesterday??? Hmmm, oh yeah, nothing. That is a problem. Terry, (the dog) and I watched the rain and had many thoughts of what we should be doing. I did make dinner. We had pasta with a saffron, wine, cream sauce with asagio cheese and grilled shrimp. Yummy! Tonight we are bbq'ing steak with a cesear salad and grilled veggies. Double yum!

Work is crazy busy. We were instructed to open the second cash this week which made everything even more hectic. The meanager is on the main cash and one of my co-workers is on the second cash, which insanely leaves only one person serving and me on continuous fry, baking and refilling of items and helping out serving when I can. What are you still frying? What a crazy tiring mess! Then to top it all off, I found out that the new girl is only getting $10.00/hr, not even minimum wage. She was not even aware of the fact that minimum wage in Ontario for adults is $10.25 per hour as of March 2010 and they have been underpaying her since that time. We encouraged her to stand up for herself and get the matter resolved. She did make a call and spoke to the person who hired her. He is the owner's son and he told her that was sorry and that it was a mistake and he would have to look into it and he would need to speak to his father to find out when he can put her increase through. When she asked for back pay, he apparently laughed and said he wishes that he could do that but it's not going to happen! Everyday I see the injustices with this company and it make me so mad. These women working for the company are just so thankful to have a job that they don't want to make any waves and they continue to be mistreated. What a horrible thing to take advantage of someone in such a cruel way! I wonder how many other women in the company are being underpaid and mistreated?Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Wow, that is not sounding like a good place. Hang in there Sunshine, I have a meeting on Sunday with a Salesman I hired to review a proposal for a new school. Our plan is to have it presented by Thanksgiving. And we will see from there. You can run that school's food services. It will be a piece of cake compared to what you have been dealing with. This all sounds great! I am so glad it's all working out. If I don't get my full-time status, maybe I'll come work for you!!!!! Work for me is busy, sales in the kitchen are up compared to what they were last year. As well as the regular work week I catered a breakfast and lunch for 220 women this morning. I hired 'the teenager' and a friend of hers to help out. Plus the teenager came in to the kitchen for 5 hours yesterday helping get everything prepared. As I was saying my goodbyes to the client, she asked me to send her a quote for another event, Nov 5th. It is a hor's d'oeurves and dessert event for 400 people! Of course, the teenager is "take it mom"! But, 400 is allot of people so I am going to think about and find out what exactly they want before I decide to take it or not.

Anyway, on to other things. Everyone else is doing well and busy with school and work. My sister is getting married next March and she is starting to get busy making all of the plans for the wedding. It was originally going to be a small wedding but now it has ballooned into something very big and lavish. I am so happy for her and her fiance. They deserve all the best that life has to offer. Unfortunately, her fiance's mom passed away this week so they have been dealing with a lot of sadness. They are feeling as though it is hard to find happiness and feel good when their life continues to be challenging in many, many ways. I hope that they can see the silver lining in the clouds. Please pass our condolences on to your sister and future brother in law. They have had a tough time. Let's hope and pray it's all good news from now on.

We are off to a banquet tonight for Freedom Village. http:// husbands nephew is at FV since January and will be at the banquet so we are going to support him. I am looking forward to sitting down and having someone else serve me!

Well, it is time for me to go put my feet up and read Saturday's paper for awhile. I am exhausted and it's only 3:00pm.

Enjoy your rest. You all deserved it. Did I tell you I discovered a new product for my hair? Its called, "Kinky Curley". It's awesome!! I am contemplating the BC, or the big chop. This will cut off all of the relaxed hair and leave me with only the new growth. I will have a really short hair cut if I do this so I think I will wait for more new growth before I cut!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Requiem for a Dream

(Cathy) Our oldest son came to us last night and asked if Hubby and I would like to watch a movie with him. It was titled: "Requiem for a Dream". I had never heard of it so I Googled it. It was a highly rated movie from the year 2000. It deals with addiction in a very real way. It is very, very disturbing. It is a great movie, worth all the praise and stars it has received. It is very hard to watch. Hubby and I are very glad we watched it with our son. We had a nice chat afterwards discussing our thoughts and opinions on addiction.

I think this movie should be required watching for all parents and their kids. It would never be able to be part of a high school curriculum due to it's "R" rating. There are disturbing scenes, but they are meant to be there. They tell the story. The movie tells the tale of four individuals and their fall into addiction and how it affects their lives. Some fall without even realizing it and that was scary! This is a movie that will stay with you and this is good for that means the message was received loud and clear!

There are many good links and reviews; take the time to read the link I provide here as it does a very good complete review.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) First week back at work is done! I am TIRED! I did make a huge decision which is a 180 turnaround for me. I put in a transfer to go from part-time to full-time. Wow! What have I done? Am I crazy or what? Life changed a bit this summer. It was another coming of age, family style. The boys are maturing and becoming more independent and Hubby and I are finding ourselves with more time. This is not a bad thing, It's just that we are finding it interesting as we now evolve from hand's on parenting to support parenting. (I hope that makes sense.) The boys are developing their own lives and we are watching (like a coach) from the sidelines. Instead of holding their hand and walking beside them, we now walk behind and support their decisions. Or in a lot of cases, offer up our opinions with explanations why they should rethink their decisions!! I can tell you it is not easy. In fact it is one of the hardest things we have ever had to do! Parenting is much easier when the children are younger and have no say! This becoming of age thing is very difficult. Knowing when to give advice or step in and knowing when to just shut up and let them fall. It's not instinctive yet to just "coach". Time and advice from our own parents and good friends help Hubby and I to keep from blowing our top and pulling our hair out! Wow, How do teens ever survive to adulthood? We all did, and boy, do I ever have more respect for my parents! If any of you have any advice for raising teenagers, please, please let us know. It's hearing stories from other people that makes us realize that we share in this journey. There is comfort in company. Thank-you!

(Sunshine) Another week down. it was very busy at work. we did get another girl on Tuesday and she seems really nice but I miss my buddy who is no longer working with us. They wanted to send her to another school but it's too far for her so now she is out of a job. I think that the Meanager wanted her gone so she found a way to make it happen. it's too bad that she has so much power because we lost a really good worker and a good friend. That said, the rest of the week was a little bit depressing. I am presently looking for another job with a similar schedule.

I had typed so much more but I lost it and I'm too tired to redo.

(Carolin) Welcome to my world ladies! I get the tired, I have been having a hard time falling a sleep this week then after hours I wake up and can't get back to sleep. Thursday night I was up till 3:00 am and today I woke up at 5:00 am. The positive thing is work is going well we are busy and sales were up this past week compared to last year this time. The family is off to a wedding tomorrow. The husbands niece is getting married should be a good time.

Sorry Sunshine work is not going so well I hope it works out for you. Well off to bed I go as I am tired. Keep your fingers crossed that I fall a sleep and stay a sleep.

Cathy I sympathize with the parenting issues. I feel that we have all spent many years teaching and leading by example. As long as the always act with integrity then I say let them spread their wings and sit back and watch them fly!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

Sunshine. I am typing on the IPad so I am not exactly sure how everything works so far. It's been a crazy busy week with the start of the school year as well as work. We have been short one girl all week long. I have no idea when they are going to fill the position but I can tell you that I am exhausted. The new legislation is challenging and very time consuming. I have worked late everyday and I have been late to pick up the girls all week long. I really don't get paid enough for all this craziness. (Carolin) When she says the new legislation she means the Ontario Healthy Food Act. This act restircts the types of food that can be sold in and on School property. No fried food, no candy, regular pop (soda for our American readers) high sodium foods etc.

The girls have started school and so far everything looks pretty good. Everyone is relatively happy with their teachers. I know that the year will just fly buy.

Cathy, we had a great time at the la purest(?) (??) weekend get together. Every time we get together I realize how much I misss hanging out with you girls. Thanks so much Cathy to you and your family for having us over. It was a lot of fun and the food was great.

Sunshine, you did a good job with the Ipad! I have to go back to work this weekend. On Sunday, Sept. 11th. I bet flights will be delayed due to extra security. We are also having a bridal shower for my cousin on Sunday. Mom and Dad and my sister and family are all staying over so we can all clean the house and cook! It will be a lot of fun! (Have fun and glad its not me!)

We had a great time last Sunday! It's always good when we get together and as it just doesn't happen as often anymore it makes it all the more special!

School has started. Good luck to one and all for a great year and Sunshine, I agree, it will fly by!

As you have read many times school has begun for another year and so had work. I had a great week my school cafeteria sales were double what they were last year this time. I had a new girl start and we will have to see how it goes.

I had canceled our church Small group Friday night as it seemed not everyone could make it. But one of the women didn't get the email and came anyway. We had a great evening just catching up from our summers and laughing about life. It was a great unexpected Friday night.

I am last blogging this week as it is almost midnight on Saturday. I have been out since 10:30 AM. Myself, mom, uncle and two aunts met up downtown Toronto. And spent the day at the Cabbagetown Festival. I always enjoyed the day, chatting, laughing and just hanging with the old folks! Well we will find out if any of the family reads the blog because of my last comment. :)

Over all it has been a good week, kids are back to school, teenager likes her university classes over all and the little one is getting used to a new routine now that she is in Junior High.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Wow! Here we are at the last weekend of the summer! I have to admit that this is not my favourite weekend. I enjoy having the kids around, (even if I complain about the mom taxi thing, lol!) One thing that we do look forward to is actually getting together with all of us ladies and our families. We have been getting together every labour day weekend for about four years now, I think. When summer starts we always think we have so much time to see each other and get together and go places. Summer is only eight weeks long. (Really six weeks if you factor in the end of school stuff and the back to school stuff.) I am always amazed at how fast time keeps flying by. One must really live each day to the fullest! Is that even possible? How can you live each day to the fullest without being selfish? When would we sleep?

Well, ladies, how does two o'clock this Sunday sound? Will there be a Risk rematch? What about Rumoli or Phase 10? The weather is up and down for Sunday, but, we'll still have a good time!

(Carolin) I got the craziest phone call from Cathy this week. It was after dinner and I was washing dishes, I pick up the phone only cause I forgot to look at the call display as I was enjoying myself singing to my new Barbra Streisand CD. Cathy is on the other end and she is in a snit ( I know this as there was no chit chat). She asks me to tell her if I think she is a 'know it all'. I asked her where this was coming from and after I repeated the question a few times she finally says "she is having an argument with her husband". I then told her I refuse to get in the middle and would not answer the question. She got even more mad, so not only was she mad at her husband now she is in a snit with me.

So why did I not answer the question you ask. If I agreed with her husband and said "yes she is a know it all" She would then be mad at both of us and if I answered "no". Then the husband would say "well of course Carolin would say that she is a women and your friend" So I felt I was dammed if I did or not. Also we would all be getting together this weekend and I didn't want to be involved in their fight, I just want to show up eat and drink, maybe have a few laughs. NO DRAMA! I have enough with my own family Thank you very much.

Also bloggers between you and me I didn't want to talk on the phone as I was enjoying myself washing the dishes and sing the duet 'You don't bring me flowers' with Babs.

(Cathy) So, that's why you didn't answer the question!!! I knew you would answer as you did and that's why I called you. I needed some, how do you say, time to count to ten to put things back into perspective!!!! Things are good now with everyone so no need to worry about anything but having a good time on Sunday.

Where is Sunshine??? (Sunshine) Sorry ladies I forgot it was Friday yesterday, so I forgot to blog. Cathy and Carolin you both make me laugh and I am looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. This week Mr Sunshine has been off for most of the week on vacation and he has been working on putting hardwood floor in our bedroom. The prep work is almost done but I will be impressed if we can get back into our bedroom by the end of the month. It is a really big job. As for school and work all I can say is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.........

Have a safe weekend, everyone!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) We're back! We had such a good time. The weather was hot, hot, hot and big sunny blue skies! I love the mountains. We flew into Vancouver and rented a car and drove to Kelowna. It was a breathtakingly beautiful drive. We stopped to eat lunch in Hope at a restaurant called, "Home." The food was very good and the service was great. We had never heard about Home before, however, when we saw all of the cars in the parking lot we figured it must be good!

We stayed with Hubby's folks and just enjoyed good company, food and many games of Euchre. We drove down to Osoyoos on Tuesday to have dinner with Hubby's sister. We went to Osoyoos Desert Railroad and Rattlesnake Canyon. The kids had a great time with all of their cousins. We ate far too much good food, (the calories don't count when you're on vacation... right???)

We arrived home at 3am this morning. We had to fly from Kelowna to Vancouver then on to home.

We are very tired, but happy. Glad to be home safe and sound.

How was everyone else's week?

(Carolin)Sounds like it was a good trip, it has been fairly quite here getting slowly organized for work(school starting).

(Sunshine) Welcome back Cathy. I am glad that the weather was great and that you had such a good time. I am looking forward to seeing you all next weekend.

Thinks around here are same old same old. Its been great summer but it went by to fast and I am trying hard to prepare myself for the work environment and following a strict schedule once again but my mind won't let me go there yet. This weekend we have a dinner dance that my dad has all asked us to go to on Saturday night, so we will all be there. Sunday is up in the air, I know that Teen Sunshine is working on Sunday and Mr Sunshine has some of next week off but there are no plans int he works so far. I am secretly hoping that some of this floor upstairs gets laid. It will be a lot of work but it has go get done sometimes. We will have to see how motivated Mr Sunshine is about working on his vacation.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Catchup Fridays

(Sunshine) Well its the home stretch and summer is almost over. I can feel that dark cloud approaching fast. I am so not looking forward to going back to work, but I know that I am very lucky to have been off for the last nine weeks. It was a very quick summer but it was also a good one. We have a family picnic on Sunday so I am preparing the food for the picnic. I am making coroche, peppers and potatoes and some pies. Little Miss Sunshine has made cupcakes and she wants to have a lemonade stand. I told her that its not polite to sell lemonade at a family picnic but she can give it out for free if she wants to. She said that was fine and then she asked me if she could have a tip jar. (she is one smart cookie :) I had to laugh and I told her that she could if she wanted to and I would definitely give her a tip. Miss Teen Sunshine is working all day so she will be missing out. (Carolin) Is know one else bringing any food?

Yes the summer is coming to an end, I can feel it in the air but no smell it as I have a nasty head cold. I could feel something on Thursday while at Sunshine's as the girls swam. By Friday night it was a full fledged head cold. Wow do I hate them I haven't had a cold in over a year but still they are not fun. I guess I should be thankful I didn't have it during the busy wedding/family staying with us or in another week while I have to be back at school prepping for the coming year.

What a busy few weeks, my sister and her family (6 kids) and a girl friend of a nephew, and a friend of my sisters who had never been to Toronto all stayed with us. Yes that was an extra 9 people! My brothers wedding went well we all had a great time. The wedding was to be outside but the weather wasn't cooperative so though it was still outside we were under a large tent. Just as the bride was to enter a torrential thunderstorm let loose. I was in the second row and it was hard to hear the minister. But just as bride and groom said I do the rain stopped and the rest of the day and evening was humid but nice.

The little one was very anxious about being a flower girl but she pulled it off and did great. After walking down the isle she sat beside me and said "Well that wasn't to bad. And how come I didn't get a car like the ring bearer." The ring bearer is only three and my brother (the groom) had a toy car that was used like a carrot to keep the three year old on track. Funny!

Well the fun part of the summer is over and now it is back to routine. I like routine but perhaps cause I am not feeling great this time around I don't want the summer to end.

Cathy is away in Calgary so I don't think that we will be hearing from her this week.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Catch up Fridays

(Sunshine) Hello everyone, how are you all doing? We are back from Calgary safe and sound. It was a really beautiful trip. It always amazes me how beautiful that part of the country is. We had amazing weather and I have some great pictures. We went canoeing, horse back riding, swimming and of course lots and lots of hiking. We were so busy that I am so tired. Miss Teen Sunshine of course had a little accident while we were there but she is ok. On the horse back riding adventure, her horse was not cooperating and eventually he just bucked her right off. She fell on her back and she is bruised and sore but she was a trouper. The guide switched horses (you are not allowed to continue to ride a horse that has bucked someone off) with her to return back to the ranch as she was too sore to ride and the rest of the hour and a half. She got on the other horse and the rest of our family all rode back to the ranch. We were lucky as it was in the mountains that he bucked her off in an area that was not at the edge of a cliff. She still wants to go hoarse back riding again when she feels better. I guess that's a good thing as I don't want her to ever be scared. That's one brave girl. (Cathy) I feel for Miss Teen Sunshine. I would say that her guardian angel is working overtime at keeping her safe, however, I wish that angel didn't have to work so hard!!! Your week out west sounded lovely and relaxing. I was hoping to get to Calgary to visit Carol and my other girlfriends from school, however, it looks like we will only be able to squeeze in a week in Kelowna. Hubby and I keep saying that we are so glad we traveled as much as we could while the boys were little as now it is so difficult to coordinate schedules. I had hoped to go out earlier on my own or with the Younger One but, that will not work out either. In time we will once again have the flexibility with our time. (and probably look back saying, "remember when...)

Well Carolin, how was the wedding? I am excited to hear every detail. You must be exhausted. Do you still have family over? I looked at the photos on facebook. Wow, you all looked great! Carolin, I loved your dress!!

I also attended a very private little wedding the Thursday before we left. It was a lovely ceremony and the couple is very happy. Carolin, I know you know who I am talking about and Cathy, if you want to know you will just have to break down and pick up the phone and call me because the couple would like it to remain very private for now. (picking up the phone now)

Cathy, how are you doing? Are you finished nagging for today? I must admit that I catch myself nagging and I have to stop myself but sometimes it's impossible to do so. I have decided that it is my responsibility as a good parent to nag sometimes and other times it is just my right!(funny!)The hard part is that I remember tuning my mom out and I am sure that my daughter does the same. I can see when that look comes over her face that says, "what ever mom" and guess what, then I nag some more. My mom nagged all the time but I couldn't love her anymore and now having two children of my own, I completely understand why she did so. So never feel bad for caring and loving someone enough to say something.

(Cathy)As I sit here blogging I am watching one of my favourite cooking shows, "Anna and Kristina's Grocery Bag." I love the premise of this show. The two ladies take a different cookbook each show and cook six to eight dishes on average to form a complete meal. They then have a chef come to judge the result. Watch it, it's good. Anyway, during one commercial break a commercial came on for some new fangled wonder bra that lifts and separates. The lift, I get, but why the need to separate?

Carolin still has a house full of family and I think they are out and about today so I will post now and she can add when she has time!

(Cathy) Hey Carolin, I am still having trouble with my colour! Help!

Love you all, have a great weekend!!!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

To Nag or not to Nag....

How did my parents do it? How did they manage to raise my sister and myself without nagging? Why can I not stop nagging? I tell myself to shut up. The ladies tell me to shut up. The kids have just learned to tune me out. (they are too polite to tell me to shut up, lol!) I know they will survive as Hubby and I have faith in our ability to raise them. So, here is the question........ do I now go upstairs to wake the older one so he is not late for work. (he has already slept through two different alarms, not an uncommon event)? Hmmmmmm......

Friday, August 5, 2011

Catch up Fridays

(Sunshine) Its been such a busy week around here, no time to just sit back and enjoy life. We are leaving for Calgary in a few hours so I will relax when we get there tonight. I hope that you girls had a good week and I look forward to seeing you both soon. (Carolin)Have a great time. I find it funny as you leave to Calgary my family arrives here from Calgary. Yes, it is chaos in my house right now! We have an extra 9 people all competing for beds and showers. My baby brother is getting married this Sunday and all are in a flutter! Trips to the airport are happening daily as family and friends arrive from around the world.
(Cathy) I too am hoping to get to Calgary soon. I am just wishing to go on a plane, period! Sunshine, have a great time! Enjoy the mountains! Carolin, I am sure you will all have a great time and the wedding will come off beautifully! Enjoy! (did you make the cake???)
I have been in the garden and have really done little else this past week. Summer school is out for the younger one. He was very successful and we are so proud! We are still waiting for the phone call from the in car driving instructor to set up a schedule for the older one.
We are going to Jerkfest with family on Saturday. I am looking forward to some good food and music and a time to visit.

Have wonderful weekend!!!!!