Friday, July 17, 2009

Harry Potter #6 "The half blood prince"

Last night we went to see the newest Harry Potter. I have read all of the books and the DVD series are a favourite in our home. The special effects were amazing and the movie was great.

IT is so cool to see those young actors becoming young adults right in front of our eyes. There are some amazingly talented kids and adults in these movies. My 9 year old was also with us and I can tell you that it was not at all scary for her. Well maybe only one small part but really I jumped more than she did. There is a touching seen between Harry and Hermione that really shows there acting skills. It was so believable and it brought tears to my eyes. So much happens in this movie that will make us question the outcome. Will good win over evil? With all that has transpired it is not very clear. The ending is shocking if you have no knowledge of the story line so be prepared. As with all of the Harry Potter movies so far I have got to watch it on DVD when it comes out to really appreciate it. That must be because I have read the books it takes a while to visually let the movie replace the visual story that already exists in my mind.

It is a great movie and I am sure that it will become one of my families favourites as are the other five.


  1. Sorry to be picky (HUGE HP fan) but it's Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. And it was quite good, although I do need to sit down re-read #6 (although it always makes me cry) and 7 (OMG do I cry with this one!) just to get myself clear with what went on last night.

    Can't wait for the last two movies (because #7 is so big, and so much goes on, they've already stated that it will be run over two seperate movies) although then it really will be over, won't it?


  2. Thanks Carol for noticing, it seems it doesn't matter how many times we proof read there is always words that are missed. I find even weeks later I reread something and have to go into edit to fix a missing word or typo.

    Not to worry Sunshine I got your back. No more pirce, all you see is prince. I'll talk to you when you get home from the funeral.


  3. I'm back Sunshine! It dosen't matter how many typos anyone makes I would not notice.
    Again I say to you I do not watch those movies nor have I read any on the hp books. But I can tell you this for certain. That good does win in the end. I know this because I read the last chapter of another book and it says so.
    Love You and Missed You ladies