Thursday, July 9, 2009

Still Looking for Dr. HOUSE

It is just after 12:00 pm. I have spoke to the camp director a few times this morning, got a text from the teenager and she called me about 1/2 hour ago.

She has had her ultrasound and now they are waiting for the results. I have set up an appointment with our family doctor for tomorrow at noon. The Doctor the teenager is seeing now will forward a copy of all the test so we will have them tomorrow. (hopefully, keep fingers crossed). The meds that were given to her last night have worn off and she is not able to keep even water down. When I talked to her she sounded good. I think she is looking forward to her Dad coming tonight to get her.

I have been very divided with what to do. As I want her home and with me but sadly I don't believe she would get the same level of care from our hospital as she is getting where she is. So I have been OK with her staying there till the doctors could figure something out. But now that so many test have been done (X-rays, ultrasounds, blood test, blood test, blood test, IV to help with dehydration) I want her home.

I have been on the phone most of the morning rearranging plans. We were to have my mom and three of my nephews with us for the weekend. Though the boys are all grown 16, 20 and 21 I think it is best I concentrate on the teenager and be able to keep the house quite so she can rest. Also I don't know what the doctor will decide to do tomorrow, being a Friday I don't think much.
So I think it is best for everyone if we just lie low this next few days.

I had planned on blogging about Carabram this weekend. I might still write about it but wont be attending any of the festivities this year. Carabram is a amazing weekend of fun, food and world cultures. The little one can't wait for her sister to come home so she can play nurse. The little one is such a gentle soul and I am sure the teenager is loving and will love even more attention. She has never really been sick besides your normal kids stuff and colds, which now that I think about it she seems to have had more colds then normal this past spring. I had attributed it to working at the pool and going from hot to cold. Also she is a 10 hour of sleep a night girl and has not been getting that for 4 - 6 months. As most of her friends are up later and she wants to talk or hang with them. The down side for her is waking up at 7:00 AM is late for her. So who knows if this is all related or what.

Hopefully Dr. House will answer his page and read the blog and come to some kinda diagnosis soon!

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  1. I will miss seeing you all as I am sure you will miss seeing the nephews. I am still arranging a car to pick them up at the airport. I have a car for Sunday to take them up north.
    keep me informed as to the recovery of the sick one.
    Remember then you had to have your apendics out. Treat the sick one the way you wanted to be treated at the time. Sorry that I kept touching your side. Love You