Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The sound of children laughing

My girls are off for the summer and they have mostly been home just goofing around. Today we did some spring cleaning and just drew some pictures and now they are behind me just giggling away as they tease each other. It's a very welcoming sound as with such busy schedules during the school year and on weekends we rarely have the opportunity to just have fun and giggle about nothing in particular but just enjoy each others company. Its fun for me to watch.


  1. I like that I can picture them. Mine had piano lessons today and one is now doing homework. And the younger one is bored!!! I tell him that I have all sorts of things for him to do. He just came back from a week of Scout camp. They were on an island at the Haliburton Scout reserve and he loved every minute of it! I guess home is not the same as playing survivor is up north!

  2. Way to go girls!
    Enjoy them while they are at home.
    Love you Mommie