Monday, July 13, 2009

The Bachelorette (Maui)

Last week Jillian finally sent Wes packing. What an excellent move and upon his departure, Wes was boasting to the cameras about how he made it to the final 4 while having a girl friend. What woman would want to date such a jerk?

Anyhow this week the remaining three bachelors and Jillian had overnight dates on the Island of Maui (Hawaii). The setting was so beautiful and each date was different.

Kiptyn and Jillian went on a dare devil date and were walking across tight ropes in the sky and standing on very tall totem poles. She is one brave woman. She was a little scared at times but it didn't stop her and Kiptyn is obviously very athletic and up for anything too. They then spent the night in the Fantasy Sweet and we really don't know what happened next but they both really enjoyed their date together.

Reid and Jillian went on a helicopter ride and spent time on a secluded beach having a picnic. They had a romantic dinner where she asked him some very tough questions. To me, Reid seems to be the most sincere of the three remaining bachelors and I really thing that he speaks from his heart, not for the benefit of the cameras. He expressed how he was falling for Jillian and made it very clear that he would love to get to know her better off camera. He also finds it very difficult to understand the fact that there are still 2 other guys besides himself who she really seems to like and be kissing and dating. It obviously makes him feel uneasy. Who could blame him? They also had their overnight date in the fantasy room and things seem to go really well.

Lastly there was Ed. He and Jillian spent time on a boat and did a lot of swimming and then Ed flew his parents in to meet Jillian. Ed had left the show weeks ago due to his job and then returned later so his parents are the only ones that Jillian did not get the opportunity to meet. I was not very fond of his parents. I can't put my finger on it but something was off. Jillian on the other hand really liked his parents and was grateful to Ed for having arranged the meeting. They also spent the night in the fantasy sweet and seemed to be getting into things with oils and massaging each other. Then the light went out and later back on again. Ed was upset and Jillian was in tears. She talked about how it was an incredibly exhausting date and of all the people that she couldn't wait to be close to Ed was the one that she was most enthusiastic about. She said that she was not sure if it was all of the pressure but lets just say that something with Ed was very disappointing to her. She questioned weather or not it would always be like that way or would things be different later without the pressure?

In the end at the rose ceremony she first asked to speak to Ed in private where she voiced her concerns about the lack of activity in the fantasy sweet and Ed promised her that she had absolutely nothing to worry about.

The first rose went to Kiptyn and the second rose went to Ed. As usual my favourite man standing was sent home once again. Of all of the three remaining I think that Reid is the real deal. I think that in Reid she would have found a love for life. I my opinion she made the wrong choice once again.

I guess that Sometimes you just don't know what some girls are looking for.


  1. My dear dear Sunshine, I am trying so hard to find something to say. I have opened this comment box atleast half a dozen times. I want to be full of enthusiasm for this show and cause you have my youngest child with you right now. But all I got is please go read a book and stop watching this trash. Please!

  2. Sorry Carolin but I am hooked and I do enjoy my reality TV.

  3. Sunshine Sunshine Sunshine
    I do not watch this show either. But I would give my first born to spend a night with three men massage oil and all. If one would not proform then I would just rollover to the other.
    Got to go I'm kind of warm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!