Friday, February 25, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) It was a busy week, emotionally for us this week. Let me see if I can put it down in words. Last week my father in law was admitted to the hospital with congestive heart failure. He lives in B.C. as do the rest of Hubby's family. After many phone calls and e-mails and after three days he was released. Too soon! When we spoke with him on the phone he could barely speak and was coughing and wheezing. He sounded terrible. Thankfully, my brother in law went over to my in laws home after a phone call from my mother in law. One look at my father in law and it was back to the hospital. Why was he released in the first place? This time he was diagnosed with pulmonary edema. This is a condition caused by a weak heart not able to pump strong enough. The result is a swelling (edema) of the surrounding tissues, in this case the lining of his lungs. When the pressure builds up it causes the tissues to leak their fluid, ie: water in the lungs. We are told this condition can be treated with medication. He is on so much medication already! His lungs were drained and home he was sent after three days! He has to go for blood tests and the doctors are trying different medications until they find what will work and not interfere with everything else! We have spoken with him and he does sound much better. Hope all works out Cathy (Sunshine) I hope that he feels better really soon.

We canceled our trip. That is the trip to a sunny island with no kids. This would have been our first vacation alone in 14 years. It is not to be for many reasons. First, we are thinking we might need the upcoming week to go to B.C. Also, my cousin announced he is getting married in Jamaica the first weekend in December. As he is close we are trying very hard for all four of us to go. We are also purchasing a timeshare week from a friend from work at a much reduced price. This along with our planned vacation to B.C. this summer leaves the budget a bit tight. Hubby and I are also planning a trip to Europe next summer to celebrate 20 years of marriage! (with the kids???)
As we cannot do it all, something had to give. Such is life.
It's always so hard trying to fit everything into in.

On a different note, Hubby and I did enjoy family day with Carolin and Sunshine. We met for dinner at, The Keg. It was interesting that none of our teenagers wanted to come along with any of us. We enjoyed dinner and hope we can get together again soon! (Carolin) It was nice to get together and actually see each other face to face. Its hard to believer that we are the same people that use to spend so much time together. It seems like such a long time ago. What happened to all of us?

Things are moving along at our end. The little one will be celebrating her 11 birthday this coming Tuesday (March 1st) . At this time we have no plans on how to celebrate, different options are being discussed. Happy Early Birthday wishes to the little one!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday night I went to a Fuzion class. What is Fuzion you ask in my opinion it is a modern day aerobic class. A couple of the the mom's from the little ones grade had asked me to go. I figured why not I could do with the exercise and maybe it will help with my constant tiredness. Well I made it through the hour and even worked up a sweat. But while everyone went right I was going left, while they worked on leg work my arms where flying through the air. The class is held in the elementary gym at the school I work at. The next day while I was talking to the night custodian I told him I had been at the class. He laughed (!!) and then next week he would make a point of coming to the gym to have a good laugh. The nerve, Oh well if I can bring joy to someone else's day. Then all my hip shaking and grinding will be worth it. Good for you, I have seen something similar at the gym but I can't remember what it was called, it may be the same name but the class did look like it would be a fun.

As I finish here, I would just like to with my friend Carol in Calgary belated birthday wishes. With everything, I never sent her my best on her day. I admit this publicly so she has a chance to chew me out!!! Happy belated Birthday Carol!!!!

Things around here have been quiet his weekend. The window installation is in, the baby shower was a success and now we can take a breather. My knew ( the one that I injured back in November) started acting up again this week. By Thursday I could barely walk and it has swollen up like a balloon. I went to the doctor on Thursday and I am awaiting the results from x-rays and ultrasound. I will get those this week on Thursday. He prescribed ant-inflammatories but my stomach could not handle them so we switched to a topical ointment. I felt worse on Friday so I actually called in sick for the first time in two years. I stayed off my feet all day Friday (other then taking the kids to school and back).
I have also been taking it really easy all weekend. I have been resting my leg as much as possible and heating it and icing it and putting the ointment on. It feels much better but the swelling is still there. All of a sudden, I feel so old. I really hope that I will not have permanent problems with this. I really don't' want to end up walking with a cane for the rest of my life. Everything else is doing well and we can't wait for March Break.

God Bless everyone!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


As some of you know yesterday was my birthday. It was a uneventful day but nice, I was able to get a lot of housework done that really needed doing. While I was dusting, washing, sweeping, etc this comment the teenager made to me in the morning was circling in my brain and would not go away. I figured the best way to work it out was blog about it.

Saturday Morning, I am reading the paper and the teenager comes downstairs, sits in the living room and says to me "Happy Birthday Mom, I've been thinking and you've turned out not half bad considering." She then gets up and walks away. Considering?? considering what?????

All day I have been considering and this is what I have come up with.

  1. Considering what she had to work with
  2. Considering I am a Mom
  3. Considering I am old (only in my kids eyes)
  4. Considering I haven't totally lost my marbles
  5. Considering the crap she has dished out these past 5 years

When I finally asked her just what considering meant she told me "considering where you came from" !!!

Where did I come from? The Moon, the ditch, some back ally? I asked her to elaborate and she sighs and rolls her eyes with the look on her face of sorry I complimented my mom.

"Considering you grew up on the poor side and now you have a daughter that is in University doing a double major and has held a part time job as a life guard and swim instructor for 4 years."

As the good mother I am I smiled at her told her I loved her and walked away giggling to myself.

Really, REALLY! did I raise this self absorbed women who thinks she gave me a compliment. Oh a side note that 'compliment' was also my birthday gift!

I think she should be very thankful she has a mother like me CONSIDERING!

  1. I still let her drive my car even though she has smashed up our previous cars
  2. I still let her drive my car when she never puts gas in it
  3. I let her live in my house well she treats it like a hotel with built in maid service
  4. I welcome the boyfriend over even though he eats everything in sight!
  5. I let her breath even though she wont tell me her bank pin number and never seems to remember it herself and somehow this is my problem cause she is at the mall and needs to buy....
  6. I let her keep the hair on her head even after she colours her hair in my white bathroom using my good towels. My bathroom is still white but with black/brown drip marks on the walls and door. And my good towel is now a good rag!

Well I could continue but I have to go grocery shopping as we no longer have bacon, eggs, milk and bread as the teenager made breakfast for the boyfriend when he came over at noon. Oh, I just remembered I can't get to the grocery store as they have my car. Hopefully they notice there is NO gas in it!



Friday, February 18, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Sunshine) Hello everyone. How are you all doing. I am wide awake at 4am so I thought that I would blog. Window replacement has been going on all week long and it is still not finished. The crew is great and everything looks really good. I am hosting my sister in law's baby shower on Sunday so there is so much to do. Work has been busy as one of the girls unfortunately had to go to the states for a funeral so that means longer hours and very busy days. Everyone is doing well but we all had the flu and it is still going through our house. I can't wait for March break to finally get here. I am so ready for sunshine and palm trees and warm water. Today in our home there will be the window crew, the alarm crew, the attic insulation person and the hot water tank person. Grandma and Grandpa have been here for most of the week looking after things as we are working and the kids are in school. It is a hub of activity and I am looking forward to hopefully relaxing on Monday. Thanks goodness for our new, well fairly new holiday, Family Day. (Carolin)I am so looking forward to the extra day off. I am just so tired. I have a physical planned for this coming Tuesday and hopefully the Dr can tell my why I am just so tired all the time. I am getting enough sleep at night but by 3:00 in the afternoon I am wiped and ready for a nap.

(Cathy) Boy, Sunshine, you sure are busy and you are definitely earning your vacation! Hubby and I had to cancel our vacation. There are just too many other family obligations which will take us away from home. We are disappointed as this was to be our first trip away together since our younger one was a baby! Hopefully, next year we can get away.

Does anyone out there is blog land ever watch, "Say Yes, to the Dress!"? I must admit I have been watching it and am constantly amazed! I know they are just showing the high priced shoppers, but, come on! 10,000 for a dress you will wear for a few hours on one day! I agree it's a very special day and the bride should feel like a princess. I guess I'm just too practical. I suppose the show would be very boring if we only saw the practical people. Never heard of this show

Carolin, I was talking to your husband and he gave me the lowdown on your new wheels! Very, very nice. The teenager says it is very bling. I think that is good. I can't wait to see it. Happy, happy you know what this weekend!! What are your plans? I was planning on washing the floors this weekend. The husband is away this weekend so I don't really have any plans. I really would like to clean my house (or have someone else do it for me). I guess what I really want is just a clean house.

I would also like to wish my friend, Carol, out in Calgary and very Happy Day this coming Monday. For some reason Carol likes to celebrate these days which come around once a year??

It has been one of those weeks in our house. The little one has been sick all week. The teenager took her to the doctors on Tuesday and the little one has infection in both ears. She has been put on Biaxin and Codin because of her allergies. She could not keep them down Tuesday. She was home from school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. She is still complaining of a headache and earache. If she still has it tomorrow I will call the Dr office and see if someone can see her. I don't understand how ear infections just happen. She had been fine up till Monday night, no cold or anything, though she did complain of a headache on the weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

Well it is now Monday and looks like I have been stood up for the weekly Catch up Fridays. I will post just me then.

(Carolin) I am so frustrated I had typed a whole bunch of stuff here. Then before I know it, all of it is gone!!! I hate this $%%^&** computer!!!

I am back after many hours of this and that. The husband was on the phone at one point with the computer help folks trying to get this frustrating computer changed. They have suggested one fix and we will see if it works or not.

Well it is actually now Saturday night and nobody else has written anything. I guess they all are leading exciting lives. Me on the other hand am home on a Saturday night watching a strange movie about Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice called Lost in Austen. Its a bit odd so we will see if I make through to the end.

Hey Benchers I spent an hour this afternoon catching up with Angelin (a neighbour from our old stomping grounds). She is well and work is going very well, she is loving her new responsibilities. She gave me some tax advice in reference to work stuff and some miss-information I was given in the past. Speaking of work, the Board of Health came for a visit this past Wednesday. And I am happy to report all went well and I/business passed without a single infraction! Yeah for me.

Cathy you have been asking about my new car. Well what can I tell you? It is a gold/white colour and it didn't start for me on Thursday! It was in back at the dealers today getting a battery check and everything came back as fine. So we have been told it must of a been a computer glitch! Of course the husband and I have been having fun with the phrase all day. When anything doesn't go just right then it is blamed on a computer glitch.

The little one started taking a kickboxing class. She asked to take it (which is a surprise in it self) and can't wait for Thursday's. She absolutely loves it! I am so thrilled, as this could be just the thing to help boost her self esteem and give her the confidence to believe in herself. I of course would never of thought of kickboxing it just seems to violent for me.

So what is going on with the rest of you?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Hi ladies, before I start to catch you all up with this past week I first have some unanswered questions from last week. Carolin, there was one for you regarding the open house at the school. Was it you who provided the RSVP hot lunch? (Carolin) No I am not catering the lunch. The open house was cancelled this week because of the snow and is scheduled for next Wednesday. Sunshine, what were you talking about with Mr. Sunshine??? O.K. now to this week. (Sunshine) Sorry, Cathy, I have no idea what you are referring to, I will have to go back and read last weeks post.

Great picture, how close was he? Do you have a really good zoom on your camera?
Hubby's home!!!!! Yeah!!!! He left Sunday night from Johannesburg, South Africa at 4:30pm their time and arrived home on Monday morning at 09:30am our time. The flight back was on a newer plane which had the personal entertainment in the seat backs. As the flight was not full he had space to stretch out and managed to sleep for four hours. He did watch four movies so he is all set for the Academy Awards!

This is just two of the pics Hubby took while away for work (sic!). The zebras and other animals just roam (for the most part) free. As they were driving to a work location, their driver stopped the car at the side of the road to point out the Zebras. Cool!

Hubby said the food was great, only no fruit and vegetables. So, this week I made: Jamaican Saturday beef soup, french onion soup, fish stew and leek and potato soup. Lots of vegetables and "fiber". Tonight is pizza night! Wouldn't of been easier to just make a salad? Just saying. We also had salad too; every night with soup and homemade 12 grain bread!

So we had our first snow day in two years this past Wednesday. Yes it was nice to be home but business is very, very good on bad weather days so I would of preferred to be at work. We in the Toronto area had been told about this blizzard of all blizzards headed our way since last Sunday. The media was crazy about this upcoming snow, so though we got snow I don't think it would of mattered how much we got it wouldn't of been enough as we were told to expect the worse. Now the media is all over the Toronto District School Board for closing schools (not just buses). And claiming TDSB was being irresponsible based on the amount of snow we got. I get so frustrated with the media. I think based on the information the media was giving us it was the correct call to close the schools. And considering it is the first time the school board has closed schools in TEN years, yes Ten years, I think we can let them off. If you have time to watch this spoof from CBC about the snow storm it is very funny.
I enjoyed the day off, It was the first time that myself and both the kids actually had a snow day together. I vote for more snow days.
It was hard to get back into the swing of things at work since I was off for about seven days due to exams and the snow day and a very few kids at school on the Tuesday. The good thing is that everyone at work is healthy and back to work. Nothing knew to report around here. Same old same old but sometimes that is just fine with me. I miss you girls and I hope that everyone is doing well. Cathy I am so happy that your hubby is back safe and sound, now if we could only keep mine at home for a while. I still can't figure out how to do that.

Carolin, if you are driving by the neighbourhood, then bring your knew car by for a spin, I would love to see it.

It is nice to see the CBC can make fun of it self. Well have a good one I need to go drive my new car on the snowy streets. New Car??????? Spill! Congrats, what kind of car is it?

Have a good week everyone!

Happy Super Bowl everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!