Friday, September 30, 2011

BODY MORPHOLOGY ::: Make AMAZING Happen!: Portioning cheat sheet!

BODY MORPHOLOGY ::: Make AMAZING Happen!: Portioning cheat sheet!: To eat well, you dont have to be a SLAVE to calories. Be wary of your sugar, sodium & fat content & make sure you're eating a workable amoun...

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Trying New Dynamic view

(Cathy) I just finished reading a few articles on the new look for Blogger. They are called, "Dynamic Views". You, our reader, can flip from 7 different looks on our blog. To try it you just have to click on the labels located at the top of the blog.

Here is a link to one article I read which summarizes the change.

Enjoy, play around with it and let us know what you think!


Monday, September 26, 2011

BODY MORPHOLOGY ::: Make AMAZING Happen!: Did someone say Pancakes!?

Hi everyone, this is a link to blog from my cousin's very good friend. I think there are a lot of posts we will find interesting!

Happy reading!!


BODY MORPHOLOGY ::: Make AMAZING Happen!: Did someone say Pancakes!?: Blueberry Cottage Cheese Pancakes This is a recipe I borrowed from my friend @committed_jay He's a superhero trainer down in AUS, and le...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Sunshine) Hello ladies, I hope that everyone is doing well.

(Cathy) Hi everyone! Sorry I am late! What did I do yesterday??? Hmmm, oh yeah, nothing. That is a problem. Terry, (the dog) and I watched the rain and had many thoughts of what we should be doing. I did make dinner. We had pasta with a saffron, wine, cream sauce with asagio cheese and grilled shrimp. Yummy! Tonight we are bbq'ing steak with a cesear salad and grilled veggies. Double yum!

Work is crazy busy. We were instructed to open the second cash this week which made everything even more hectic. The meanager is on the main cash and one of my co-workers is on the second cash, which insanely leaves only one person serving and me on continuous fry, baking and refilling of items and helping out serving when I can. What are you still frying? What a crazy tiring mess! Then to top it all off, I found out that the new girl is only getting $10.00/hr, not even minimum wage. She was not even aware of the fact that minimum wage in Ontario for adults is $10.25 per hour as of March 2010 and they have been underpaying her since that time. We encouraged her to stand up for herself and get the matter resolved. She did make a call and spoke to the person who hired her. He is the owner's son and he told her that was sorry and that it was a mistake and he would have to look into it and he would need to speak to his father to find out when he can put her increase through. When she asked for back pay, he apparently laughed and said he wishes that he could do that but it's not going to happen! Everyday I see the injustices with this company and it make me so mad. These women working for the company are just so thankful to have a job that they don't want to make any waves and they continue to be mistreated. What a horrible thing to take advantage of someone in such a cruel way! I wonder how many other women in the company are being underpaid and mistreated?Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Wow, that is not sounding like a good place. Hang in there Sunshine, I have a meeting on Sunday with a Salesman I hired to review a proposal for a new school. Our plan is to have it presented by Thanksgiving. And we will see from there. You can run that school's food services. It will be a piece of cake compared to what you have been dealing with. This all sounds great! I am so glad it's all working out. If I don't get my full-time status, maybe I'll come work for you!!!!! Work for me is busy, sales in the kitchen are up compared to what they were last year. As well as the regular work week I catered a breakfast and lunch for 220 women this morning. I hired 'the teenager' and a friend of hers to help out. Plus the teenager came in to the kitchen for 5 hours yesterday helping get everything prepared. As I was saying my goodbyes to the client, she asked me to send her a quote for another event, Nov 5th. It is a hor's d'oeurves and dessert event for 400 people! Of course, the teenager is "take it mom"! But, 400 is allot of people so I am going to think about and find out what exactly they want before I decide to take it or not.

Anyway, on to other things. Everyone else is doing well and busy with school and work. My sister is getting married next March and she is starting to get busy making all of the plans for the wedding. It was originally going to be a small wedding but now it has ballooned into something very big and lavish. I am so happy for her and her fiance. They deserve all the best that life has to offer. Unfortunately, her fiance's mom passed away this week so they have been dealing with a lot of sadness. They are feeling as though it is hard to find happiness and feel good when their life continues to be challenging in many, many ways. I hope that they can see the silver lining in the clouds. Please pass our condolences on to your sister and future brother in law. They have had a tough time. Let's hope and pray it's all good news from now on.

We are off to a banquet tonight for Freedom Village. http:// husbands nephew is at FV since January and will be at the banquet so we are going to support him. I am looking forward to sitting down and having someone else serve me!

Well, it is time for me to go put my feet up and read Saturday's paper for awhile. I am exhausted and it's only 3:00pm.

Enjoy your rest. You all deserved it. Did I tell you I discovered a new product for my hair? Its called, "Kinky Curley". It's awesome!! I am contemplating the BC, or the big chop. This will cut off all of the relaxed hair and leave me with only the new growth. I will have a really short hair cut if I do this so I think I will wait for more new growth before I cut!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Requiem for a Dream

(Cathy) Our oldest son came to us last night and asked if Hubby and I would like to watch a movie with him. It was titled: "Requiem for a Dream". I had never heard of it so I Googled it. It was a highly rated movie from the year 2000. It deals with addiction in a very real way. It is very, very disturbing. It is a great movie, worth all the praise and stars it has received. It is very hard to watch. Hubby and I are very glad we watched it with our son. We had a nice chat afterwards discussing our thoughts and opinions on addiction.

I think this movie should be required watching for all parents and their kids. It would never be able to be part of a high school curriculum due to it's "R" rating. There are disturbing scenes, but they are meant to be there. They tell the story. The movie tells the tale of four individuals and their fall into addiction and how it affects their lives. Some fall without even realizing it and that was scary! This is a movie that will stay with you and this is good for that means the message was received loud and clear!

There are many good links and reviews; take the time to read the link I provide here as it does a very good complete review.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) First week back at work is done! I am TIRED! I did make a huge decision which is a 180 turnaround for me. I put in a transfer to go from part-time to full-time. Wow! What have I done? Am I crazy or what? Life changed a bit this summer. It was another coming of age, family style. The boys are maturing and becoming more independent and Hubby and I are finding ourselves with more time. This is not a bad thing, It's just that we are finding it interesting as we now evolve from hand's on parenting to support parenting. (I hope that makes sense.) The boys are developing their own lives and we are watching (like a coach) from the sidelines. Instead of holding their hand and walking beside them, we now walk behind and support their decisions. Or in a lot of cases, offer up our opinions with explanations why they should rethink their decisions!! I can tell you it is not easy. In fact it is one of the hardest things we have ever had to do! Parenting is much easier when the children are younger and have no say! This becoming of age thing is very difficult. Knowing when to give advice or step in and knowing when to just shut up and let them fall. It's not instinctive yet to just "coach". Time and advice from our own parents and good friends help Hubby and I to keep from blowing our top and pulling our hair out! Wow, How do teens ever survive to adulthood? We all did, and boy, do I ever have more respect for my parents! If any of you have any advice for raising teenagers, please, please let us know. It's hearing stories from other people that makes us realize that we share in this journey. There is comfort in company. Thank-you!

(Sunshine) Another week down. it was very busy at work. we did get another girl on Tuesday and she seems really nice but I miss my buddy who is no longer working with us. They wanted to send her to another school but it's too far for her so now she is out of a job. I think that the Meanager wanted her gone so she found a way to make it happen. it's too bad that she has so much power because we lost a really good worker and a good friend. That said, the rest of the week was a little bit depressing. I am presently looking for another job with a similar schedule.

I had typed so much more but I lost it and I'm too tired to redo.

(Carolin) Welcome to my world ladies! I get the tired, I have been having a hard time falling a sleep this week then after hours I wake up and can't get back to sleep. Thursday night I was up till 3:00 am and today I woke up at 5:00 am. The positive thing is work is going well we are busy and sales were up this past week compared to last year this time. The family is off to a wedding tomorrow. The husbands niece is getting married should be a good time.

Sorry Sunshine work is not going so well I hope it works out for you. Well off to bed I go as I am tired. Keep your fingers crossed that I fall a sleep and stay a sleep.

Cathy I sympathize with the parenting issues. I feel that we have all spent many years teaching and leading by example. As long as the always act with integrity then I say let them spread their wings and sit back and watch them fly!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

Sunshine. I am typing on the IPad so I am not exactly sure how everything works so far. It's been a crazy busy week with the start of the school year as well as work. We have been short one girl all week long. I have no idea when they are going to fill the position but I can tell you that I am exhausted. The new legislation is challenging and very time consuming. I have worked late everyday and I have been late to pick up the girls all week long. I really don't get paid enough for all this craziness. (Carolin) When she says the new legislation she means the Ontario Healthy Food Act. This act restircts the types of food that can be sold in and on School property. No fried food, no candy, regular pop (soda for our American readers) high sodium foods etc.

The girls have started school and so far everything looks pretty good. Everyone is relatively happy with their teachers. I know that the year will just fly buy.

Cathy, we had a great time at the la purest(?) (??) weekend get together. Every time we get together I realize how much I misss hanging out with you girls. Thanks so much Cathy to you and your family for having us over. It was a lot of fun and the food was great.

Sunshine, you did a good job with the Ipad! I have to go back to work this weekend. On Sunday, Sept. 11th. I bet flights will be delayed due to extra security. We are also having a bridal shower for my cousin on Sunday. Mom and Dad and my sister and family are all staying over so we can all clean the house and cook! It will be a lot of fun! (Have fun and glad its not me!)

We had a great time last Sunday! It's always good when we get together and as it just doesn't happen as often anymore it makes it all the more special!

School has started. Good luck to one and all for a great year and Sunshine, I agree, it will fly by!

As you have read many times school has begun for another year and so had work. I had a great week my school cafeteria sales were double what they were last year this time. I had a new girl start and we will have to see how it goes.

I had canceled our church Small group Friday night as it seemed not everyone could make it. But one of the women didn't get the email and came anyway. We had a great evening just catching up from our summers and laughing about life. It was a great unexpected Friday night.

I am last blogging this week as it is almost midnight on Saturday. I have been out since 10:30 AM. Myself, mom, uncle and two aunts met up downtown Toronto. And spent the day at the Cabbagetown Festival. I always enjoyed the day, chatting, laughing and just hanging with the old folks! Well we will find out if any of the family reads the blog because of my last comment. :)

Over all it has been a good week, kids are back to school, teenager likes her university classes over all and the little one is getting used to a new routine now that she is in Junior High.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Wow! Here we are at the last weekend of the summer! I have to admit that this is not my favourite weekend. I enjoy having the kids around, (even if I complain about the mom taxi thing, lol!) One thing that we do look forward to is actually getting together with all of us ladies and our families. We have been getting together every labour day weekend for about four years now, I think. When summer starts we always think we have so much time to see each other and get together and go places. Summer is only eight weeks long. (Really six weeks if you factor in the end of school stuff and the back to school stuff.) I am always amazed at how fast time keeps flying by. One must really live each day to the fullest! Is that even possible? How can you live each day to the fullest without being selfish? When would we sleep?

Well, ladies, how does two o'clock this Sunday sound? Will there be a Risk rematch? What about Rumoli or Phase 10? The weather is up and down for Sunday, but, we'll still have a good time!

(Carolin) I got the craziest phone call from Cathy this week. It was after dinner and I was washing dishes, I pick up the phone only cause I forgot to look at the call display as I was enjoying myself singing to my new Barbra Streisand CD. Cathy is on the other end and she is in a snit ( I know this as there was no chit chat). She asks me to tell her if I think she is a 'know it all'. I asked her where this was coming from and after I repeated the question a few times she finally says "she is having an argument with her husband". I then told her I refuse to get in the middle and would not answer the question. She got even more mad, so not only was she mad at her husband now she is in a snit with me.

So why did I not answer the question you ask. If I agreed with her husband and said "yes she is a know it all" She would then be mad at both of us and if I answered "no". Then the husband would say "well of course Carolin would say that she is a women and your friend" So I felt I was dammed if I did or not. Also we would all be getting together this weekend and I didn't want to be involved in their fight, I just want to show up eat and drink, maybe have a few laughs. NO DRAMA! I have enough with my own family Thank you very much.

Also bloggers between you and me I didn't want to talk on the phone as I was enjoying myself washing the dishes and sing the duet 'You don't bring me flowers' with Babs.

(Cathy) So, that's why you didn't answer the question!!! I knew you would answer as you did and that's why I called you. I needed some, how do you say, time to count to ten to put things back into perspective!!!! Things are good now with everyone so no need to worry about anything but having a good time on Sunday.

Where is Sunshine??? (Sunshine) Sorry ladies I forgot it was Friday yesterday, so I forgot to blog. Cathy and Carolin you both make me laugh and I am looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. This week Mr Sunshine has been off for most of the week on vacation and he has been working on putting hardwood floor in our bedroom. The prep work is almost done but I will be impressed if we can get back into our bedroom by the end of the month. It is a really big job. As for school and work all I can say is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.........

Have a safe weekend, everyone!