Friday, July 30, 2010

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) So, how has my week been? Mom is at home and I have to say is looking better than she did beforehand. It's funny that hindsight is 20/20. As we talk and think she now is figuring that the tiredness she was feeling must have been due to the internal bleeding she wasn't aware of! She also felt a bit of "heartburn" after eating. Dehydration was also a problem. We laugh now because she was so pumped with blood and various fluids at the hospital her skin looks great! I told her she needs to keep the fluids up. (not the blood part) Both the doctor at the hospital and our family doctor told her to go on as per normal. It's like it never happened. She can eat and drink anything. She was taking a baby aspirin and that's the only thing that has been stopped. So, life goes on......
Our older son has finished his summer school math course and in a few weeks will start his NLS course, (national life guarding society). He gets bored in the summer and likes to keep busy. The younger one is off to his yearly camp week up in the wilderness up north. (actually, Haliburton Scout Reserve). He loves it. I think this year they will be sleeping under the stars... no tent. I am trying not to think of the bears and everything else. We send him off with hugs and kisses and wait for the week to end. It's a long week! He always has a great time and it's the highlight of his summer.
Cathy, we are all so happy that your mom is doing so well. Its been an interesting week. I have spent most of my time going to cardiologist and cardio rehab appointments with my dad. He is also scheduled for an angio something procedure in a week or so. It is fun spending time with him but it is hard to see him looking so weak. I know we spoke on the phone earlier this week and you told me about your dad. I have come to realize that we are at a point in our lives were the tables have turned and we are now the responsible ones. I mean, we had the scare with my mom, your dad has some tests to take and I know it will all be ok!!!! My girlfriend in Calgary is having a very difficult time with her father. He needs care and she is working so hard at trying to find the best solution. She writes about it all on her blog, It is amazing the amount of back and forth she has to deal with. It's so hard. It's so hard to do what needs to be done and try not to think of being a little kid. We are now looking after our parents and our families and working and....... I think our generation has been nicknamed the "sandwich generation". It's so true!
(Carolin) Glad your mom is improving nicely.

So, I am completing week four of camp and am tired. I have had a frustrating week. Gonzo had her baby on Tuesday (yeah!) a boy who's name is Samuel. All of camp is happy with the name Samuel and not what her three year old wanted to call him. Tractor Bam!

I am feeling the frustration of dealing constantly with teenagers. Now of course the funny part is I decided to work at camp to get away from a teenager. Not one of my smarter plans. I am getting tired of the selfishness and constant complaining. Oh well, three weeks to go. One thing I have learned is my teenager is not crazy and her father and I are good parents and raised her well.(We could have told you that!) I know this because she is no different than the thirty teenagers I spend my days with this summer. All of them are NUTS!

I am off tomorrow after breakfast and think I will take Abbey into Belleville for the day, maybe see a movie.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

That Running Guy: Brand New Machine in Kingston...Steve's home

(Cathy) I have posted this link to my cousin Chris's blog. It has the link to a page in a Jamaica newpaper with a bit about my cousin Steve........ nice life, eh!!!!

That Running Guy: Brand New Machine in Kingston...Steve's home

Friday, July 23, 2010

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) I have been hearing all week on the radio about rain. I am actually looking forward to rain as the garden could use with a good soaking. I have even held off on doing laundry because I would look outside and see the ominous clouds and smell the rain and think the storm was imminent. Even this morning it looked nasty out as I drove to work and it has turned out to be a beautiful day! I think we must have a glass bubble over us as on the weather reports they talk about rain around us... just not on us!

I think I am slowly getting used to being without Hubby during the week. I find I am getting more done. I am not as cranky and I am sleeping better. Hubby has a short work week and we are excited to have him home from Thursday night!

Here's my garden report: the tomatoes are starting to ripen and the green been are being harvested and eaten raw by my older son. I might not be able to gather enough for a meal but that's ok as he loves to go into the garden and look for the ripe beans and eat them right then and there. We have eaten the first set of radishes and if we want more I'll need to plant more seeds, (where is that to do list???). This year instead of planting sweet bell peppers I tried Sheppard peppers and so far so good. I think we will eat some green and leave some to ripen to red. I will try to collect seed from a ripe one near the end of the season. The main gardening tasks are still just pruning and deadheading and weeding. I can spend hours doing this. I tried with the radio and with my Ipod, however, I find I like to garden with just me, myself and I with the sounds of nature, (and the occasional car horn) surrounding me.
(Sunshine) Gardening can take up so much time. I can spend time weeding and making things look good but soon after it all looks messy again. It is kind of like house work, it is endless.
It's been a bit of everyone not feeling well this week, since the weekend. Stomach and digestion problems for all if you know what I mean. But we are finally all now starting to feel a little bit better.
(Carolin) I have read what Cathy was originally going to talk about gardening and everyday life in general. But the funny thing with life is it will shake us up without a moments notice. Just as we were ready to chat and catchup, Cathy's mom was rushed to the hospital. I have been talking to Sunshine through email and trying to stay caught up. At this time we don't know much but when we do we will keep everyone posted.
Camp life is moving along. I am tired all the time but things are good. I have a good team in the kitchen and am at the point were I can give them a job and they can go with it with minimal help from me. I am getting pretty efficient with the commercial steamer and even cooked sausage in it today. It is nice as it doesn't heat the kitchen up like the ovens do. Anyway talk soon, Carolin
(Cathy) I know this was supposed to be posted on Friday, however, it is now Saturday. Mom is going to be ok! Thanks be to God! She had a bleeding ulcer which they have cauterized. They think it was caused by some of her medications she is on. It took them a while to let us know and it was a while to wait for the scoping procedure which would confirm the initial diagnosis. She is probably going to be there another day or two as they have to get her back on solid food and make sure all the bleeding has stopped. Whew! Really, really scary, but now all will be good. Thank-you to one and all for your prayers.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I have now completed two full weeks at camp and am exhausted.

Last night during the campers last chapel of the week there was this moment. You know the moments when you just know God is in the room. It was beautiful and brought tears to my eyes.

The pastor who spoke for the week had finished talking about his son Ben who passed away last August. It was touching because though I never met Ben I new his brother from camp and and worked with him for two summers. Also The Teenager had been receiving weekly emails on Ben's progress through out the year of his illness. Ben and his family have been in my prayers for a long time. And it was nice to meet more of the family. Anyway this weeks camp theme was Hero's and the Pastor spent much time talking about everyday hero's and hero's in the bible as well as what we know about heaven.

Last night he again talked about heaven and then he played a video of his son Ben telling his church family his testimony and I guess in a way saying goodbye. As Ben died ten days later.

After the video is was quite and then Jacob (Ben's brother) started playing his guitar and sing. As he sang one of the younger campers got up and just started to dance. It appeared like she was floating around the front of the group. She was totally oblivious to the staff and campers watching her. She was just filled with joy of the Lord and the music moved her. It was one of the most beautiful moments I have witnessed in a long time.

It is these moments that make the long days and exhaustion worth it. To have a chance to watch the staff (teenagers themselves) share there love of the lord and influence these children.

God is Good

Friday, July 16, 2010

Catch Up Fridays

(Carolin) Camp life is moving along. We are in our second week but first week with campers. I don't have much interaction with the campers just staff and LITs. It is a busy week as I am cooking for a large group. Also we have day campers that we feed lunch to. So we have two seatings for lunch. Thankfully another adult Sharon is here for the week to help. We have worked together before and I really like her. We also have a couple of girls who are confident in the kitchen and I have given them the job of desserts. Over all the staff (teenagers) and LIT's are good they just need a lot of instruction. Which can be hard for me as what is in my head does not always come out of my mouth clearly! They haven't learned to read my brain yet! The camp director Gonzo ( you remember me talking about her last year) is very pregnant. She is due in two weeks and this heat is very hard on her right now. Well that's about it for now from cook Carolin chat soon. (Cathy) How is Abby doing? Do you get a chance to interact with her often? Have you been getting the storms there that seem to have missed us all week long. I was speaking with Hubby, (who is working in Sarnia), and he said that they have had big storms on and off all week long. I was also reading my girlfriends blog, She lives in Calgary and they have had all different kinds of weather there. She is really a trooper as she will exercise in any kind of weather! I exercise vicariously through her, lol!

So, what have I done all week. Work was ok. I was at work and sitting at our customer service desk. I have to set the scene. I am now working with the small commuter planes. Flights of two hours or less. Our area is a single story , long corridor with doors opening onto the tarmac. There is no bridge for these flights. Passengers walk outside on the tarmac directly to the plane. There are windows everywhere. Following the access to this area, it's quite obvious that it's a long corridor. A passenger approaches our desk and asks where the elevator is to get to her gate. We advise her that her gate is just further along down the corridor. She confirms that she sees the sign for the gate, however, the arrow is pointing up, so she again asks how to get up?!!! I tell you it takes a very strong will not to laugh! I think I almost bit a hole in my tongue! It's never a dull day working with the public!
(Sunshine) I have spent most of my week just cleaning up the house. My living room now looks like a living room and no longer a tool room. That took my days to move it all down stairs and organize it all in the furnace room but it was well worth it. Now, we have no excuse as to why we can't finish the hardwood in the living room and paint it. It would be great to have that room done by the end of the year. I have also been doing a lot of work outdoor and it was so much work and really over grown. I finally had someone in to trim all the trees and he was here working for three days. It looks a lot neater but also much sparser. We will have to be patient and wait for things to grow in. Mr Sunshine's cosine is visiting from Vancouver. We had a big get together for her. It was a house full of people and lots of fun. She has two small kids and so did her friend, all under 5 years old. I forgot what it was like taking care of a bunch of really small kids, its been a while. I was laughing to think that we looked like that, running after our kids and looking compeltelly frazzled. I think that they couldn't wait to get them all to sleep.
It was nice to see everyone and especially the Vancouver people because we only get to see them once a year.

Have a great weekend.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

What's Up?

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!!!! (Cathy) It's now Sunday! Sunshine and I were talking and we have decided to post only once a week for the summer. Even though it's summer vacation for the kids, we find we are busier than when the kids were in school. I have not had time to go on the computer to even check my e-mails!

Its been a little bit rainy today so most of the day has been spent indoors. No complaints though because the relentless heat has kept us indoor as well. At least today its a bit cooler. Another trip to the emergency room for Miss Teen Sunshine and another sprained ankle. Well, at least nothing was broken this time. Never a dull moment around here. It must be summer if Miss Teen Sunshine has a sprain!!! What happened? I hope it's not too serious and she will be on her own two feet soon!
Little Miss Sunshine has been registered for a cake decorating coarse and she is thrilled. The only thing is that because of her young age, mummy must take the coarse with her. Well at least it was cheap, $28.00 per person. However, there is always a catch, we need to purchase a bunch of supplies that are on the list. I am not sure what the cost of those will be so far. It will make for a busy but fun time in August. Ask her if she will make a cake for our annual Labour Day Sunday get together!
Mr Sunshine is on his way home from a three day trip in New York. He was suppose to be home hours ago but the first flight was cancelled and the next flight was delayed due to lightening. We all hope that he make it home sometime tonight. I work for an airline and I am always surprised that most people think it's easier to fly in the summer. It's actually harder to keep a schedule in the summer because of all of the thunder storms and lightening.
As for me, I am doing a lot of work around the house both inside and outside. There is an endless amount of things to do and when I am not busy with that, the kids activities take up the rest of my time. It has been really nice though being home and having time to take care of things that need taking care of. I am usually up very early and do somethings around the house but the difference is that on some days if nothing is planned I can go back to bed and have a little nap for a while. I miss that very much. Being home with the girls is an added bonus, I really enjoy it a lot. I do however miss a steady pay cheque, it was nice to have just a little extra cash for a while. I am sure that September will be here soon,(???) we are already half way through July. Where do the hours go?
We would like to thank all of our readers and wish everyone a healthy, happy, summer! Please stop by our blog once a week to catch up on the happenings with us ladies! Once the kids are back to school we will resume our regular weekly posts.
Have a great weekend everyone, I hope that everyone is doing well.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursdays on the Bench

(Cathy) Hi everyone, here's a question. I was speaking with someone at work and we were discussing social networking and blogging. The question asked concerned our perceived, "freedom of speech". Do we have it? It seems, and I have to do more research, that when we write it down and publish for the public we give up our right to freedom of speech. It seems that people can (and are) being prosecuted over "opinions" written for all to see in places like MSN, Facebook and personal blogs! Again, I need to research more, however, I think at first glance I think it's a correct assumption.
(Sunshine) I don't know much about how that all works but I would hope that if someone is being prosecuted for what they voice on a "private" page it is because what they say may possibly lead to something that they would do that would be in direct harm of others. We have been blogging our opinions for a long time now and who really cares, however, if I decide one day to actually go for a job that would put me in a position to make decisions for others in this country then I would assume that what my opinions are would matter greatly. Sometimes by reading someone's thoughts you can get a clue as to whether or not they are all there or are their thoughts skewed and have they been twisted by some circumstance in their lives that would make them make bad decisions? If we could peek into the minds of criminals for instance would we see something and would we be able to prevent a possible attack? There are stories of elaborate plans being put on the computer of devious acts that were later played out, what if someone was listening, could things have ended differently?
You've got a point there. I do believe that there are agencies that do check for keywords on the Internet and do check out the source. There is just so much out there. I did google free speech on the Internet and I did pull up various cases that were fought out in the court system. There were also a lot of articles from university students regarding free speech on the Internet. I did also read the article on Canada's freedom of speech. There is a lot of lawyer speak, however, I believe that at the base of it we still do have "freedom of expression" both on the Internet and off.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Bench Talk - Is this Hot Toronto Weather a direct result of global warrming?

(Sunshine) The heat wave is on. It was a high of about 38 degrees Celsius today and the rest of the week looks to be just as hot. Is global warming the reason for such warm temperatures? Our summers and winters have changed and sometimes the fall and spring seasons seem to be much shorter then I remember. I love Canada and the four distinct seasons that we have is one of the things that I enjoy most about where we live. (Cathy) It's funny that as we get older we talk about how much the weather has changed from when we were young! We all do it! I start many conversations by saying, "I remember when I was young the summer (or winter) was ... I do believe the world weather patterns have changed. I have read that as weather patterns have only been tracked for about one hundred years, it's not known if this is a change or just a normal cycle of weather. O.K., here goes, I remember summers when I was young when there was not one soul outside except us kids. We would build tents out of old bed sheets and clothes pegs and lawn chairs. Someone's mom would make us a lunch of peanut butter and jam sandwiches and milk with an apple. We would play with our Barbies or read comic books or play cards. We were outside all day. I think we would even fall asleep in our tents for an afternoon nap! Can you remember the buzzing sound when it was super hot out? I used to think it was the power lines vibrating, however, and I think it was Sunshine who told me, that it's actually the cicadas making the noise.
Summers were hot and long and simple. We ate lunch at whomevers home we were closest to. We ate homemade popsicles made from kool-aid and splashed in a blowup pool to keep cool.

So, is this heat we are experiencing a result of global warming? I'm sure the pollution in our atmosphere has a lot to do with it. I'm just glad we are actually having a summer and not a long wet spring like last year. (I hope I didn't just jinx it!).

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Honorary Sharpie

It is day my second day on shift. I am not a nervous as I was yesterday. But not feeling totally comfortable yet. Once I stepped into the kitchen my supervisor Jay asked to speak to me privately. Oh No! what did I do, I must of been to bossy last night or even worse he is shoving me in the salad pit. Its not that the pit is so bad it is just I was hoping to learn as much as I could throughout the kitchen and being down in the pit you are on your own and there is not much interaction with the kitchen.

So I follow him to the office (prep walk-in cooler number 3) and he starts to talk. Now you need to know I am not good with accents and the fact that he is a good 2 1/2 feet taller then me mixed with his Australian accent makes it very difficult understand just what he is saying to me. But the gist of what I got was I have been promoted to Salad Bar lead and I will have a group of staff to help me. He may of said more but all I remember is thinking "whew I am not in the pit". Jay handed me my very own Sharpie in a shade of green of course and then we made our way to the kitchen pre shift pep talk.

The Chef gave me a nod in which I nodded back (not sure what that all meant but I am all for the nod). Chef Tom then introduced me to the crew and we picked a team, I let him do the picking as I really didn't know anyone.

The shift went well, very busy, major learning curve, but we made it through. At the end of the shift during our post pep talk, I was asked to come up with a team name, nicknames and a cheer. What the heck was that about I am not sure. Something to stress over.

At this point very few know that I know Mr. Sunshine. Which is good with me but I know it wont last, soon word will spread soon.

Catch up Fridays

(Sunshine)Wow, Summer Vacation has actually started. Finally all the family is home and the weather is so beautiful what else can I ask for. All I really want to do is relax and enjoy. Carolin was right that after working the full year, there is an even greater appreciation for vacation.

There is however, still much to do around the house. There are endless things on the honey do list and even the amount of daily chores is unending. Not to mention what has to be done in the garden and around the house on the exterior. We could work forever and still never be finished. Oh well, I am sure that everyone feels the same way.

Eclipse (the third movie in the Twilight Saga opened last Wednesday) was fantastic according to Miss Teen Sunshine. I am hoping to see it sometime soon as well.

The summer calender is already full. There is so much happening every weekend and before we know it, September will be here. How can it be that time passes by so quickly?
(Carolin) The weather is great and it does feel like we have finally entered summer. Sunshine if you ever get overwhelmed with the work at your house just come on over and do some at my house. I have started packing for my and the little ones summer away at camp. We put our home telephone on vacation for the next three months and if we don't miss it we will cancel it.

I went to day to get my hair done, cut, coloured and highlights. Had to do something to hide the grey! I was expecting it to take two hours and then my family (excluding the teenager) where heading over to Sunshine's for a swim and BBQ. The husband and little one went over and I told them I would meet them. Finally after 4 hours (!!!!) my hair was done and I headed over and of course had to listen to much ribbing from Mr. Sunshine. My recommendation is not to go to the hairdressers when the World Cup games are on. He kept putting my under the hairdryer so he could watch more of the game. Then at one point he turned my chair so he could have a better view of the tv. Lets say by the end of the 4 hours I was about to lose it! I was hungry, had to pee, and I could give two hoots about the soccer games!

We had a nice time at the Sunshine's, the two younger girls were in the pool the for hours and hours. We had a nice dinner and good conversation. Then Mr. Sunshine started a fire and the girls roasted marshmallows. Just when the mosquitoes started to feast we went in side and watched a movie. Percy Jackson and the lightening bolt, or something like that. It was pretty good, a little too intense for the little one but I think the teenager would of loved it. It is about Greek Gods and fantasy and such, wright up her alley. Of course at times it was hard to hear the movie with Mr. Sunshine's snoring!

Mr. Sunshine and The Husband are trying to figure out a way for my to have Internet connection on the laptop from my blackberry. Mr. Sunshine called one company that said it could be done, then The Husband called our provider and they said it couldn't. So I think they have some more work to do. The point of this is so I can take the laptop with me to camp and still blog, and of course pay the household bills!
Have a great weekend all, see you in September Cathy.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday's on the bench

HAPPY CANADA DAY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Sunshine)Today was a day for just hanging out. We did some gardening and cleaning and then we just hung out in the back yard. Mr Sunshine and Teen Sunshine are finally back and we were just happy to be together as its been a long stretch. I saw Caroline yesterday and she looked really good. I am sure that she must still be very tired but I have to say that it didn't show a bit. We went to a Greek restaurant for dinner as it was Mr Sunshine's birthday pick and it was really good. What greek restaurant did you go to?The remainder of the day was spent relaxing and watching movies and some tv. I hope that everyone had a great day.

Cathy may not be joining us for our posts for today and tomorrow as she is away at the cottage. Well Cathy, the good thing is that the weather for the weekend is shaping up quite nicely. Have a great time.

(Carolin) Happy Birthday Canada! Well I hope most Canadians had a day of family, food and fun. At our house we did NOTHING! The husband worked the afternoon shift, I did laundry and the teenager worked as well. The little one just hung around. Our cat Duster came to the back door with a baby rabbit in his mouth, so most of the afternoon was spent with the two girls trying to be vets. Yes they used one of my better tea towels, and a drinking glass and spoons. Lets say I wasn't to happy.

My body is still having a hard time returning to my old timetable. I seem to be up latter then normal and then sleep in late in the morning. Also I am tired all day. Had to have a nap today, I woke up to a friend of the teenager playing the piano. It was nice to hear the piano being played as it should be.

I hope Cathy is having a nice time at the cottage, the weather is great this weekend! I have started to pack for my next adventure. Have a good one all!

To Serve and Protect

Originally posted June 19, 2010

I made it through my first shift. Remember I said I started at 1:00 pm and we finished at 12:45 PM. I got one 20 minutes break to eat some dinner. But I guess after working with the food and seeing, smelling it nothing looked all that appetizing. I have been trying to stay away from anything I know is processed food which is hard as I know who the supplier of the product is. I have been eating a lot of salad and drinking a lot of water. I haven't had a Diet Coke since last Monday! I sent Sunshine a text asking her to tell Mr. Sunshine if he goes home to bring me some. But I doubt it. I see Mr. Sunshine in passing but that is about it. If I get a chance to talk to him I am to tell him his family loves and miss him and I am also to tell him Lisa from the RCMP says thanks and the food is great. Which I of course was very friendly to her but thought to myself. What the heck does Mr. Sunshine got to do with the food taste! Shouldn't the compliment go to the 20 people in the kitchen working 10 - 16 hour days. But just to make everyone happy MR. SUNSHINE, LISA FROM THE RCMP SAYS THANKS AND THE FOOD IS GREAT!

So my shift was long and I spent the night prepping for the 4 salad bars. Doing a lot of running back and forth up and down stairs. Which I am sure I will pay for in a day or two. I had a massive headache all night which didn't help matters. Just before the Salad Bar supervisor guy left he came to me and we had a 2 minute chat. He said he was moving me tomorrow to the front to keep the salad bars full and will get someone else to do the prep. :( I don't want to work the front as it is BORING. I don't know if he was frustrated with me cause he asked me to get some cherry tomatoes and I couldn't find them and then when I turn around he had the box in his hand. I felt like an idiot. Or if I didn't chop fast enough some of these guys are real fast. But I found it real hard while wearing some stupid cut resisent glove and a latex glove over top which where both way to big. Oh Well it is only for 10 more days. Suck it up princess!

At the end of our shift while outside waiting for our bus to take us back to our beds. We say many police officers (not on duty, nor in uniform) staggering around. They were drunk beyond drunk, in some cases they could barely stand up! I was a little shocked by there behaviour as they have the guns and who was protecting who.

G8 Summit hours before my shift

Origanly posted June 18/10

I am sitting in the lobby of the camp the food services staff are staying at. I should be working on my contract agreement with the school. I have done a little of it but really need to finish it, procrastinating.

My shift starts in two and half hours but the bus will pick me up at noon and it is a 40 minute ride to TAF (Temporary Area Facility, i think that's it) also known as the Quarry. I am looking forward to seeing it as so far the fire department, Head of the OPP, VP and Project Manager, and Managers of Aramark, Chefs have all come to speak to us as a group and tell us what to expect. I think myself as well as many others are ready to just get this thing going. Some staff started yesterday, I would of liked to have started then as they were not at full capacity yet. Today will be full capacity (over 5000 RCMP,OPP, Fire personal etc) So I will be trying to figure out what I am to do while being at full tilt. Pray for me! I hope to be very busy as that will help make the shift go faster and hopefully I wont feel the fact that I am working way past my bedtime. I am figuring I wont get to bed tonight till close to 4:00 in the morning.

We have had so much training this past two days but not on any of the actually work we will be doing. So I can tell you how to read a chemical label, food handling(already have that certification) harassment in the workplace, how to lift a box, what to do in case of a emergency (fire) that one was the most helpful and the Fireman was quick and funny. We spent an hour yesterday learning what flag belongs to what country????? And then had candy tossed at us????? We learnt what countries Aramark works in and all there different divisions, once again???? We had one afternoon where we broke into groups and the head chef came and talked to us about a little of what to expect. That was helpful but then of course made me more anxious.

Security is pretty tight around camp we must wear our ID badges at all times. There is security all around the camp. And next week we are to have a group of Fireman coming and staying with us. Cathy aren't wishing you were here now!

So far all the people I have meet have been very nice and we have had a nice time. I heard that some people where taken home last night but I am not sure if they were sick or was another issue. But I am sure this is to be expected and that is why they hired 200 of us.

That's it for now I will try to blog each day if I can. I would love to add pictures but at this time we can't take pictures at TAF and I am not really supposed to say exactly where we are located. The bus driver who drove us up from Toronto didn't even know who we were. He was told by his employer that he was driving a group of north for a retreat. So he was a little surprised when he found out that we were G8 staff. Don't worry it wasn't me spilling the beans!

G8 Summit

I was asked to remove the following posts about my adventures at the G8 Summit. Now that the G8 is over I am free to post what I like. Below is the first post. This post was orginaly written June 18/10

I am now finally up at the G8 summit. The cooking staff (about 200 of us) are staying at a beautiful resort like camp in Muskoka. At this time I can't name the resort but after the summit I will add a link.

We arrived yesterday morning in the cold and rain. We spent the afternoon in training and getting our job titles and uniforms. I have been very fortunate as I was first off the bus so I didn't have to wait for my security pass or room. I again have been fortunate to have a great roommate and have met some very nice people. Yes I am the mom in the group but it hasn't been to bad. Today we woke up to great weather with lots of sun shine. We were in training up till 4:00 pm today but then had the rest of the day to explore. We spent some time down at the lake and I even got some sun. Went for some walks exploring the grounds. I have even been trying to get school and summer camp work done.
I will start officially working in the kitchen tomorrow. My shift is 3:00 pm till 1:30 am. Not sure what I am doing just told general help. I hope to learn lots of new stuff. We have had drilled into us the enormity of our job. Every time they tells us how many people we will be cooking for it grows. Last number I heard today was 4000 - 5500 people three meals a day! That is over 12000 meals a day!!!!!! I am anxious to start but also very nervous. It seems things change constantly. Like just now Mr. Sunshine just came in the lounge where I am typing and asked me to start at 1:00 pm instead of 3:00 and still work till 1:30 am. I think it is just for tomorrow as I am to tell the head chef the name of the guy I am replacing. Not sure what happen to him and I don't know who it is.
Well it is after 10:00 pm so I should get some sleep. When I can get back on line I will have more stuff to tell you about what it is like at TAF.