Friday, June 24, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

OK, I'm back! I seem to have been absent from our blog for almost two weeks! I was told today by both Carolin and Sunshine that I had better get back on track and back to blogging! Well, I think I did make two posts about my all too short strike! (an interesting experience which I hope I never have to repeat!). I also remember making a comment on another post. (Sunshine) Yes Cathy, but you were MIA on our Fridays Cathy Up posts. I am happy that you are back.

So, today Sunshine invited both Carolin and myself over for brunch. It was lovely. Both Sunshine and Carolin made quiche and there was salad and sauteed mushrooms and spanokopita. Sunshine made a cracker cake. (you will have to wait for her to tell you about it). I thought we might have had time to blog, however, we just spent our time enjoying each others company. Miss Teen Sunshine also joined us. I promised to set up and blog when I came home. I got all caught up in house work and laundry and philosophical discussions with my older son. It was great to see you girls. We are always so busy with kids, jobs, family and lives so its nice to try and squeeze in a little time for each other. Now to the cracker cake. It is made with alternating layers of unsalted soda crackers, vanilla pudding and whipping cream. On the very top layer you would put on your favourite pie filling. I am not fond of pie filling as I find it too sweet so I just layered on fresh strawberries. Then you put it in the fridge, ideally over night so that it gets cold and every thing sets. Its easy and tasty. (Carolin) It was good but I had this feeling the whole time that I should have a bowl of soup to go with my crackers.

Here is a report on my Twenty One Days...... my back still hurts! I find this very annoying as I miss the good feelings from working out. I am trying not to be stupid and am taking my time by easing my way back to my exercise routine. I am sorry that you are in such pain Cathy. (I don't really know how I changed the font but I like it). Once again Sunshine you clicked on the 'i' button at the top of blog beside the 'b' and the font colour pallet.

On a last note about my picketing experience, I think I am finally free from my mind reminding me of the songs, chants and car horns of solidarity! We saw bits of our tentative agreement and it is not a pretty sight! I am not sure what is going to happen. What I do know is this present federal government has set a precedent with worker across our nation. We have no rights! Workers no longer have the right to fair and just bargaining as companies can just sit and wait for the back to work legislation! I fear for the loss of the middle class! That really doesn't sound good at all. I think it is wrong that you where ordered back to work by the government. You are not an essential service. And if the company is loosing money cause you are not working then shouldn't that be a incentive to get back to bargaining. You all know I am not a big union fan but there are times when they are necessary to protect workers and the governments heavy handiness lately with unions (which is ultimately voters) will end up backfiring on them.

Well it has been my first week off of work and I really need a relaxing day. All week has been busier then ever. I am been cleaning and reorganizing the closets. Wow, what a job. Then there has been soccer games, exams and catching up with various friends. Next week is starting to fill up and be busier then this week. I guess better busy then having nothing to do. I don't know,I think there something to be said to having a day of not going or doing anything.

I too have been off work this week but just as Sunshine the week has been busy with this and that. I went out on Tuesday with a friend to drive around and look at houses as her family is planning to move. We saw some very nice big in your face houses as her house buying budget is 1.5 - 2 million dollars!! It was hard for me as I drove her around to different neighborhoods as all I could think was really? REALLY???? A family of 4 needs 4 - 5000 square feet house, and to spend that much money. Yes I agree having a nice home is a good thing but couldn't you buy something under 1000,000.00 and use the rest to benefit others. I guess I think what ever I want as I don't think I will ever afford that amount for a house or really anything.

I left Sunshine's and then headed over to school as today is the last day of school for the little one. Also it is the last day of her elementary school days. Next September she starts grade six and junior high. In the elementary division they have this last day of school tradition in which all the kids board the school buses (regardless if you take the bus or not), some of the buses are decorated with flags and streamers. Then the drivers circle the parking lot 4-5 times honking there horns as the kids sing and cheer the last day of school. Parents and school staff are all out side waving and laughing. It brings a tear to my eye every year. And this one is our last bus circle. Bloggers do you know of any other schools that do something special like this? I have asked the staff how this tradition started but know one really knows it just has always been.

Have a wonderful summer everyone!!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Catch up Fridays

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Cathy, Happy Birthday to you.................Hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable birthday Cathy.

(Sunshine) What a crazy week. I am so glad that the weekend is finally here. Work has been busy. We are finally done but the extra cleaning has made things extra busy. Little Miss Sunshine has soccer two nights a week and Mr Sunshine has just returned from his week long trip to Philadelphia. I had my Food Handling training course today. It was held in down town Toronto from 9:00am to 3:30pm. There was so much information and a lengthily test at the end which will be marked by an independent group and I suppose we will be notified with the results at a later date. It was like taking tests from when we were in school. We had the booklet and a separate answer sheet where we had to shade in the correct answer. I hope that I did ok. Most of it was common sense and things that I already knew but there were some tricky questions in there as well. Some of the ladies there could not read or wright English. It must have been very challenging for them. I did see one of the instructors reading the questions for one of the ladies and asking for the her answer and shading it in for her.

This weekend is also jam packed. Off to Ancaster for Fathers Day Celebration with Mr Sunshine's side of the family tomorrow morning bright and early. Oh yes I almost forgot I have to make sushi in the morning before we leave at 8:00am. Then at 2:00 little Miss Sunshine has a birthday party back in our area and Miss Teen Sunshine starts work at 3:30. While we are in the area we will pick up Dad and back to our house for Fathers Day Celebration with my side of the family. I think that I will make beef bourginion. Pick up Little Miss Sunshine at 5:00 from the party and pick up Miss Teen Sunshine at 12:30 from work and drop dad and his girlfriend back off again..

Sunday is breakfast and then take Miss Teen Sunshine to work and Mr Sunshine and Little Miss Sunshine are off to the MMVA's. She is so excited as they are being hosted by Celina Gomez. Let me see who else is performing, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and many others. I guess that while they are having fun I will be doing house work and picking up Miss Teen Sunshine at work. The good thing about all of this is that I am off on Monday. Work has officially ended for the season and I am on summer vacation, Yay!!!!!(Carolin) Are you frigging nuts Sunshine, my word, I am exhausted just reading this.

I too am finished work for the summer. I have a few loose ends to finish up but I don't need to be at the school all day. I am with you Sunshine about the extra work cleaning the kitchen, ovens extra. I was on my own this week as the high school students are on exams. But even with them gone I was busy enough and happy with the sales as they were higher then expected.

I have one week to myself before the little one is finished school for the summer. I have a few meeting to attend, house to clean, and really hoping I can go out for lunch with my blogging girls. ???

Guess what I bought at the Personal Passion bridal shower last weekend? Come on guess? No it was not any of the numerous sex 'toys'. Oh my goodness I saw things I never new existed, I learned things about others that I never wanted to know. Really is this the new bridal shower. Know wonder I am not much of a fan of showers. So I did buy something (kinda felt like I had to and even though I brought a gift I still felt pressured to donate $ towards what the bride wanted) Any way I bought body oil mist, wow am I ever kinky or what. The consultant says this mist is full of pheromones that will attract the opposite sex and make them do what ever I want. So my thought is to wear this mist next year at school and the high school boys (and hopefully girls) will constantly want to buy food from me but not really know why. Hope it works or I am out $25.00 bucks.

Happy Fathers Day to all of the WONDERFUL DADS!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day Two on Strike

This is quite the education. I have always liked people watching, (must be why I work in customer service), and boy, are people interesting! Give someone a megaphone and a whistle and a star is born! The day started out quite cool so the constant walking around, and around, and around, (you get the picture) kept us warm until the sun came up. Colleagues are showing talent in keeping people upbeat and motivated with song and dance. Today the drums came out.

I must say that the public have been great! Thank-you all for your continued support! Everyone is polite and wishing us luck with our issues. We were also joined by colleagues from the other unions and even employees from other companies!

The decision by the Conservative government to legislate us back could be precedent setting and I think that many labour groups are seeing what could happen to them.

I forgot to wear my pedometer today. I wonder how many steps I took. I know I'm not taking any more as I am permanently glued to the couch and quickly falling asleep. Three o'clock in the morning is obscene!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On Strike

I really am on strike, just not from exercise! My back is feeling much better. Just in time to hold a picket sign!

How do I add walking the picket line to my Wii Fit credits????

Friday, June 10, 2011

Catch up Fridays

(Sunshine) Hello ladies, how is everyone doing?
Cathy I hope that you are feeling better. Carolin, I hope that the situation with the teenager has been resolved.

Mr Sunshine is on a plane coming back from Calgary (he must be getting tired of traveling as I got a BBM from him Friday morning) and the girls are at a friends house hanging out. It is not too often that I have time alone to myself. At first it was fun to just relax or watch what I want on TV for a change or just do absolutely nothing. I have done some cleaning and guess what, what I cleaned earlier tonight is still clean, that's kind of cool. The truth is however, that after about two and a half hours or so I started to really miss everyone. Mr Sunshine is almost never at home and Miss Teen Sunshine spends a lot of time on her own but Little Miss Sunshine is my little side kick. I can't even sneak away to the bathroom without her looking for me and calling my name. I really miss it. And although Miss Teen Sunshine is usually in her room she surfaces every once in a while and makes us laugh over something silly. I even miss looking over and seeing Mr Sunshine sleeping on the floor. What's wrong with me? Nothing I hope, I just miss the people in my life that matter the most. So, I decided it was a good time to blog and see what you ladies are up to. But, just as at home, I am lonely talking to myself on the blog. (Carolin) I am so jealous. Though I did get a weekend to myself a few weeks ago. No, can't say after two hours was I lonely but by Sunday I was ready for them to come home.

What's new this week? Well let me see, how about oh yes I know, nothing at all. The count down continues to summer vacation with only 5 work days left. What about that crazy hail storm on Wednesday evening. It was pretty wild. The girls and I were on our way to Michael's (Miss Teen Sunshine was driving) and it was raining and hailing so hard that we had to pull over for about a half hour. I have been meaning to check to top of my car to see if there are any dents on the roof. When the hail stones were crashing against the car the noise was so loud. I thought that the wind shield was definitely going to crack. The girls have some cool video of the storm as we were experiencing it from within the car. (Carolin) We live less than 5 minutes from each other and I have no idea what you are talking about. Storm? Hail?? Where was I? I remember, Wednesday was my 26th wedding anniversary and the husband was at work (surprise) while I had my head under the kitchen sink freaking out over ants. I missed the whole storm (kinda remember it raining) as I was too busy throwing our uneaten dinner out as I didn't notice the ants on the baking sheet till too late. Then cleaning two cupboards of little tiny nasty ants. I think I would of rather sat in the car on the side of the highway through a hail storm than what I was doing.

This weekend we have my niece's graduation on Saturday evening and soccer pictures on Sunday. Miss Teen Sunshine is working both Saturday and Sunday. She is now an LIt (Lead In Training) so her shifts have been longer and she is working really hard. From what I can gather, she is supposed to shadow a supervisor for about 6 weeks and then they determine if she is ready for a supervisor positon or not. At the end of the training, there may not even be a position available until later. Oh well, we will see what happens. She had two days of in class sessions and the next weekend was in the park (amusement). I guess that they must be short on supervisors because she was only able to shadow one day and be acting supervisor the next. She is now comfortable with opening procedures and this weekend she will be shadowing the closing supervisors for two shifts. I am so very proud of Teen Sunshine, way to go girly!

She fell at school on Wednesday, She said that her ankle gave out and she got really nasty scrapes just below her knee. It was enough damage that an accident report was filled out and the Vice Principal tracked me down to let me know what had happened. Well, she was healing a little bit on Thursday and then when I picked her up today she came out with one pant leg rolled up and her knee bleeding. Her ankle gave out again and she fell once again scraping just below her knee worse than before. I told her that she should have completed her physiotherapy as they were helping her strengthen her ankle but of course as she got progressively better, she did not want to go any more. Now she agrees that she should go back to physio once again. I am not sure how she will endure all that walking at work with a throbbing knee and a weak sore ankle. I have never met someone so accident prone in my life. Thank goodness she is such a tough cookie. Oh well enough of that. After I hurt my ankle a few years ago (never went to physio) but I can say it took 18 months till I was not in pain on a regular basis. I can only now wear a shoe with a inch heal and even then my ankle feels week.

Well, I have to go to a wedding shower tomorrow afternoon. I am dropping the teenager and her boyfriend off at the subway as they are going to see Lion King and then heading to the shower. You might know that shower's are not my thing, but this one even more so. It is my future sister in law and she is great but the shower is a personal shower. I went to Le Senza and bought her stuff I would never wear. So far so good, I am to bring a cheese tray, once again I can handle this. Earlier this week an email was sent out reminding all about the shower and the hostess have also booked a pleasure consultant. !!! So it seems there will be sex toys, body paint, and other unmentionables that we are all to look at, touch, buy. I am really not looking forward to this part at all. I don't think I need to see my Mother holding a vibrator or munching away on edible underwear. Needless to say the little one is not coming to the shower with me. Hey, Sunshine if you are still bored you can come.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I Thought I Was Back....

.......but my back had other ideas. I knew I felt a bit sore however I just figured it was all of the exercise. I have been walking, gardening and "Wii-ing". I have also been ignoring the allergies. They're allergies and although inconvenient they will go away. The pain and stiffness became worse and finally I had to give in and accept that somewhere in the past week I put too much strain on my back. I have taken it easy the past few days and I can tell you that I'm antsy to get active again. I can literally feel myself becoming mushy. I want to exercise! Can you believe that! I was starting to see change in the shape of my legs and waist and arms. Although my weight has been very slow to reduce, (yeah muscle!) my shape is toning up!

Today I woke up and so far no major jabs of pain in my lower back! Let's hope I'm mending with no long lasting effects!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Sunshine) Hello, where is everyone???? Thanks for setting things up Cathy.

Its been a crazy busy week. Soccer has now started and Miss Teen Sunshine had a performance this week and lot of other things went on as well. This weekend is also busy with a Birthday party on Saturday and another one on Sunday.

Work wise it was a very long week. I don't know if it is the time of year or what but I find all of the days extra long and my boss has been so moody. Partly because she was not feeling well all week and partly because it annoys her when other school staff come in and laugh and joke around with us. Its ok if they talk to her but if they interact with us in a fun way, it seems to really irritate her.

Everything else is about the same. Cathy how are you feeling? Carolin what have you been up to? Are you going to be off for the summer or do you have other plans work wise?

(Carolin) I think I might be off most of the summer, I am still trying to work out a week to go to camp but not sure when yet. Also I need to put a proposal together to cook and serve two snacks and lunch once a week for six weeks this summer for a day camp. But the big headache right now is the teenager.

I was away this weekend and I get a text from the teenager that her boyfriend gave her a one year anniversary gift and she is very happy. I am happy if she is happy but then she starts playing word games with me and won't tell me what the gift is. It eventually comes out that he gave her a, are you sitting down for this, a KITTEN! I was very clear and forceful that the kitten must go, return it get your money back whatever but it is to be gone by the time I get home on Sunday. Can you believe this, I was livid!

Both girls have asked for a pet, the teenager even went out and bought a fish for herself and the little one. Of course the little one's fish died not long after she got it. I do not want any pets, I said we would revisit the pet situation after the summer. And if we got one it would the little one who got to choose as the teenager chose and named Duster (who was with us for 14 years).

I get home today only to find the kitten still here. I was once again very firm the cat goes. I told her to pack it up and return it to where ever it was bought from. She said they don't take returns on cats. What ever at this point I don't even believe the boyfriend bought this for her. I think she manipulated the whole situation to get what she wanted. I know this child very well. So next I called the animal shelter but they are not open on Sunday's. I told (don't ask) the husband that he will be taking the kitten to the shelter tomorrow morning. I then told the teenager to have everything packed before she leaves for work as the kitten will be gone before lunch. I was so angry they are all lucky I didn't kill someone. The nerve, to think she can just do as she wants and I will just go along with it. Last I looked her name appears NOwhere on the deed to the house she lives in. But my name does, as well as my names appears on all the bills, chequing account, I am the one who pays the bills, cleans the house, and does whatever is necessary to keep everything running.

Just a half an hour ago the teenager came home with the boyfriend (who no longer talks to me because of an incident last week). Like I care that much but once again this is my home, my pop, my chips he munches away on. They both go up stairs and then come back down a few minutes later with the kitten in its box and its food etc and leave. I was fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of many a dirty look but at this point I don't care as the kitten is gone.

This child of mine will never have a pet while she lives under my roof. And after this stunt I doubt if her sister will ever have one either. The teenager doesn't seem to seem to get just how wrong she is, and how many lines she has crossed. This is the same person who tells me the kitten will live in her room and she will take care of everything. The same girl who can't close,yes close the front door when she leaves in the morning. The same one who just dumps the dirty cat litter in the back yard in the garden, cause that for some reason is just OK. GRRRRRRR.

And that was my last 24 hours!

Ten more work days until summer vacation. I can't wait!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!!