Saturday, August 1, 2009

Not Just a Typical Friday Night

At the last minute on Friday I decided to pack a bag and the little one and I went to a friends cottage for the weekend. The husband had to work Friday night so he couldn't come and the teenager said she did not want to go. We have been visiting the cottage for 4 years now and always look forward to it. The cottage is in Port Stanley and if you have never been let me tell you it is a very cute little town.

But anyway, so after our daily trip for ice cream we are back at the cottage, it is around 9:30PM. I had my cell phone with me as I was about to text the teenager but had got distracted by one thing 0r another. All of a sudden my cell phone rings. I looked at caller ID and see it is the teenager calling from home. I answered it and the teenager is crying and I can't understand what she is saying! I am trying to calm her down and by this time KD and her husband who are sitting on the couch with me are riveted to my phone conversation.

After a few attempts I am able to get the teenager to calm down enough to tell me that some guy was peering into our front window! She said at the time she was sitting in the living room talking on the phone with Dilbert, the boyfriend, when a young man wearing a hoodie peered into the window by our front door that faces into our living room. She said he peered in then left but returned two more times. So as anyone would be, she was totally freaked out! I told her to hang up the phone and call Sunshine and ask Mr. Sunshine to come over and pick her up and she could stay with them till her father got home from work (around midnight), also it might be a good idea to call the police. We ended the call and I tried to explain what was happening to KD and her husband.

Once again I felt totally helpless! I was two hours away and there was not much I could do but beat myself up for not insisting she come to the cottage with me. But to be honest I really didn't want to argue with her when she said no and figured what was the point of making her come if she didn't want to, she would be miserable and zap all the fun for the rest of us. I know, selfish on my part but what is done is done.

Over the next 15 minutes I tried calling Sunshine but the line was busy and then I tried calling the house line but it was busy as well. I figured that the teenager was then talking to Sunshine. Finally, I got through to the teenager on the home line and she sounded a little calmer and told me that Sunshine and Mr. Sunshine, and the police were there. I then spoke to the police officer who assured me she was fine, just spooked. Then they got a description and had a look around the neighbourhood and they would patrol the area for a few hours. I then spoke to Sunshine and she told me the teenager was just packing a bag and would stay with them. They had closed and locked everything up. I asked her to leave a note for the husband so he would know where she was.

We stayed up at the cottage to midnight and then when I figured the husband would be home I called him. He said he got the note and had already spoken to Sunshine and the teenager and she was good but would spend the night with Sunshine as it was late. I got the impression from him that he was a little upset that he wasn't called, but as I have tried to explain to him many times, he has to keep his cell phone on!!!! He then said she could have called his work number. But, as I have called it many times, it is a bit of a pain. Call this number, listen to the instructions, press one, listen to more instructions, enter the extension. Yes, it is not hard but try doing this when you have never done it before and when you are upset and in panic mode. Hopefully, he understood.

Well it is now noon on Saturday, I have texted the teenage but did not hear back from her yet. I am sure she is fine but when I get home I will try to spend some time with her about closing blinds and locking doors and windows, especially when we are not home! Also, I will go over the procedure of calling her Dad at work and just how to do that. But first I will hug her and tell her how much I love her!

I now send a big THANK YOU to Sunshine and Mr. Sunshine for stepping in and being there for us once again!

Note: Cathy if you read this please feel free to correct my grammar and spelling as I am trying to type as fast as I can while at the library with kids running around bugging me to go to the beach.


  1. Carolin, I am glad everything is ok now! Wow! that would have freaked me out, too! I am calling Sunshine to check up on things. I'm wondering, do you think you should stay home for the rest of the summer? :). Just wondering! :)

    p.s. ok, I couldn't resist, I did do some editing!!

  2. Hi everbody. Carolin you don't need to thank us it was really our pleasure. It gives me something important to do as we all know that I have no real job (Mr. Sunshine says so). She is a great kid and you must be very proud of her. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and get some well needed rest as you will have a full house come the start of the week.

  3. The teenager is doing well, no residue, from the event. Yes Carolin's house is full, we arrived just hours ago. You ladies have fun as I'm doing.