Thursday, April 2, 2009

Four Women

Four women, different backgrounds, similar ages, former full-time workers, new home owners in a new suburban subdivision....all at home accepting their new responsibilities as stay at home moms.

Let's set the stage. Scene one...a small park surrounded by new homes. A few newly planted trees, paved pathways, a big sand area with swings and a climbing playground. Oh, and let's not forget the two benches facing the playground!

Each morning, at around ten thirty, these women would meet in the park, unaware at the time that they were laying the foundation for a unique relationship that would see them share in the joys and sorrows of their personal lives.

Each woman has come to realize that the four together make up a whole. Each woman having a strength in an area that the others are able to use, for support in times of stress or to use unabashedly at times of joy.

Is this something new? No, we are not the only women to find themselves creating an intimate supportive friendship. However, we four decided to create this blog so we can share some of our stories. We appreciate that there are many people who do not have the ‘outlet’ that we have. It’s important to understand that thoughts, feelings and situations are shared, not isolated.

Our goal is to share our thoughts, feelings and situations in the hope that they will be read and appreciated and maybe some-one will no longer feel alone.

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  1. I wanted to add a little something to this for our readers. When you read our stories please keep in mind that we have changed names of characters and in some cases changed locations. Though we have agreed to be as honest as possible we also want to respect our family and friends. Because of their privacy we decided to change names for ourselves and all involved.