Friday, July 24, 2009

The skunk is still living under my porch

My first post regarding our skunk situation was on April 21 2009. Well, here we are almost 4 months later and every time we think that the skunk is officially gone, it sneaks back home over night. My husband has tried countless gallons of ammonia. He has poured it into the hole that was dug. He has soaked clothes in ammonia and filled the hole with the clothes. He has filled the hole with large pieces of cement. He has completely filled in the entire underside of the porch with gravel. He has filled the hole in with golf balls (don't ask). Well two days ago once again our skunk reappeared. The brick was torn up, the roots to the tree were dug up and there were golf balls all over my front walkway.

I have told Mr. Sunshine that as soon as I get a job I will call and have the trench dug up and sealed with wire and our problem will be solved for a guaranteed 10 years. Then I started wondering, they apparently keep returning because of the scent that they leave behind. So does it not stand to reason that they will keep coming back and digging even though they may not be able to get back in? I just don't want to go and spend all of that money and still have the place be such a mess. I really don't even mind if the skunk was a guest under the porch permanently as long as he/she was not such a messy house guest.

Cathy and I were talking and she also had a very good point. What if we keep the skunk from gaining access to the porch and the skunk decides to make another home somewhere else on the property, then what do we do?

I don't know. I will have to make some more phone calls next week and get some answers. If its like any other renovation in our home then I will probably be talking about it once again next spring.

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  1. Well Sunshine maybe if you stop calling your porch the skunks home. Maybe it will go.
    You could wait untill the skunk is under the porch then seal it up. In a few days it will have starved to death. Problem solved. What do you think.