Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rain and the Garden

I think we here in the east are all very tired of the rain! I even hear reports on the radio about summer S.A.D. as opposed to winter S.A.D.. I am trying very hard to look past the rain. I had high hopes for this summer after the lousy summer last year. We made plans for a staycation this summer and not just because of the economy. We have a lovely backyard and when we sit outside it is so peaceful. It is our cottage in the city.

I work from 6am Saturday and Sunday mornings, part-time. When I come home I am ready for the day. I usually am in the garden. I am ok gardening after a rainfall, best time to weed. I am not so dedicated that I garden while it is raining. So, what to do? I sound like my kids.... I 'm bored!

One day while it was raining I repotted my indoor plants and herbs, long overdue! They were happy for the attention! I then wrote in my garden journal, updating it with plans and ideas and the names of newly planted perennials from springtime. I realized that I need to move a few of the new perennials as they would do better in another spot. The best time to transplant is during a light rainfall or after a rainfall, less transplant shock.

My three rain barrels are full again!

The lettuce and pea pods are thriving, but my carrots are not. The carrot seed might be old so will try more seed later, once the rain stops.

Hey, I just looked out the window and the rain has stopped......gotta go.....bye


  1. Cathy I want to come and live in your garden!
    It looks so beautiful.
    What a total down pour we had today. I live on the tenth floor of a downtown Toronto apartment. Today you could see snow blowing in the down pour. Amazing considering how warm and humide it is.
    I do have an amazing view with the downtown skyline and the sail boats on the lake( not today). However your yard looks so relaxing maybe I should come and visit you. Your bored and I have been sewing each day, things I don't even need. So I guess I might be a little bored too. Enjoy!

  2. Rain, rain go away come again another day.
    Everytime we start to do something it starts to rain again. Well I guess that things could always be worse. Too bad Canadian Idol was cancelled, that would give me something to do during the rain.