Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday at the park

Welcome to Thursday at the park. And let me say it is finally hot outside and not raining! This week we are meeting for dinner at Louise's. And just let me say Louise's daughter has been taking care of the house while Louise is at work and the house looks GREAT! My pasta dish is in the oven and I am waiting for the others to arrive. I am looking forward to everyone getting here and doing some laughing. Cathy has just arrived. I have never been to Louise's house when its so quiet! I think Louise is all the noise we normally hear! Sunshine and her kids have just arrived with platters of food!

Louise has just arrived home from work! So let the festivities begin. Uh, we have to go on hold, Sunshine has to drive the two teenager girls to the movie theater. I am laughing as I watch Sunshine and her teenager interact. Sunshine so sounds like a mom "why is your skirt so short, why does your boobs have to show so much". I guess this is prepping me for tomorrow when the teenager is home.

Louise has just changed from her work clothes and is rambling about time. But things are looking up cause she is making Pina/Banana Coladas! Three 9 year olds have just arrived in the house from the backyard so I think I have to get some food in them before I fall over!

Hi all, it's Cathy, they have sent me here to type and as I start, they start eating!!! what does this mean? I was just saying to Sunshine that she had better get the next chapter of her novel posted. I was reading about poor Camille and was starting to get nervous with her going up to the door of, 'who knows where'. then she faints!!!!!!! It's like a soap opera, it's got me hanging!!!

Kudos to Sunshine for doing a great job!

Now they call me to eat, I call back that I'm not allowed as I have to type!!!! I think they will soon give me permission to eat :).

Louise is starting to tell us abut her first week of full time work! She is enjoying it, however, she is exhausted!! Very understandable!

I am now going to eat........stand by.....

Louise is talking about her new job with the bank. Things are different but the same in the banking world.

I was driving the 2 girls to the movies I commented to them on how strange things felt. We between the 4 of us blogger have 4 kids who are teenagers and one other one who is almost there. But none of them will be with us this evening. We only have the 3 nine year olds who have now run off to the park and the little 2 year old who can't go anywhere on his own so he still has no choice but to be with us. That's a great thing in so many ways because I feel that the other ones are growing up just way too fast. As I was leaving the house earlier today my neighbour was stopped in her drive way staring at us with a smile on her face. My girls had said hello and when I turned the corner and saw her I said "hello and how are you"? She said that she was well and she said that she was envious because I was leaving with the girls and her two teenagers were always too busy to be home and there was little interaction at home with her and her husband. I told her that I understood as my eldest is home so much less now then she use to be just a short time ago. Time flies by and no matter what it just won't be stopped.

Carolin is worried about her oldest daughter and we are also concerned. She sounds like she is very sick but no one knows yet what is going on. She is having conflicts with some personnel at camp and she is missing her boyfriend but that seems to be over and above her illness. She comes home tonight and we will praying for a speedy recovery.

We are guessing at what she may possibly have, food posioning, gall stones , ulcer, virus, what could it possibly be. The doctors are running all kinds of tests and we all just want answers.

The teenager has been given permission by the camp owner to get a belly button ring if she has gull stones and they have to go through the belly button anyway. Caroline laughs at this but I don't know what she thinks about another belly button ring for her daughter. It was never me who totally freaked out, that crown was given to her father. My concern when she got the belly button ring was that she is in a chlorinated pool 10 -15 hours a week. What about infection, which is what happened and ended up coming out leaving a nasty scare.

Tonight's dinner was fabulous. I'll give you a run down of the menu. We had some delicious pasta, a hash brown and potato dish, a ground beef rice dish, some garlic bread and spinach dip with veggies and some brownies and pie. We also have some pina colada drinks (don't worry it is all without alcohol, so far). Just Sunshines had no Alcohol!

Carolin got a call from Jingling today (her personal unemployment specialist) she is enquiring as to weather or not Carolin has found a job yet. Carolin tells her about her Scholars Choice interview and how she did not get a call back. Jingling asks if Carolin made a follow up call and Carolin proceeded to tell her that she was not interested in calling to find out why she was not hired.

I agree with Carolin as far as I'm concerned it is there loss for not hiring Carolin they really don't know how good of an employee they could have had.

Cathy is talking about how easy it is now to leave her boys at home. They are older now and they are pretty self sufficient and she can go out without worry. It's a nice place to be as I have learned with my girls. We have been able to let them stay for a few hours on there own and it is strange but nice and the kids seem to really enjoy it. They don't want to be dragged out to certain places. Somehow staying home alone with a pizza and some movies seems to be very appealing to them.

Cathy's dog had his appointment with the vet today and everything went great. Cathy talks about how he is fed at the same time twice a day and gets walked twice a day and brushed regularly. Louise comments on how her dog would love to live at Cathy's house.

We are now talking about the Michael Jackson memorial service at the Staple centre. I would love to have watched the whole thing but I was only able to see some of it. Cathy watched the whole thing and she felt that it was very much like a funeral service. Louise asks if Debbie Row was there and Cathy comments on how she was not allowed to be a part of it. We were happy to see how the media did not have a chance to script any of the service and those involved were his friends and family and the people in his life who really knew him best. There were reverends who spoke and Martin Luther Kings three children spoke and there words were true and real and inspirational. Michael Jackson is in the Guinness World Book of Records for having given the most money to charity for someone of his stature. Cathy found the service very moving and so did I. He truly was an icon and I believe a very special and amazing human being.

An old neighbour has just arrived. So they are catching up.

Sooooo we have touched on so many topics, my highlights are.........Hoping that the teenager is okay, and back to herself (driving her mom crazy) in no time!!! I also think that Carolin's buddy Jingling should give her job to Carolin, obviously she shouldn't be in that position because she has done nothing to help Carolin!!!!!

Michael, Michael, Michael..........Your fate is now decided. Whatever the past is, it's done and your fate is now decided. An interesting ???? is............If someone does one really wrong thing in life (take a guess what that might be, speaking of Jackson)Does all the charity and good work that person does open the gates to heaven for them, or if your not religious, does that then make you a good person???? I would love to hear anyones thoughts on that.
Working! What can I say, I'm happy because my mind is busy, but I'm tired and I really miss my kids.......I know, I know it's only for a short while, but all in all it's all good this week.
I think the 'eagle' has landed!!! Yaaaa for the teenager!!!! She'll be back to enjoying the sarcasm(her mother's) real soon!!! ha ha
I'm missing all the stuff going on in the kitchen, so I'll talk or blog you all real soon!


  1. Sounds like you all had a very nice evening. The food sounded great as well.
    Answer this one. Why are you called stay at home Mom's when you spent half your night driving the kids around?
    The first week of working is always the hardest. Each week gets better after that.
    keep haveing fun ladies. love you all

  2. The husband and teeenager got home about 1/2 after I got home from Louise's. The teen then stumbled to the couch where she feel asleep.

    So Louise slipped in a little question in the blog but the response to it can cause huge conversation. Here is my answer to her question based on a Christian belief.

    A person's ability to go to heaven after life on earth has ended is not based on if the person was a 'good person’ on earth or not. Entry to heaven and being with God for eternity is NOT based on your works. For us to see good and live for eternity with him is a gift and all we have to do is accept the gift. When we make the decision to accept Jesus as our personal saviour and acknowledge that he died for our sins then we are member of his world. Now that being said, when it comes to forgiveness, Jesus asks us to forgive anyone and everyone that has ever hurt us. Why, because when we don't forgive (and yes it is very difficult) it is only ourselves we are ultimately hurting. If we use the example of MJ if the abuse truly happened (which I am not totally convinced it did, but that is my personal opinion) as for the victims and there families they need all the support that us as humans can give them but they also need to forgive the person that hurt them so they can go forward with their lives. They are forgiving for themselves not for the abuser. And this does not mean that a relationship should be reestablished with the abuser and the victim. You can forgive but still keep your distance. Now in the case of MJ if he did nothing but use bad judgment and some people saw an opportunity to make a buck and take advantage of him. As horrible as it is for him he needs to forgive them for his own well-being and perhaps try to make some wiser choices in the future. But understand that our entrance into heaven has nothing to do with our ability to forgive a person or not, nor is it based on us being a good person or not, and finally it is not based on our good deeds being weighed against our bad deeds.

    Our entrance to heaven is a gift and all we need to do is accept the gift.

  3. Are you really sure about that.........

    Can you really believe and accept that to be true, and where exactly is that written?

    I just can't believe that a horrible person, that does horrible things, whether he believes them to be horrible or not, can just ask for that special gift and be accepted.

    It just doesn't sound right.........

  4. Louise

    Please read Ephesians Chapter 2:8-9

    For it is by grace (a gift from God with no strings attached) you been saved, through faith and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God - not by works, so that no one can boast.

    God hates all Sin and he grieves when we sin. What we need to understand (and society has not raised us this way) is that the littlest white lie is just a painful to God as the atrocities of a pedophile. In Gods eyes there is no sin that is worse then another sin. All sin is horrendous to God.

    If we now understand that there is no sin bigger then another sin in Gods eyes because he hates them all. When a persons sins and if they are truly sorry for there sin and ask God for forgiveness then the Bible tells us that God forgives them.

    Grace is God’s life-transforming gift of his favour (love) to those who do not deserve it. The gift of salvation and forgiveness of sins is available for all who through faith accept his grace revealed in Jesus Christ, but so many miss the gift because they rely on themselves and try to earn grace by keeping the law.

    God’s grace also supplies us with everything we need for daily life, and to that end he invest us to come to him with our needs. To a limited extent, even the wicked receive blessings from God’s grace. taken from the NIV study bible

    We need to spend less time being consumed with the salvation of a person we have absolutely know control over. And spend more time on our own salvation and relationship with God. Also making sure we raise our children to know and love God so they too can make the decision to follow Christ and have eternal life.

  5. Carolin thanks so much for helping me to understand more about some of the things in life that are confusing for me. You really are one of those people who truely lives her faith and takes the time to help others.