Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Quiet Week

Happy day after Canada's 142 Birthday.

The sun is shinning (not), the little one is in the basement playing and the husband is at work! Don't get to excited the recession is not over and the auto industry is not going gang buster again. I am sure you all heard that Chrysler was called back to work this week. You would of thought we had one a lottery the way friends and family have been calling all excited cause the husband is back at work. But in my usual 'love to burst your bubble' way I gently told all, yes he is back to work but it is only for this week. And because Canada Day is this week he actually is back to work for 4 days. Then off for 3 weeks and back for two then off till September. That's the auto industry!

Dark clouds have descended over us once again. We have had clouds and rain all week and it's cold outside. Great for sleeping but not so much for playing in the pool. Which is OK cause I have been trying to get the little one on a school work routine all this week. I know its summer time, the time for kids to do what they want, to break away from the everyday grind of school work. But...... if I don't have the little one do 1/2 to 1 hour a day come September she will have forgotten all she learned this past year. So I have asked her to do some creative writing twice a week and math problems three times a week. So far the creative writing has consisted of a point form list of what she did at camp this past weekend. In her words "I ate, I sleped (slept), I played, and I went to the washroom". I am hoping for something alittle more as the weeks progress.

I have been somewhat productive this week, I've managed to clean the teenagers room, including draws, closet, and desk. Everything is dust free and organized. (even the booze I found in her closet) Her room looks great and will stay that way for till July 26. That's when she comes home. Next week I plan to work in the little one room. As I write you can't see her bedroom floor because of all the paper, pencils and most important, cant live without garbage!

You may have notice 'At the Park' didn't meet on the bench this morning. Blame it on the rain. (bet you are singing that song now!) It's hard now that school is out, we are hoping to get together tomorrow morning. It will be the last one for awhile as Louise starts her new job on Monday. Shout Out to Louise!!! She told me this morning she was going to try to do some clothes shopping today as she has no work clothes, just mommy clothes.

Today the little one and I were doing some shopping and can you believe this, Zellers (like Kmart for our American benchers) has all there back to school supplies out. It has been one week since school ended for crying out loud. I haven't even put the report cards away, or finished doing school uniform laundry. The little ones lunch bag is still sitting on my kitchen counter. And Zellers has her already back to school.

Well I must be getting tired can't think of anything else to write about. Hopefully the rain holds off and we can chat tomorrow.

See you at the park, I'll save you a spot on the bench.



  1. I have to do some cleaning myself. The kids rooms are out of control especially the older ones. they have already been home for almost a week already, boy time sure does fly by.

  2. I loved it when the kids where out of school. No schedual! I had them all to my self. Yes at times they tested me, but over all I loved them home. I would try to put anything to do with school out of my mind until a week befor it began. Sometimes there was summer school or summer tutors, not much fun but necessary.

    Yes I think it is time for you to visit your mother even if there is a garbage strike. Oh and the apartment beside me just fell onto the street at least one wall did. They have blocked off the road since it happend.
    Love You