Friday, July 3, 2009

Timmy is Coming Home

I was reading this week that the company Wendy's was shaking things up and moving Tim Horton's back to Canada. Yeah!!!! I understand that Timmy's (as it is affectionately known in Canada) has not done as well in the states as was hoped for. As a proud Canadian and coffee lover I know exactly why Tim's hasn't done so well to the south of us. It is the old adage 'LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION'! The best way to sell anything is word of mouth. So with that said putting a Tim's in Heath, Ohio is fine but just how many Canadian go to Heath? You need Canadians to spread the word, in other words we are your advertising campaign. So you need to set up shop where we are most likely to be.

I understand there are a few Tim Horton's in different parts of the states. But as one of the many who drive down to Florida on hwy 77 and then the I95 that long stretch of 'are we there yet' is sadly empty of a single Tim's.

Big note to location scouts you need to open a Tim Horton's on just about every cut off all the way down to the sunny states and all the way back to Canada. Location Scouts look at the most common driving routes Canadian use to drive south to escape the winter for a few weeks and plop a Tim's every few miles. You would make a killing, the last thing us Canadians do before we cross the border is stop for a coffee at Tim's . Coming home and getting across the border unscathed is one thing but we really know we are home when we can stop at Tim's and get our coffee and a box of timbits for the backseaters. It appears even the car runs smoother knowing that a few Tim Horton cups are sitting in the cup holders.

Also and this is important, do not change anything on the menu, don't try to Americanize it. We like it just the way it is. So when we head south we want a little bit of home on the way down. And this is a biggy don't mess with the 'Roll Up the Rim to Win' game or date. Most Canadian might not be able to tell you who our first Prime Minister was but we all know what month 'Roll Up Rim to Win' is. So when we head down south at Easter we want to know we have a chance of winning a coffee or muffin.

I was surprised to read that there are less then 3000 Tim Horton's restaurants in all of Canada. Honestly I would of expected that number just in Ontario, it sure feels like Ontario has at least 3000. I wonder if the Tim's in the gas stations, movie theaters, grocery stores and hospitals were in the count or did they just count the full service restaurants.

I would be curious to know from visitors to our country what their take is on our love of Tim Horton's?


  1. As a Canadian, I have to say...and I'm sure I'm going to be run out of the country for this...but I HATE Timmy's! Their coffee is weak garbage, and the fact that everyone adds all that cream and sugar to it...'double-double" gag!!!! I don't even like their food. Never really have...okay, so I used to love the Boston Creams, but since I'm still carrying most of those on my butt, I've had to cut back!!!
    Bring on Starbucks...they know how to brew a cup of coffee.

  2. I agree with you Carolin,when we cross that border Tim Horton's is the first sight that makes us feel like we are home again.

  3. Wow, Carol you sure are passionate about your coffee! I guess this means no Tim Card for you. With regards to Starbucks, I am not a big fan. I will go there once and awhile (if I am in Chapters and want to sit and watch the people walk by. But when I do I don't order there coffee it is just too strong for me. And I have a hard time justifying a $5.00+ for a drink that has NO Alcohol in it! And to be real honest I am intimidated when I order something at Starbucks. I have know idea what a Tall, Latee, Half Skinny,Extra Foam,Grandee, Blah, Blah, Blah is.

    I think we should compromise and meet at Second Cup, you can order the mud and I will order the lightly flavoured water.

  4. I'll have to agree with Carolin I don't think paying for a coffe at $5 is just dumb.I only had a starbucks coffee once and it was like water I shoulda had a Timmy's. Any way Iwould'nt have another starbucks even if someone bought for me I would sugest Timmy's becouse you can get a better deal and more bang!(cafine jolt) for your buck.

  5. This is my preference. First choice is Starbucks second Timithy's (no not Tim Hortons) Third Second Cup. Why? First I do not drink coffee it's Earl Grey tea for me. I like most brands of Earl Grey. The reason I like these Coffee Houses is the atmosphere. They have comfy chairs and sofas. Great windows to people watch. Most have patios for the sunny days.
    I will admit when I did drink coffee it was Tim Hortons all the way.
    Love You