Saturday, July 11, 2009

We Don't Need Dr. House, We Have MOM!

Well Good Afternoon All,

We have have been home long enough for me to make lunch for the little one. The sun is shinning which is huge improvement from this morning. As I was waking the little one up this morning around 9:00 am it was dark outside, thundering and pouring rain. Not such a nice way to start your day. But what is great is the morning only got better!

I asked the teenager how she was feeling she said OK, she said she only was up once during the night in pain. And because she hasn't eaten anything this morning her stomach is not hurting. She had me feel her left side, it took me a bit of prodding but I did feel a lump.
At 10:00 AM our family doctor called to check up on her. She was sleeping at that point but I told him she was doubled over in pain (stomach) about a dozen times through out the day yesterday. And that she was going for one of the ultrasound at 11:30. He told me when I get to the Lab to request a list of other labs in the city and see if we can get her in for the second one sooner. Waiting till July 20 is not acceptable.

At 11:00 we left for the lab, I had the teenager pack some water and told her to drink it just in case they can squeeze her in for both ultrasounds. We got to the lab and I explained the situation the receptionist said they didn't have a list of other labs but what she did do was bill for both ultrasounds and scheduled the technician for both. Yipee! At close to 12:00 PM the teenager went in and was done 25 minutes later. Unfortunately the Xray department is not open on Saturdays so we will need to come back on Monday for that but that's OK as it is just a walk-in and we don't need an appointment.

We will go back to the doctor on Tuesday and get all the results and work from there.

Now for something real cool (maybe only to my fellow bloggers). Well at the lab the receptionist was on Facebook. So I asked her to google 'conversations at the park' and when she did we didn't show up on the first page. Then she googled '' and we were number ONE!!!! We are moving up bloggers. For all our readers, the more you google us the higher our ranking goes on google search. What we want is to be number one or at least on the first page all the time. Cathy is doing research on Key Words and we are talking about changing our template and once we figure out the key word stuff we will incorporate in our blog. Exciting stuff I'm sure.

Have to go the teenager is on the floor in pain again!


  1. Do you have any idea what's making her double over in pain?????
    What's your expert opinion Dr.Mom???
    Only you could multitask the way you do.....
    Take care of your lovely daugther, and get someone to read our blog.......You make me laugh!

    Well Tuesday will be here soon enough, hopefully we get some news the will make the teenager feel a whole lot better!

  2. We are all looking forward to a quick diagnosis and please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  3. ok, it's Tuesday. Are the labs back yet? Is she still in pain? Can she keep anything down?