Friday, July 3, 2009

The Bachelorette (meet the parents)

Well this week on the Bachelorette it was interesting, many twists and turns. Jillian met the families of the 5 remaining men and most of them all seemed pretty cool. I really liked Michael's family a lot. Then before she met Wes's family she got a surprise visit from Jake ( Mr. Perfect) who came back to let her know that Wes actually confided in him on three separate occasions that he has a girl friend. Wes denied the accusations and Jake was able to confront Wes person to person. It was very tense and Wes continually denied the allegations. In the end Jillian believed Wes and went to visit his family which I thought was the most suspect of all of the families that she met. They seemed untruthful to me just as Wes is.

At the rose ceremony there was a surprise guest. Ed who left the show earlier because his boss gave him an ultimatum returned this week to see if Jillian would take him back.

Well the first rose was awarded to Reid, the second to Kiptyn and the third the Ed. There was only one rose left and Jillian foolishly awarded that rose to Wes once again.

So the good guys were out once again in my opinion. Jessie and Michael were eliminated. Jessie left without saying a word and Michael left but was visibly disappointed as he told the viewers that he would have married Jillian.

I can't figure out how Jillian can keep making such bad choices. Is the bad boy so much more attractive to her then the descent guys?

Well next week she is off to Barcelona for her overnight dates with the four remaining men.

Good luck Jillian we will be watch in.

P.S. We are starting to here rumours of Jake (Mr. Perfect) possibly being the next Bachelor for
one of the upcoming seasons. That would be a good show to watch.


  1. Sunshine was complaining that us fellow bloggers dont comment on her blogs. Even though as Cathy showed us in her graphs,charts and tech stuff that Sunshine has the most google search hits.

    So here is my comment. I don't watch any of these shows cause either I don't get that channel or I find them boring. But for now on I will comment about stuff I don't know or care about!

    Your just to funny Sunshine!

  2. I want to understand how this woman on the show can fall in and out of 'love' so freely?????

    P.s. I like my charts and graphs!

  3. Carolin what I said was that we need to comment more on each others posts to keep the conversation going. Thanks for giving it your best effort. If there is no interest then a comment is totally unnecessary.

  4. I do not watch this show either. However an over night date with four men Now that stricks my fancy! Love You