Friday, July 3, 2009

Welcome to my Garden

I have been given grief for not posting more info on my garden. I have not posted because I have been working in my garden! It's funny because while I am gardening I am composing ideas and posts for the blog! Just the other day I was working on tidying up all of my containers and as I was almost finished I thought it might be a good idea to do, 'deadheading - before and after'! Well, all I could do was to take pictures of the after!

The next day I did go around and take pictures of my entire garden! I also took some closeups of my flowers. I think they look great! I will post some pictures below for you to see. Gardening is a full time job! I tell my husband all the time that I need to quit my job (part-time) in the spring, summer and fall because the garden takes up a lot of time. ( It's more fun, too! )

To make gardening enjoyable, you need to divide the garden and the gardening tasks up. Pick one area and decide what needs to be done. It could be deadheading the flowers to promote longer blooming. Or, it could be harvesting lettuce and tomatoes to make a salad.

About weeding, the best time to weed is after a rain fall. It may get a bit muddy, however, the weeds or any other unwanted plant pulls out so much easier and you don't get overheated with the 'workout'.

Like anything else in life, dividing your garden tasks into smaller units gives a greater sense of accomplishment and it makes you go out into your garden more often. So, more gets done and it looks great!

back shade garden

front border

rose by front door
purple coneflower just opening

gallardia in a pot

mixed annual container

lobelia in container on river rock


  1. The photos are great. Love the container and the symmetry of the pink rose

  2. Gorgeous...I will definitely have to come out for a visit!

  3. Cathy your garden looks amazing. The pictures are so good they could have come from a profession magazine. Thanks so much for inspiring us.

  4. WOW WOW What a wonderful garden.
    As I browsed through the pictures I stopped at the Rose by the front door. It is so beautiful and the buds surounding the rose wow. It is so great you think it is not real. I thought I would like to paint it. Then I got to the Gallardia, the colours are fantastic I would like to paint that too. Next the annual container I love the little splash of pink and yellow amongest all that purple and blue. I want to paint that too. These are great picture to look at during the long winter months. Can you imagin the Gallardia 3 foot by 3 foot hanging on your wall fabulous. Way to go Cathy. Love You Mommie