Friday, August 26, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) We're back! We had such a good time. The weather was hot, hot, hot and big sunny blue skies! I love the mountains. We flew into Vancouver and rented a car and drove to Kelowna. It was a breathtakingly beautiful drive. We stopped to eat lunch in Hope at a restaurant called, "Home." The food was very good and the service was great. We had never heard about Home before, however, when we saw all of the cars in the parking lot we figured it must be good!

We stayed with Hubby's folks and just enjoyed good company, food and many games of Euchre. We drove down to Osoyoos on Tuesday to have dinner with Hubby's sister. We went to Osoyoos Desert Railroad and Rattlesnake Canyon. The kids had a great time with all of their cousins. We ate far too much good food, (the calories don't count when you're on vacation... right???)

We arrived home at 3am this morning. We had to fly from Kelowna to Vancouver then on to home.

We are very tired, but happy. Glad to be home safe and sound.

How was everyone else's week?

(Carolin)Sounds like it was a good trip, it has been fairly quite here getting slowly organized for work(school starting).

(Sunshine) Welcome back Cathy. I am glad that the weather was great and that you had such a good time. I am looking forward to seeing you all next weekend.

Thinks around here are same old same old. Its been great summer but it went by to fast and I am trying hard to prepare myself for the work environment and following a strict schedule once again but my mind won't let me go there yet. This weekend we have a dinner dance that my dad has all asked us to go to on Saturday night, so we will all be there. Sunday is up in the air, I know that Teen Sunshine is working on Sunday and Mr Sunshine has some of next week off but there are no plans int he works so far. I am secretly hoping that some of this floor upstairs gets laid. It will be a lot of work but it has go get done sometimes. We will have to see how motivated Mr Sunshine is about working on his vacation.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Catchup Fridays

(Sunshine) Well its the home stretch and summer is almost over. I can feel that dark cloud approaching fast. I am so not looking forward to going back to work, but I know that I am very lucky to have been off for the last nine weeks. It was a very quick summer but it was also a good one. We have a family picnic on Sunday so I am preparing the food for the picnic. I am making coroche, peppers and potatoes and some pies. Little Miss Sunshine has made cupcakes and she wants to have a lemonade stand. I told her that its not polite to sell lemonade at a family picnic but she can give it out for free if she wants to. She said that was fine and then she asked me if she could have a tip jar. (she is one smart cookie :) I had to laugh and I told her that she could if she wanted to and I would definitely give her a tip. Miss Teen Sunshine is working all day so she will be missing out. (Carolin) Is know one else bringing any food?

Yes the summer is coming to an end, I can feel it in the air but no smell it as I have a nasty head cold. I could feel something on Thursday while at Sunshine's as the girls swam. By Friday night it was a full fledged head cold. Wow do I hate them I haven't had a cold in over a year but still they are not fun. I guess I should be thankful I didn't have it during the busy wedding/family staying with us or in another week while I have to be back at school prepping for the coming year.

What a busy few weeks, my sister and her family (6 kids) and a girl friend of a nephew, and a friend of my sisters who had never been to Toronto all stayed with us. Yes that was an extra 9 people! My brothers wedding went well we all had a great time. The wedding was to be outside but the weather wasn't cooperative so though it was still outside we were under a large tent. Just as the bride was to enter a torrential thunderstorm let loose. I was in the second row and it was hard to hear the minister. But just as bride and groom said I do the rain stopped and the rest of the day and evening was humid but nice.

The little one was very anxious about being a flower girl but she pulled it off and did great. After walking down the isle she sat beside me and said "Well that wasn't to bad. And how come I didn't get a car like the ring bearer." The ring bearer is only three and my brother (the groom) had a toy car that was used like a carrot to keep the three year old on track. Funny!

Well the fun part of the summer is over and now it is back to routine. I like routine but perhaps cause I am not feeling great this time around I don't want the summer to end.

Cathy is away in Calgary so I don't think that we will be hearing from her this week.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Catch up Fridays

(Sunshine) Hello everyone, how are you all doing? We are back from Calgary safe and sound. It was a really beautiful trip. It always amazes me how beautiful that part of the country is. We had amazing weather and I have some great pictures. We went canoeing, horse back riding, swimming and of course lots and lots of hiking. We were so busy that I am so tired. Miss Teen Sunshine of course had a little accident while we were there but she is ok. On the horse back riding adventure, her horse was not cooperating and eventually he just bucked her right off. She fell on her back and she is bruised and sore but she was a trouper. The guide switched horses (you are not allowed to continue to ride a horse that has bucked someone off) with her to return back to the ranch as she was too sore to ride and the rest of the hour and a half. She got on the other horse and the rest of our family all rode back to the ranch. We were lucky as it was in the mountains that he bucked her off in an area that was not at the edge of a cliff. She still wants to go hoarse back riding again when she feels better. I guess that's a good thing as I don't want her to ever be scared. That's one brave girl. (Cathy) I feel for Miss Teen Sunshine. I would say that her guardian angel is working overtime at keeping her safe, however, I wish that angel didn't have to work so hard!!! Your week out west sounded lovely and relaxing. I was hoping to get to Calgary to visit Carol and my other girlfriends from school, however, it looks like we will only be able to squeeze in a week in Kelowna. Hubby and I keep saying that we are so glad we traveled as much as we could while the boys were little as now it is so difficult to coordinate schedules. I had hoped to go out earlier on my own or with the Younger One but, that will not work out either. In time we will once again have the flexibility with our time. (and probably look back saying, "remember when...)

Well Carolin, how was the wedding? I am excited to hear every detail. You must be exhausted. Do you still have family over? I looked at the photos on facebook. Wow, you all looked great! Carolin, I loved your dress!!

I also attended a very private little wedding the Thursday before we left. It was a lovely ceremony and the couple is very happy. Carolin, I know you know who I am talking about and Cathy, if you want to know you will just have to break down and pick up the phone and call me because the couple would like it to remain very private for now. (picking up the phone now)

Cathy, how are you doing? Are you finished nagging for today? I must admit that I catch myself nagging and I have to stop myself but sometimes it's impossible to do so. I have decided that it is my responsibility as a good parent to nag sometimes and other times it is just my right!(funny!)The hard part is that I remember tuning my mom out and I am sure that my daughter does the same. I can see when that look comes over her face that says, "what ever mom" and guess what, then I nag some more. My mom nagged all the time but I couldn't love her anymore and now having two children of my own, I completely understand why she did so. So never feel bad for caring and loving someone enough to say something.

(Cathy)As I sit here blogging I am watching one of my favourite cooking shows, "Anna and Kristina's Grocery Bag." I love the premise of this show. The two ladies take a different cookbook each show and cook six to eight dishes on average to form a complete meal. They then have a chef come to judge the result. Watch it, it's good. Anyway, during one commercial break a commercial came on for some new fangled wonder bra that lifts and separates. The lift, I get, but why the need to separate?

Carolin still has a house full of family and I think they are out and about today so I will post now and she can add when she has time!

(Cathy) Hey Carolin, I am still having trouble with my colour! Help!

Love you all, have a great weekend!!!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

To Nag or not to Nag....

How did my parents do it? How did they manage to raise my sister and myself without nagging? Why can I not stop nagging? I tell myself to shut up. The ladies tell me to shut up. The kids have just learned to tune me out. (they are too polite to tell me to shut up, lol!) I know they will survive as Hubby and I have faith in our ability to raise them. So, here is the question........ do I now go upstairs to wake the older one so he is not late for work. (he has already slept through two different alarms, not an uncommon event)? Hmmmmmm......

Friday, August 5, 2011

Catch up Fridays

(Sunshine) Its been such a busy week around here, no time to just sit back and enjoy life. We are leaving for Calgary in a few hours so I will relax when we get there tonight. I hope that you girls had a good week and I look forward to seeing you both soon. (Carolin)Have a great time. I find it funny as you leave to Calgary my family arrives here from Calgary. Yes, it is chaos in my house right now! We have an extra 9 people all competing for beds and showers. My baby brother is getting married this Sunday and all are in a flutter! Trips to the airport are happening daily as family and friends arrive from around the world.
(Cathy) I too am hoping to get to Calgary soon. I am just wishing to go on a plane, period! Sunshine, have a great time! Enjoy the mountains! Carolin, I am sure you will all have a great time and the wedding will come off beautifully! Enjoy! (did you make the cake???)
I have been in the garden and have really done little else this past week. Summer school is out for the younger one. He was very successful and we are so proud! We are still waiting for the phone call from the in car driving instructor to set up a schedule for the older one.
We are going to Jerkfest with family on Saturday. I am looking forward to some good food and music and a time to visit.

Have wonderful weekend!!!!!