Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursdays on the Bench

Hello every one. I hope that you are all doing well. Its just me (Sunshine), Cathy and Carolin today. Louise is at work and we all miss her. It has been a very slow summer so far with a lot of rain but today happens to be a beautiful and sunny day. My sister was telling me that this weekend is supposed to be nice for a change.

Cathy says that she is looking for a hook for our blog. We are trying to figure out what she means. Cathy has now received a text message from her son saying something that she would like some clarification on. Carolin is getting call waiting and call display today by 6.00 pm and she wanted the Bell customer service person to explain to her how to pick up her call waiting and she said that she felt very old when this person called her mam. The person explained that she needs to press the flash button to pick up a new call but Carolin's phone is so old, there is no flash button. Then she needs to press the release button (both Carolin and myself did not know that the pick up/hang up button is called the release button). Cathy says that it is just common knowledge. I don't think so because release means letting something go but when I pick up on a phone that requires me to hit a button to talk I am not releasing the caller I am engaging the caller. So there you go. (Carolin) Are you all proud of me joining the 21 century and subscribing to these (for us) new features. I am only getting these extra features because of the teenager and the boyfriend, who are are always tying up my phone line.

Carolin's 'Highway of Heros' post was very emotional and we appreciate her sharing her story. Carolin is trying to find out something about the soldier. She was searching to find information about him. What is his name, she could not find out any information so far. Cathy thinks that maybe its better that we don't have his actual name because then our thoughts are for all of the soldiers. Cathy says that all of the deceased soldiers follow a certain path. I will leave it for Cathy to explain the route and what actually happens. All I added was that after the fallen soldier has left the coroner's and arrives at Peason Airport, they are also honoured as they travel to the aircraft which will take them to their final destination.

Cathy says that she is constantly correcting my spelling as well as Carolin's. Thank you Cathy we really appreciate it. Cathy is mortified at all of our grammatical errors. i can't no wat she is taking abot?

We seem to be having issues with some people who would like to leave an annonymous or otherwise comment and cannot comment at all. Our followers seem to be able to comment but I do believe that you need to sign in to leave a comment. We are working hard to find out why and to correct it. We would like to have anyone who would like to leave a comment do so when ever they want, whether they sign in or not. Also, If you are a follower and would like to see if there are any new comments then you can do so. Cathy will explain how. You can subscribe to the posts and also to the comments. Click on the appropiate tab and follow the intructions. By subscribing, you will get any new posts or comments on your desktop home page without having to log into the blog. Try it!

There is a little male bashing going on right now, I am sure you can all relate without going into details. Now they are talking about distribution of household chores. How is it in your home, does the work get evenly divided up between family members?

Cathy has brought up her blog about educated women and uneducated women (what ever that means!) and house work. She was hoping to get some controversy conversation. When I read the blog I was so angry but I didn't comment cause I didn't want to hurt her feelings. But let me say I hated the article and just what does an educated women mean? And I have been in clean house's and dirty house's and if a women is 'educated' or not has no relevance to a clean home. I say we boycott Chatelaine magazine, not that I read it anyway.

Cathy is now discussing the issue of money, and our lack of. Sunshine says she is so tired of the issue of money. It seems every conversation we have with our spouses revolves around finding a job and money.

I am exhausted today because my husband decided to switch sides in our bed (we have rearranged the bedroom after painting it, pictures will be posted soon I hope) So anyway he wanted to switch sides which is messing me up I didn't fall asleep till after 2:00 AM. Now that I am on the wrong side my sore ankle does not hang of the bed like it should and he kept kicking it during the night! Sunshine says she sleeps by the window so if a bad guy comes in the bedroom they will get Mr. Sunshine first as he is closest to the door. Cathy says if you can't sleep you should read the phonebook. I suggested maybe the Bible instead of the phonebook. Sunshine says yes the bible it would put her to sleep instantly. A little to much 'begetting' for all of us. I say go read the Message version cause its fun to read but it might not put you to sleep.

I would like to thank everyone for participating in our poll. Yea all 6 of you! It shows that you all like the interaction between us. We do too! We are going to try something new on the blog, stay tuned!

Sunshine and Carolin are still trying to understand the male psyche. They can't understand how men and women cannot apply the same value to daily life happenings. We try to do what's best with what we have to work with. We are all ok with making sacrifices and when we make that one sacrifice, ie finding a job, which seems to be the big issue....will it solve it or just lead to another issue.

We won't say goodbye for, hopefully Louise will sign on and leave her two cents worth tonight.

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