Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Just Another Weekend

We experienced a milestone this weekend. After much coaxing, pleading, encouraging, and yes, bribery, the husband was able to take the training wheels of the little ones bike and teach her to ride with just the two wheels.

While I watched her riding her bike on our street, her short life played like a movie in my mind. What stands out for me is that the little one marches to her own band, she works on her own timetable and not ours. She is so the opposite of her sister. While her sister was only 9 months old when she started walking and it felt like to us, she was talking from the second she was born. The little one on the other hand didn't walk till she was over 15 months old and didn't bother to speak till she had something worth while to say so it was three years till we heard words come out of her mouth.

She to this day takes her time in everything she says and does. Trust me this character trait can be very frustrating when you have a mother that is Now, Quick, Make a Decision, kinda of person. It has taken a lot of growing on my part to learn patience and to slow down when it comes to interacting with the little one. What I have noticed is because she takes her time and is content to observe her surrounding without having to participate. When she shares an observation with us she is usually bang on the money. And I think that trait will serve her well as she gets older.

Because the little one takes her time in all she does, she also see things the rest of us just pass by. She has an artistic eye and finds beauty in just about everything and everywhere. Since she was three she has taken the camera and goes off taking pictures of what ever catches her eye. Thank goodness for digital cameras!


  1. I know some people like your little one who just won't be rushed and they are some of the most successful people I know. They see things that I miss all the time and they are the epitome of calm. Congratulations on your little one for her big achievement this weekend.

  2. That's my granddaughter. Congradulation to her. She will be riding Daddy's motor cycle in a few short years. The good part is she will not have a need for speed.
    Love You Mommie