Friday, July 10, 2009

My Tarnished Crown

I don't know about other homes but in ours even in the summer the little one is expected to do some school work. It is up to her to decide how long it will take her to complete the work but she understands that what ever time it takes her is the same length of time she goes without TV or computer. The goal here is for her to learn to concentrate on her work and stop daydreaming. On Wednesday it was two and half hours for about 40 questions. She only needs to do math three times a week and on the other two days she is required to do her math corrections (if any) and write in her creative writing book. The rest of the day she is free of school work.

So that being said today is Friday and she wants to go to her friends house for the day, which I want as well as then I don't have to bring her with me to the teenagers doctors appointment. So we start on the math. The math book I bought her this year is a review of grade three. I was hoping to reinforce all that she learned this past year not introduce new concepts. I am trying to make sure she retains what she has already learnt. So we open the book to chapter 4, 2D shapes and 3D Figures. Question number one: name the shapes, uhhhh, I look at the eight shapes pictured. I know the square, triangle, octagon (only cause of that lady in the states with the 8 babies and they call her octamom) and diamond. Not bad I knew 4 out of the 8 shapes. So I cheat go to the back of the book to the answers and write her a list that she can work from. Well seems I was wrong and there is know shape called diamond. Somebody should tell Shreddies that cause they have a whole campaign on there new diamond shape cereal, they even want the public to vote on there preference Square or Diamond. The grade three name for a diamond is rhombus. I thought rhombus was some kinda of dance they did on DWTS.

Ever the optimist we move to page two. Find the correct shapes to match the descriptions.
Shapes that have 2 pairs of parallel sides, done, 4 sides, done. Two or more right angles, uhh, lets go to the next question, two angles smaller than a right angle. "Well little one I think we should move on to page three cause we want to get you to your friends house".

Page three starts with, Draw all the quadrilaterals with 2 pairs of parallel sides in the grid. Write their names under them. Then answer the questions. The little one looks up at me with complete love and trust cause I am Mom and I know everything. I have told her that many, many times throughout her 9 years. I look into her beautiful blue eyes and think this is it she will never look at me the same way again. I am no longer ''ever knowing Mom' my crown has started to tarnish. I start to panic and wonder how I can get to the back of the book for the answers without her knowing her mother can't do grade three math. At that moment thank goodness the teenager started to cry out in pain and it was imperative that we close the math book for the day and take care of the teenager. That was a close call.

When the husband gets home tonight I will let him know he needs to spend more time with his daughter and they should work on math together and I will help her with her creative writing.


  1. That math sounds like it was ment for university. How would that word (rhombus) be used in every day chat. I think it is slang for ( rrr I'm gonig HOM on the BUS.) I can just hear the YO YOs saying "Man rhombus see you later."
    The little one is sure a cutie riding a bike and going off to her friends. She is growing up.
    How is the acting like a nurce working out?
    Love You

  2. I feel the same way Carolin when it comes to some of the math in particular. My crown was lost a long time ago as saying I don't know is something that I said with my oldest years ago and now also happens sometimes with my youngest. However there are other subjects in which my brilliance shines through. I guess that it all evens out in the end anyway.

  3. Carolin, you're too funny. Your crown saved by pain? Sounds medieval!