Friday, July 10, 2009

House is on Hiatus

I am assuming because it is summer that is why Dr. House is not responding to any of our blogs.

The teenager was up just after 7:00 this morning, had a shower and over a two hour period ate a piece of bread with peanut butter. She then laid on the couch in and out of sleep. At one point she did crawl into a fetus position because of the pain. I gave her two gravel, that seemed to help. We headed over to the doctors office for her appointment at noon. She had to fill out a bunch of privacy wavier to get the medical records from Prince Edward Memorial Hospital (Picton) faxed to us in Brampton. (that makes me wonder if I should of had her sign something before I spewed all her business on the internet. Hmmm, O well, to late now, where was I)And we could not get all the test results sent because the ones ordered by the doctor at the clinic she first went to is now on vacation and the clinic is closed for a week.

The teenager would not let me go in the Doctors office with her cause she says she is an adult now and can do this on her own. (teeth clenched growl from me) So I sat in the waiting room with my arms crossed pouting but then my attention was drawn to a new mom bonding with her brandnew (two day) old daughter. The baby was tiny, tiny, I later heard the nurse say to the mom that the baby's weight was 4 pounds 8 ounces. When I said tiny, I meant tiny.

Finally the teenager came out telling me she has to have blood work, ultrasounds, Xrays done. So at that point I asked her to jump up and down (just trying to gain some of my mother power back) and she did it (heh,heh,heh) but then doubled over in pain clutching her left side. So we went back into the doctors office and I told him what I had her do and told him in all my medical school wisdom if it could be her appendix. He smiled at me, took a deap breath and said very slowly "the appendix are on the right side" I think his smile was turning into a smirk at that moment, but I let it go. He did say that the results of the test done earlier were somewhat inconclusive and that is why he wanted them done again.

Down stairs we go to the lab and she does all the blood and little bottle with the orange lid work. We then go across the hall to arrange the ultrasounds (yes two) and Xrays. The doctor had written urgent on the ultrasound requisition so with that, the earliest appointment the teenager can get is July 20! Good think it is urgent. The women doing the booking said she would call us if there was a cancellation and I said we could come at a moments notice and since it was two ultrasounds one for the upper abdomen and one for the lower intestine we could split it up and come twice. So the hope for now is someone cancels and we can get her in sooner. We will have the Xray done when the do the ultrasound just seems easier that way.

In the car the teenager told me the Doctor has put her on a light diet. She can have soy milk, rice pudding, custard, pudding, jello. That's it, the thinking is if she should need surgery this diet will have the least effect on her, and until they can figure out what is wrong he doesn't want her body working to hard. We stopped at the grocery store and did some shopping for her.

When we arrived home she ate some rice pudding and a regular pudding within 15 minutes she was doubled over on the floor in pain. And 1/2 hour after that, again doubled over on all fours on the floor in pain. So for now we are praying that she gets in for the ultrasounds sooner then later.

What we know it is not: Not gallstones or gallbladder, not appendix (hmmm), seems unlikely to be a virus.

What it could be: Cyst on a ovary, ulcer, parasites, or your guess is as good as mine.

I think she might be a bit better as she is on my phone with the boyfriend. Guess I am going to have to invest in call waiting sooner then I had intended.

6:13 PM JUST IN!

Lab just called and the teenager is going in for one of her ultrasounds tomorrow at 11:30 AM. She is now on a strict fat free diet for tomorrows test.

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  1. Good that the ultra sound will happen tomorrow. Now lets pray the second one will be on Monday. Talk to your sister she had a cyst on her ovary that was very painful untill it ruptured in the hostital then it felt much better. Ask her if she had trouble with eating and pain. Let us know how she is tomorrow.
    Love You