Friday, July 24, 2009

Thursday at the park

Well, hello all!

First of all I would like to apologize for the lack of a post last Thursday. Now that the kids are off school it is harder to get together each week. Last week Louise was at work (yeah!) and when she is not at work she is on the soccer field with her kids! Carolin was very busy last week with the teenager and hopefully all is well there. Carolin and her family are now spending a week at the same camp with the teenager. Carolin was hoping there would be Internet there, but I am sure she is just too busy having fun! Sunshine, wow, time does pass quickly as Sunshine and I have not even spoken this week so I am not sure how her week is going! That's pretty bad, isn't it!

I hope you are all keeping up to date with Camille's adventures. Sunshine's novel is becoming quite suspenseful!

So, what have I been up too? This is the first time all week that I have turned my computer on! I had to catch up on all my e-mails and then update my Norton. I was at work and I am still complaining about the lack of summer we are experiencing! We have a pool and although the pool water is warm, the ambient temperature is not and it's just not pool weather! (I know, I know, I can hear the violins now :) )

This weather is good for gardening and I love seeing the pictures from our gardens. Maybe this weather will reward us with a long growing season.

Hi, everyone I just noticed that Cathy had added this in our draft section so Cathy I hope that you don't mind but I decided to add onto it. It's been a busy week for me with family. Unfortunately I had a funeral to go to last week that took up 2 pretty full days. It was sad as are all funerals. I did get to see a lot of my cousins and as a result I went to a family picnic on Sunday with thousands of people from my dad's home town and a lot of family. I hadn't done for a very long time now so it was good to see them all again. There are always some crazy antics going on. Mostly it was fun but there is always someone who hasn't seen us in some time and who has some negative things to say about how people in our family should live their lives. Those are the conversations that I can do without.

I spoke to Carolin's husband last night as he called to enquire about the car that was left in the drive way as the battery was dead when he got back last night. He wondered if we noticed a car door open or anything like that. The girls and I did not notice anything when we were over feeding the fish and the cat. I was also informed that Carolin has hurt her ankle and had to go to the same hospital that her daughter was in just a short time ago. Apparently her ankle is sprained and she is on crutches. We hope that you feel better really soon Caroline. I don't know how much she will be able to help out in the kitchen. I hope that she is not in too much pain.

My older daughter goes to get her braces put on tomorrow. It is a two hour appointment and hope that she will not be in any pain after the installation. So yes I get so see the man of the hour tomorrow Dr. Mark or maybe I will see Cathy's favourite Dr. Black instead. Wow what suspense.

Cathy and Louise how are you both doing?

What's with this crazy weather? I don't think that we have had a summer like this in a long time. Braces went well today and she is feeling pretty good. She is feeling a little bit more uncomfortable as the night progresses. They have told us that tomorrow and the weekend will be the most uncomfortable of the days. All in all she is a real trouper as are all the other kids. Louise, thanks for your call tonight. We didn't get home until about 10:45 pm so I didn't call back because I didn't want to wake you but I did let her listen to the message and we both appreciated it very much.

Hay anyone watched the kids movie Coraline. We actually purchased it this week as we had preordered it. I don't know what possessed me to preorder it without anyone in the family having seen it yet but the girls had heard that it was an amazing movie. Well we watched it and it was a very strange, but as my girls both said an interesting movie. The girls said that they need to watch it a few more times. I can say that once was enough for me.

Hey, cool, I will be at the ortho tomorrow as well, the younger one is getting elastics. Ouch!

What is happening to Carolin? I hope she is ok. I can just imagine the story!

I just added a poll to the home page of our blog. We are looking for input as to what you enjoy the most about our blog. (please say you like it or it will hurt our egos! :) ) I am looking forward to your responses!

Hello everyone

I'm on week three, and I'm so tired! I'm glad to hear everyone is well, sorry to hear about Carolin's ankle hope she feels better soon. I'm sure they're taking real good care of her up north.

I have to go I have a screaming child to attend to........

Well, I know this is unlike our other Thursday's, we'll see what we can do next week.

We miss Carolin and hope she is mending quickly!

See you next week.

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  1. It is very nice to hear from you ladies.
    Sounds like everyone is enjoying the summer wheather as much as I am. Ha Ha.
    It shocked me to hear about Carolin and her ankle. I feel sooooooooo bad for her as I just went though May and June with a cast on my broken ankle. The pain was so sevear I could not walk on it at all for the first two weeks. I have to know more, poor thing.
    Sounds like you are all contributing to Dr. Marks retirement fund. The best thing to do is look after your teeth when you are young and when you are old you will not have to have wooden teeth.
    Louise it does take time to ajust to working outside the home and inside as well. It will soon become routine. Not easyer but routine, you want be so tired.
    Summer is a busy time but with so much rain I have been in the house sewing for the past three day. Made myself PJ's, table cloth with napkins and a bedspread. I will start a light jacket next. Im also doing a lot of reading.
    You ladies take care as I try to track down the girl with the bad ankle.
    Love YOU