Thursday, May 7, 2009

Writing A Eulogy

It’s 11:30 at night, I am sitting in my bed with a glass of wine and the computer on my lap. I guess that’s why it is called a laptop. I need to come up with a eulogy for Len’s funeral. I have never written one before, the only thing I have written is notes to the teacher and even then my kids have always needed to translate them.

Why, did I agree to this, this is what I get for wanting to have control and keep the planning within the immediate family? I start to write the usual stories of Len, stories from our past, but the problem I have is I don’t remember much and really why do they need my memories when they have their own of Len.

So I start again this time I try with a bullet form list of characteristics of Len, but again its just not working for me. I get frustrated and decide to put it off till tomorrow. I turn off the computer and close the lights. While I am lying in bed just about to fall asleep it comes to me, I think I know what to write. In my usual procrastination I decide to write it tomorrow. I soon realize I must write it now, because I will probably forget the thought tomorrow. So up I get and I turn on the lights and boot up the computer.

Writing a eulogy can be a tricky thing and I tried to make it personal but not too sappy. I tried to get what I felt out but I also was trying very hard not to cause a big crying fest (for the mourners or myself). I wasn’t to worried cause if I couldn’t pull off the eulogy, I knew that my siblings would be standing alongside me, and they would step in where ever needed. They told me numerous times, “not to worry we got your back”.

I have the first draft written and I asked Kerry and Chris to each read it and make suggestions so that we were all comfortable with what I wrote. I was feeling more confident that what we wrote was good and we could pull this off together. I am actually feeling a little excited and nervous at the same time, as I have never talked in front of a crowd before.


  1. I new at this point you where becoming over whelmed. I remember letting you know that Uncle Freddy has done this many times and he would be pleased to help you or right a eulogy for you. However you where very determined to do this. I new it was your way of handleing Len's death. I was very concerned about you and when you would crash.
    You did a wonderful job holding up your brother and sister. At the time I remember being proud of you but now two years later I have no idea what was said by anyone that day.

  2. I know that it is a very personal thing for you and your family but if you still have it would you mind sharing the eulogy with us? I would love to hear it. I also remember that we all wanted to be there for you that day but as per your request we did not come. We would love to share this with you now if that's OK with your family.

  3. I can remember that Louise, Sunshine, and I were very torn about not attending Len's funeral. You were so adamant that the three of us not come, and we all wanted so desperatly to be there to support you.