Monday, May 11, 2009

Question of the Day

Last week we asked you what you would like for Mother's day. This week our question is what did you get for Mother's day and was it an enjoyable day for you?


  1. I had a lovely day, my mom was with us for the weekend. My aunt and uncle came to Church with us and we spent the day all together. The little one made a couple of coupon books at Sunday school and I plan on using them. The teenager agreed to help with the garden clean up on her day off from school. So all and all it was a nice day and the back yard as of now is looking a little better.

    Though I think what my front and back yards really need it Cathy and all her garden expertise.

  2. I had a wonderful mother's day. Went to Humber Nurseries and spent the gift money that all my boys gave me!

    Hey Carolin, do you want my rhubarb plant?
    I have tidied up my yard and am planting a lot of native plants and will be able to help whenever

  3. I had a great mothers day just hanging out with my family. Dinner out was great too. Anytime I don't have to cook is a good day.

  4. I had a great mothers day and weekend. I spent it with my baby girl. She took me to do a little shopping. I relaxed in her yard. I was rude when guests where there. I fell asleep for several hour,right in the middle of the conversation. All in all it was great.

  5. My beautiful daughter came home from Italy.
    That's the best gift I could ask for, she's home safe and sound!!!!
    I spent the day with my three beautiful children and I was also lucky enough to spend it with my cousin and her wonderful children too.