Saturday, May 16, 2009

Question of the Week

It's the first long weekend of the summer.

What are your plans for weekend?


  1. Saturday I had my family over. Sunday will be a day of many different events and Monday we will hopefully be relaxing but hubby may be working. I had planned on doing some gardening but we will see what the weather has in store for us. I'm a home body so hanging out with the family all weekend is one of my favourite things to do.

  2. My Sunday of the our first long weekend consits of trying to get everyone ready for a Wedding. I am not getting my cooperation. If wearing shorts are ok to church now why can't I just let them wear shorts to a wedding. Would be so much eaiser.

  3. Im sitting here thinking that I will go out for some fresh air. I hesitate because my ankle hurts a little and I hope I don't fall. That is today Monday. Yesterday was my grandsons wedding very lovely.The reception is next Friday &*^%%*&) pictures take a long time these days. Sat. I stayed in all day and gave myself a pedicure and manicure and painted most of the afternoon ( I'm an artist now)