Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Are They Real?????

Are they real? This is a question that I get asked all of the time. It’s asked of me most often when I am at work. However, I could be just walking through a mall and complete strangers will stop and ask me as well.

Trust me when I say that they are not looking where you think they are looking. When people stare at me, which they do incessantly, it’s not below my neck they are peering at....... it’s my eyes!

You might at this point think that I am very vain. Not at all! Quite the opposite in fact! If you read my blog about the troubles with my hair it’s not vanity but a very self conscience personality I have. I am always worried about how my hair looks in public. With people always staring at me, I assume there is something wrong with my hair and I cannot wait to get to the nearest mirror to check it out! Well, my hair seems to be holding its own for now, (until the humid months of summer arrive), as I have just been to the hair dressers. So, why am I being stared at!

It’s my eyes! To me they are just eyes, blue eyes and you can see them now as I wear contacts; clear contacts not coloured ones. However, to the masses my eyes seem to be unique, very, very blue and very, very large and very, very intense. Women will approach me and ask if my eye colour is real and then they will compliment my eyes and say that they have never seen anything like them. Men will approach me and ask first if they can say something personal to me without being arrested! They will then proceed to tell me that I have beautiful unique eyes and they just needed to tell me.

So, if this eye watching happens all the time.... why do I still feel like there is something wrong with my hair? You would think by now that when I see people staring at me that I would assume it’s my eyes they are looking at and not my hair. In fact, if my eyes are such a draw I could have a ‘bad hair’ day and nobody would notice!

I guess it’s a leftover from when I was younger. Heaven help me the day when someone approaches me and I think they are going to compliment my eyes and instead they let me know that my hair is standing up on end!!!!!


  1. Be proud of the fact that you are so unique and embrace it. Only then can you be free to be who you really are and only then can you truly be you.

  2. Cathy any hair style is in with todays fashion. I fined myself stareing at hair if it stands up 8 inches or more and is multi coloured pink, purple and green. Now this hair style can be on male or female. In downtown Toronto you see it all. Your hair would not get a second look in the big city and more then likly not get a second look in your hood either.
    Now beautiful eyes that is a horse of a different colour. NO I AM NOT CALLING YOU A HORSE. I have commented on strangers beautiful eyes befor. Hair can be changed daily but most often eyes do not change daily. Dwell on the positive and quite winking at strangers.