Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday and I am home ALONE

Here I am all alone, don’t women crave these kind of days, when we can be responsible for no one but ourselves. Do what ever we want, when we want, eat a row of cookies for lunch, hell, eat the whole box it’s not like anyone is watching and we don’t have to set a good example or anything.

So why then am I at a loss of what to do. The teenager is gone for the day and doesn’t need picked up till late tonight, the husband and little one have gone to the circus for the afternoon, so here is my chance to sit in front of the laptop a write uninterrupted for hours. Just sat back down from my walk around the house, put moisturizer on my hands, looked out the front window and the grass is still green, noticed my lilacs have blossomed, contemplate cutting some for the teenager room, as they are her favourite, but decide against it as I am still in a snit with her.

Back to the laptop, tried earlier to write some more about ‘The Death of Len’, got a page done, but I am not happy with it so I save and close it, maybe later. I then go outside water a planter that doesn’t get the rain, and start to plant a few seeds. The rain starts so I pack up and head back in. I look at the gardens and think how pretty they look, when it is just about to pour, everything looks so green. I start thinking of ways I can fill up the planters with flowers and greenery the cheapest way possible. I really can’t spend money this year on flowers. Rub my hand on my chin and notice it is time for another wax, ugh. I start to think I should add to Cathy’s blog and type about gardening and how to do it creatively on the cheap, but I am not feeling very creative right now. The house is sooooo quite.

Maybe I should go rent a girly movie, but that would mean I would have to brush my hair, put a sweater on, and go drive to Blockbuster, and that just seems like too much work. I could go lay on the couch and read a book, but the books I have right now are not that great. I am waiting for one from the library called ‘Push’ by Sapphire. I received a email from the Tyler Perry film company promoing this new movie for the fall and it looked good so I thought I would read the book first. I look around the kitchen/family room and think I should do some tidying. Especially after the crowd of people that were here last night for our ‘small group. It s funny calling it a ‘small group’ when there are 9 adults and up to 13 children. It’s amazing we can get through a chapter of our latest book or topic we are discussing with all the noise and interruptions from the kids.

I wonder what the three other bloggers are doing this weekend. I left a message on Louise’s phone to call me. She wanted to pick my brain about something???? Don’t have a clue what the others are up to this long weekend. It’s odd that when I have this time to myself I can’t seem to let my body or brain just relax and enjoy it. Why is that, is it just me or do others feel the same way? I just realized I could go shopping for a wedding gift as we are going to a wedding tomorrow and I haven’t bought the gift yet. Or I could just write a cheque and shove it in a card, yea that sounds easier.

It is getting a little lighter outside, I think I should go back out there and try to plant a few more seeds while I can. Or maybe I will grab a blanket and lay on the couch…


  1. I feel the same way.. I look forward to having a day off .. then when i do i feel like i dont know what to do with myself.. bored walking aimlessly around the house ... did the cleaning even rearranged the furniture... husband off to work ... just me and my animals.... maybe i should give you a call ...LOL

  2. You should have called me, you could have come over and help me clean, grocery shop, go to music lessons, cook, clean again and entertain my family. Oh, sorry that might not be what you were looking to do on your time off. Truth be told on my quiet time alone days, it really depends on my mood as to what I am doing. Sometimes I get a lot accomplished on my things to do list. Other times I spend the time on the phone catching up and just chatting away and sometimes I get lonely and even have a little nap more out of boredom then actual exhaustion. Being at home alone and feeling lonely can be very exhausting to me and on those days I have a nap and dream of something exciting to do.

  3. You ladies are so funny! We are trying to fill in our leasure time with doing things. Like reading, sewing, painting, bloging, walking, cleaning, and all sorts of other none leasure things. We all do it, are we all nuts?