Friday, May 15, 2009

American Idol and then there were two

Well Tuesday night the Idols sang two songs each. The first song was chosen for them by the judges and the second song the idols picked on their own. It was an interesting night. Danny did well and Adam did well as usual. Kris's first song was not so great but his second song was spectacular. On elimination night on Wednesday Danny Gokey was sent home. Danny is such a sweet guy with an incredible story and his expediences make him a very heart felt performer. We are sad to see him go. Next week is the finale and it should be a good one. Kris has delivered some outstanding performances in the past and Adam is always good. If Kris can perform at his best next week it should be a good show down. You all know that I love Adam and that he is so insanely talented but the last few weeks I have been a little bored. I hope that he can bring something new and spectacular next week.

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  1. Again I say I LOVE ADAM. Iam not a hard core rocker but
    Adams voice is fantastic. I agree the shows next week will be some of the best. Kris is a doll you could take him home and hug him all day long. With all Dannys fans now voteing for Adam and Kris it will be a nail bitter.