Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Only Five Weeks Left of Elementary School

My oldest daughter is in her last five weeks of elementary school now. I can't help but reminisce about the last ten years of our lives at the same school. I can remember the first day of Junior Kindergarten. I can remember every teacher and any every parent teacher interview. I remember how she struggled with reading in grade two and how concerned we were and now I can't get her to stop reading. I remember every boy that she ever liked ( at least the ones she talked about). I rember the years after I had my second daughter and how she took the school bus for a few years. I was lucky that the bus stop was right in fromt of my house and we could all wait inside if it was cold out. I rember how on warm days the kids would play on the stepping stones in the garden while they waited for the school bus. I remember her performance in Beautify and the Beast and she was Bell in grade 5. We were shocked that she got the part and so nervous for her but she was amazing. It was in this school were the teachers saw her talent even before we did and they encouraged and nurtured her and it is now her passion in life. I rember when she sang for the trustees and superintendents for the school as part of there morning prayer. I remember how sad we all were when we went to visit the kids potential new school because we had moved and after the tour we unanimously decided that we would stay at our old school. That was a great decision. I rember each time we had car trouble and had to now walk the long way to school. Sometimes it was bitter cold and there was lots of snow but it was always an adventure. I remember every project and all of those school speeches. I rember the countless times that I have gone to scholl to deliver something that was forgotten or pick her up because she wasn't feeling well. I remember her reconciliation, communion and most recently her confirmation. Each time I was so happy for her and I always had a little tear in my eye. I remember each and every performance or play big or small and each one always put a smile on my face. I have been on virtually every school trip with her and each and every day I have had the pleasure of seeing her off to school and being there when she returns. She use to come out of school and want to play now she takes so long to meet us because she is socializing and when she finally comes she prefers to listen to us parents chatter away. Sometimes she has so much to say and I wish that she would wait until we didn't have an audience listening to our every words and other times she plays soccer or gives us a grunt and goes in the car and reads one of her books which she always carries with her. I feel that it has been a gift to be able to witness the shaping of of a another person and see how they can really shine. I am so proud of her and I look forward to being a part of her bright and shining future.

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  1. Your such a great Mother and to have a great memorie like that. High school a whole new wonderful world. A word of caution. Don't walk her to school the first day, and kiss her good bye. NOT COOL