Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another Disturbing incident

Last night at about 9:00p.m. I was having a nice evening with my family. The kids and I were sitting at the kitchen table working on various activities. I had just gotten off the phone with a friend of mine when the phone rang. It was a male voice and he started off by saying things like what do you think that you're doing, I know who you are so F*** OFF. It was obvious to me that he had dialed the wrong number and I asked him who he was looking for because he got the wrong number. Well he very quickly and angrily said that he was looking for me. I realized then who this person was. About an hour before this phone call I had called a good Friend of mine and I had misdialed her number by accident. I remember the voice now. When I had called this number earlier the person on the end of the phone sounded as thought they had dozed off. I knew that it wasn't the correct person but I thought that someone else may have been answering her phone so I asked for her by name. He told me that I had the wrong number and I apologized. He said no worries and that was the end of the conversation.

Well this was the same voice. I proceeded to tell him that I made a mistake in dialling his number and he very irately told me that I did not. He proceeded to tell me that he knows who I am and what I am up to and once again told me to F*** OFF. Once again I explained that he must have a similar number as one of my good friends and I was simply misdialling it. I know that I have miss dialed it on a few occasions that I could remember. He told me that his phone said that I had misdialled it 11 times in I don't know how long. I said that I did not recall 11 times but that once again it was a mistake. He said that it was not mistake and that he knows what I am up to and that we will see where this goes. I said that it will obviously go no where because it was accidental. Once again he irately told me to F*** OFF. I said well that's nice use of language and hung up as I didn't want to have this conversation with a lunatic any more.

Well I got off the phone and the kids said mom are you ok? Who was that? I stood still for a second so angry and a little scared. I realized that my heart was beating a million miles and hour. I went upstairs to see what number had called me back from on my call display phone upstairs. Well it was a private number.

I decided to call my phone carrier to see if there is anything that I could do to block this from happening again. I am concerned as obviously we have misdialed this number several times and some of those times may even be other family members I'm not sure. I want to block us from misdialling this number again and block him from contacting us. What if he calls and one of my kids answerer's next time? I also wanted to know what number had dialled me. Well the representative told me that there was no way to access his number as he is a private caller and therefor is protected from the release of any information. I said fine then can you give me the number that I dialled at approximately 8:00 tonight, the number that I dialled directly before my friends number. This they could do so now I have his number too. Well it is one number off from my friends number.

The representative told me that I can purchase for $4.00 a month a call screening service that would allow me to block any numbers that I would like from calling me. There is no feature to block us from dialling a certain number. Well I can spent the money and block him from ever calling me again but it does not solve my problem in terms of never misdialling his number ever again.

Well I call my sister who laughs and says that it's the funniest problem that she has ever heard and that I probably gave the phone carrier representative a good laugh tonight. She also said that it's amazing how effective intimidation can be. She said that he was trying to intimidate me and that there is nothing to be worried about just stop calling that number because I have obviously pissed him right off.

I call my friend whose number I was obviously misdialling (this time I called her on my phone
that has a directory feature and used that so that there will be no mistake). She agrees with me that this phone call was awful and does not know whose number this maybe. She proceeds to say what a terrible way to speak to another person, especially a woman.

I didn't sleep very well last night as I couldn't get his angry voice out of my head. When I tell my husband the story he wants to call this number back as he has a few choice words for this person . I don't want him to call this person back as I think that it will make things worse. I just want for this man never to call here again and I want to never call his number again. I decide that I will program my friend on speed dial which I have never used before and call her only in this manner. I am just so upset that someone has the capability of calling you in your own home and saying such mean things which I feel are so unjustified.


  1. OK so here it goes, now that you have the number in which you called. Go to 411.ca and do a reverse look up based on phone number. That should give you the name and address of the person who you called then you could throw eggs at his house! Just joking

    Next I don’t understand why the phone carrier wont give you the number that called you and was abusive but they give you the number, which you called. Is that not the same number?

    Lastly let it go, he is a jerk and there is nothing you can do about jerks. If this should ever happen again just hang up. Don’t try to explain yourself or get in any conversation with him. If he should call agian and is abusive then, call your phone carrier immediately after and report the abuse.

  2. I think he is a pretty good guy, with great paitence and quite forgivable to boot! I wish I had a guy that would let things go eleven times befor reacting. And thats what it was a reaction. He was reacting to that dam women who woke him up from a very sexy dream. You won't hear from him again because you are now (after eleven times) taking action to stop calling the poor man. You know I love you Sunshine, but stop letting your fingers do the walking though that poor mans dreams.

  3. Sunshine I feel for you, This would freak me out too and like caroline said you can do a reverse 411 but then again so could he as he has your number... KINDA SCARY!!!!
    I would report it .. yes you should dial a little more carefully.. but his reaction was unecessary !! And what if it was one of your children who answered ???
    I hope this doesnt happen again!!!