Sunday, May 24, 2009

Good Morning All

Well it is Sunday morning almost 9:30 AM. I am up showered and ready for church but am waiting for the rest of the family. So I thought I would share with you what was discussed last night with Sunshine’s and her husband.

Firstly let me say of course dinner was great, BBQ T-bones and Chicken breasts, Seven Layers salad and this great Rice/Vegi dish that Sunshine made. Was simple and good, just as it should be. Even met the ‘Teenagers’ boyfriend as they stopped by for a minute or two.

So we crunched number (business talk for we guessed on what the cliental would be). We worked out best case, mid range and ultra conservative numbers and in all cases I would be able to make enough to keep the ‘Little One’ in the school. Of course that is with some big assumptions like the construction at the school will be done by the beginning of the school year, the school will pick up the tab of outfitting the kitchen with appliances and everything meets code. I come in with the service and supply the small equipment that I would need. The ‘Husband’ is supportive but is concerned about the initial outlay of money, as it would put us further in to debt. Which I totally get but I am thinking along the lines as “I might as well try, the worst the school board can say is “no” and we are no worse off for trying”. Meanwhile I will still send out my resume to prospective job. My motivation is to keep the ‘little one’ in the school and pay off some of our debt. I understand it won’t make us millionaires but it will allow me work the school schedule, which would benefit the whole family.

A good point was made though, I wanted to have a menu of healthy foods, but high school kids want pizza, french-fries, and easy food. So if I want them to buy from me and not brown bag it, then I have to offer both. Sunshine’s husband (sunshine can we come up with a name for him please?) left me a binder of a proposal that I can look through, to give me inspiration while I write mine.

This morning I went on a web site for commercial kitchen equipment (looking at prices of convection ovens and mixers. The ‘Husband’ laughed at me cause he said I get as excited about a mixer as he does when he is looking at motorcycles. But let me say it was a real sweet mixer, it was big, with lots of shinny chrome and the motor heavy duty but still quite, well lets just say I think I might be in love!

This whole business thing was the last thought as I fell asleep last night and the first thought even before I opened my eyes this morning. After church I will start to write the proposal, I would like to give it to the principal Tuesday morning.
So friends what do you all think? Do you think this is a viable opportunity or am I grasping at straws? Can you see me, as one friend said to me on Facebook, as the ‘Lunch Lady’?


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  2. In one word, (if you can believe that!); YES!!!!

    (the other comment was deleted due to spelling errors ;) )

  3. I think you can do anything you set your mind to!!!!
    Your such a smart women, your going to do great.....
    Jump in and Enjoy......What have you got to loose????????

  4. Thanks for the great dinner on Saturday night. I have read your proposal and I say that you are on your way to once again becoming an independent business woman and I believe that this is the start of great things for you. May you have continues success and a life filled with happiness.

    p.s. You can call my husband George he says. If that's too complicated and you will still need to specify who he is then Mr. Sunshine works for me. He laughed at that and said that its fine too.