Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Who is Bernard LaChance?

Bernard Lachance is a Canadian singer from Quebec. He decided to spend his life savings on renting the Bell Centre the largest music hall in Montreal to perform for the public. He was an unknown and sold tickets by canvesisng the streets armed with his cd and a pair of head phones. He has no agent, no manager and no producer. He sold each seat himself and had a seating chart of the concert hall on his t-shirt and had each buyer check off their seat number. He says that he has sold 10,000 of his cd's the very same way. Then his dream was to sing in the united states. He called the Chicago theatre and wanted to rent it out. They told him that he was crazy so he hopped on a plane to convince them. Once they heard his story they agreed and he rented the theatre for ($18,000.00) for one night for June 6th 2009. He began selling tickets on the streets of Chicago one by one the same way that he did in Montreal. He posted a video on you-tube for Oprah explaining his story and saved Oprah and her friend Gail King the two best seats in the house. He said that he would be honored if she would come to his concert and that if she signed his t-shirt he would never wash it again.

Click below to see what happens next, you won't believe it............


  1. Well Sunshine I watched Bernard. Brought a tear to my eye. Good for him and what chutzpa. I love the idea that if you have a dream then YOU need to work to make it come true. What’s are dream Sunshine? Is it to get a job to shut our husbands up or is it to make this blog a nation wide must read? I think I want both the job for now but the blog to increase readership. So this Thursday lets discuss a way to kick it up a notch, to increase readership but also keep our integrity intact.

  2. Iam working on my short term goal. The dream is for my little girl to pick me up and take me to her house for the weekend. Considering it is Mother's day and I have a broken ankle.
    This is the first time I heard of Bernard LaChance. I say good for him. I would like to know what day he is on Oprah, I would like to see him.

  3. Bernard LaChance was on Oprah this past Wednesday. If I find a repeat of the program I will let you know. Sorry, I missed that performance too. If I find it on YouTube which is not available as of yet I will blog it. Enjoy Mother's Day and get better soon!!!

  4. Well Caroline, I would like our dream to be something that makes us feel good about ourselves. A great income from it would be a bonus. I do believe that anything in life is possible. If you really believe in what you are doing and will not take no for an answer and are willing to work hard for your cause then you will be successful not matter what.