Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday at the park

Good Morning (Carolin)

So we have been together for over an hour, sorry but sometimes with the chatting we forget to write. At this moment Cathy and Sunshine are talking Victoria Secret Bras. Cathy loves them, Sunshine says the problem with VS bras is they are for only the smaller chested women. Now they are talking about how often do you change your bra. Might be a good question for the week, have to think about it. (Louise) I think a better question would be.......Where can you find a good, affordable, and not a mumma luca looking bra either, a nice make you feel good and perky bra?????

Sorry I can't type anymore because my hot husband just showed up to fix Louise's toilet. All the ladies are excited cause he showed up on his motorcycle!

Some of you out there might have noticed that Mommie has not replied to any of the blogs lately. Just so you all know we spoke to her on the phone today and she was having chest pains yesterday so has been admitted to the hospital for observation. Sunshine and Louise talked to her. She is doing well but really wanted to know more about American Idol. I did speak to Mommie today with the excuse of American Idol, but it was really nice to hear her voice. I'm so grateful for all her comments and I love the fact that she is so involved with our lives. Thank you Mommie and I can't wait for you to come home to be part of this very special thing that we started.

Now the conversation is about transvestites. We all have different opinions, are you surprised? Sunshines feels we should just let everyone do what they want. I, on the other hand say, "fine, do what you want but realize there will be consequences to your actions, and you might not see them till many years later". My husband is walking around, of course the toilet is acting fine now. Cathy just passed me a piece of quiche that Sunshine made. Yummy. Louise gave me my tea, I could get used to this service. Yes I do agree that quiche is delicious.....I just can't stop eating it!!!!!

We are at a quite lull now as everyone shoves food in their mouths. Cathy and 'the husband' are talking solar panels for her pool. Boring, 'the husband' is leaving now, can't take it much more all this chatting.

Earlier we talked about me trying to get a business proposal together to present next week. Sunshine and her family are coming over for dinner to so her husband can help get the presentation finalized. I am about to lose my mind because of Louse's stupid dog wont SHUT UP!!!!!!!!

OK, I'm back now (Sunshine) Carolin decided to start the conversation today. We decided to have a real breakfast today, fruit, yogurt and some homemade quiche.(great quiche!) It was probably the best breakfast that I have had all week. It's busy morning so far. Kids off to school, some gardening, some work and now our meeting. We all look forward to our weekly get togethers because there is some definite bonding and we are happy to make it a priority in all of our lives. Best wishes to Carolin's mom we want her to be home again soon. Talking about school and shows and bands. Cathy has to go to the school for a show and although she is happy about that, she says it is a nice night to be outside. Louise will be on the soccer field and Carolin we really don't know what she is doing. I am doing nothing tonight!! I will be doing what ever my birthday girl (my daughter ) wants to do tonight. How about herbs asks Cathy. Louise has an herb garden at the side of her backyard and she will be planting in it again. Her oregano is still overtaking her garden as is Cathy' s and Carolin's, I don't know what's wrong with mine, it never comes back.I'll dig up some of mine to give her on Sunday. One of our daughters thinks that she is a real boy magnet and wants to know if her clothes make her look sexy and she has to be careful that the boys aren't all attracted to her. She's only 9! We talk about girly girls and tom boys and little girls and what they like. They go through different stages. We remember ourselves and have seen our girls go through the pink phase where everything they own is pink. They have all outgrown that for now and are into different colours.

Cathy is making salmon tonight. Louise says she is not cooking tonight and Carolin says that salmon sounds like to much trouble and her daughter won't be home for dinner anyways. Cathy saw an on the go meal (a tortilla wrap, spread with peanut butter and sprinkle with granola and place a banana in the centre and roll and eat). I don't know I'm not one for banana and peanut butter. If you tried it please let us know what you think. Carolin now makes brownies with spinach and carrots pureed. She says that they are good and you cannot tell the difference when you eat it. Cathy talks about her boys, the older will now eat some vegetables but the younger who is a dramatic actor will still fight her on eating vegetables.

Louise asks if Cathy's boys eat a lot because her son is always hungry and Cathy says that they are good eaters but not always hungry. Who loves potatoes? Louise's little one won't eat potatoes at all. The rest of us all love potatoes. Cathy's boys can eat pizza every day. I'm down for pizza every day and I love potatoes. My oldest daughter is not a potato fan either.

Cathy apologizes for not being on the blog since last week but I say unacceptable, unacceptable, unacceptable. This is suppose to be a shared blog and some of us I don't know. Is it a lack of commitment or what??????????????? (Cathy) It's gardening time!! All my free time is spent outside in the yard. I think and compose great blogs, in my head, however, they never seem to make it to the the post!!!

Cathy says that she has given the blog to some people at work and asked them to read it. She describes us as four normal women with everyday problems. Carolin says what do you mean normal, we are not normal we are way above that. Cathy changes and calls us dynamic, interesting, etc. women. I agree with Cathy that we are all pretty normal.

There are some tears now and we are sad over something about the blog. Louise's blog titled 'life'. so we try to change the conversation back to something not so painful. Just so you all know, we appreciate your involvement and your interest and comments on our lives. Somethings are painful and we know that, but we encourage each other to share. Sometimes we talk about what was shared and how it made us feel and how others have felt about it. It's hard but necessary and I believe very therapeutic. Life is filled with challenges and most often, ones that we are not ready to take and don't want to be faced with. Yes sometimes life can suck. However, for what it's worth, it can always be worse.

Someone is talking about oil and Robin Williams and the Tamels. I don't know, I missed most of the conversation as I was in my own deep thoughts.

Cathy says that she will post this week, Caroline says by the end day. OK says Cathy she will take her laptop outside in the garden with her. Carolin says it doesn't work because you can't see the screen.

Cathy says that the hot sweats are back and things are changing and she is in early menopause.
Ohip (For all our non-Ontario readers OHIP is our provincial health care coverage) is screwing things up says Cathy. You apparently need to book different things at different times which will make our lives much harder. Can I get a pap during my routine physical or not?
Apparently it is a separate gynecological exam. I'm not sure yet, my yearly physical is due now. Cathy says that she is very moody because of her changing cycles but Carolin says no its because she has teenagers.( I say it's all of the above.) Our periods have changes. Some are non existent and some are very heavy and scary. We are all in our early forties is it possible that menopause is really starting. Hot flashes and other things. Despite what Carolin has to say about hot flashes and it being an old thing and don't talk about is around her because she is too young. I am with Cathy on this. Things in my body have been changing for about 10 years now and I think that it is perimenopausal. If we keep wanting menopause to happen then it will, not me don't come visit me till I am in my late 50 thank you. I may be 43 years old but I still feel like I am in my early 20 (regardless of what that nasty passport picture looks like).

I wish you could be here when we are typing this up. Sunshine and Carolin are always arguing over how our opinions are written down. It's very funny! One of them will start typing and when one of us sits down to reread we all have comments on what and how it was written. The law is that we cannot change how anything is written. We will correct spelling and punctuation. We all say we write the same way we speak.

We are speaking now of the number of followers we have and we seem to also have a lot of people who read and are not followers. We are very grateful to all who read and appreciate all comments, anonymous or otherwise.

Sunshine would like more of her 'people' reading our blog. She hopes that they share an interest in her life.

Carolin is now complaining that this post is too long.. First they complain that I'm not writing and now that I am, it is too long!!!! Carolin says she wants comments to advise us if this post is too long or not! I will now hand this over to Louise.

I will try to get on this blog more too, I just want to say Thank you so much to everyone that has followed my "Life" story, and Thank you so much for your comments. I'm learning to take life one day at a time, which is not always easy. I'm so glad to have this morning to share with great friends, and it really gives me something to look forward to each week. Although it may not sound like it, I really am feeling better today and even this week. I guess I'm just tired and tired of being tired!!!


  1. As usual Thursday's are one of my favourite days. I relive our time together when I read the post and it makes me smile all over again.

  2. I wrote a comment!!!! Hey Sunshine, your quiche was great!!! I'm hungry and looking for something to eat... I want quiche!!

  3. Cathy you posted I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. If you were still next door I would hand deliver to you another slice of quiche. By the way I have something new to post but I will wait a little while just for you.

  4. Hey me too, I'll post tomorrow

  5. WOW that was an ear full.
    I need you to roff read my comments for spelling.
    Glad your felling better Louise one day at a time.
    OHIP I love it. My three days in Hospital with all the test would have cost about $10,000.00 if I had to pay for it.
    Thanks for all your well wishes, I'm home and felling good.