Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hormonal Imbalance Part #2

First of all I have to mention that this is already our 100Th post - congratulations to us ladies!

Well the last time that I talked about this subject was on April 6 almost two months ago. This week has been a crazy week for me emotionally. I had convinced myself that I was upset about something that happened earlier this week and that that was the sole cause of all of my hurt and anger. I have been in tears and angry and hurt all at the same time. Today we had a birthday celebration for my daughter and as I was preparing it hit me at 2:19 pm. I was out of control and crying once again and this time I finally realized that it is my crazy hormones once again.

I was feeling a little better for a while once I realized this and then my husband said something that once again had me in tears. When he finally realized that I was in tears he asked me why and I answered and it took him about 15 minutes but he gave me a kiss and said that he was sorry. That was all I needed and I felt so much better.

My husband has been away for the week so he had no idea that I was in such a state all week. The last time I talked about this subject he was also away. Hum, I wonder if that is another missing piece of the puzzle.

My out of control hormones are making me act a little crazy.
Please tell me if you feel like this sometimes. My emotions are out of control and my sensitivity is at an all time high when I am like this. Does it ever get better and if so can it get better on its own? How long does it take before it gets better and I am not so sensitive and so emotional.
Is there hope for us women and our out of wack hormones?

Thanks to all of those people in my life who tolerate me when I am like this and help me to work through my feelings and always do so without judging me. Thanks so much for your caring and support and thanks for the chocolate chip cookies, they made my weekend.


  1. First of all let me say, Sunshine has been writng all week but never posted. (I think she was try for the presitage of being 100!) I thought of writing yesterday as I am once again home alone but decided to cook instead. Your welcome for the chocolate chip cookies. I now have peanut butter cookies and a banana cream pie and pasta salad.

    I think it is great that when you write how you feel down, you can look back and see a pattern or others can see when to run and hide. I am glad Sunshine that you have worked out your feelings and are able to recoginze them for the future.

    Hope my pot was big enough for the Lobsters Mr. Sunshine brought back from Nova Scotia.

  2. Happy Sunday Sunshine
    Hormomes What can I say. I do not remember been awhere of the moon changes do to hormone, when I was at your stage of life or any other time.
    I more then likly did have a hormon change however I did not have a spouse at the time. No one to rag on or no one to cry to. So no one pionted it out to me.
    I believe that the reason for teens to get the reputation of been moody, sulky, bitchy, angery, crying often and darn right unpleasant to be with, is due to hormones. They can not help themselves because of the chemical change in there bodys. They just have to go through it. Others have to have great patience and understanding to go through it with them. So instead of you thinking that you are going through the change of life, you are really becoming a teen again. You are looking younger, prettier and smarter latly. Don't forget teens know everything. Hang in there, its all about the journey not the destination!