Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sometimes things can be a little disturbing

On Monday I was at the school picking up my children. I arrived a little early and parked in the teachers lot and was reading a book in the car waiting for the bell to ring. I was facing the side of a house that is adjacent to the parking lot. It actually shares a fence line with the teachers lot. There is soon a hub of activity as people are gathering around the school. There are many parents, smaller siblings and cars and people walking there dogs. This house also backs onto the park that is adjacent to the school. I now see a grade 8 class returning from the park as they come around the back of the fence. As I look up something catches my eye. I can see very clearly through the wooden slats of the side yard of this house. At first I am not quite sure what I am looking at. I clearly see a grown man in the back yard and my eye catches something glistening in the sun. At first I thought that this man had a gun sticking out of his pocket. I flinch for a second. This man is on a cordless or cellular phone talking to someone because I can hear his voice now. He is right in front of me but behind this wooden fence. I am sitting very still out of fear not sure what to do. Then suddenly I see a stream of urine arching from this man's unbuckled pants onto the grass beside him. I relax as I realize that the glistening object was actually his huge belt buckle dangling from the belt loop of his unzipped pants. He finishes and gathers his pants back up to where they should be and zips and buckles up. He then proceeds to the back yard and I can no longer see him. I am disturbed by what I just witnessed so I contemplate what to do next. Because of the time of day and the proximity of the school I decide that I need to report this to the school principal. I tell the principal what I have witness and she is also disturbed. She can't believe that in this day and age people still act this way and she informs me that she will have to get the authorities involved. I wasn't sure at first if I was over reacting but I just could not in good conscience leave the school without telling the principal. I hope that this person is not someone that will harm our children in anyway. Maybe he was just too lazy and did not use good judgement. I don't know but the incident left me feeling very unsettled.


  1. If I understand this right the guy was behind the privacy fence. And if so he can pee were ever he wants, we might think it is gross but it is his yard. I don't think it would be much different then someone sunbathing topless in their yard. If he was not intentionally exposing himself to the children then really I don't see what the big deal is. He just seems to be a very lazy guy with minimal manners.

  2. Bad judgement on his part. I think you are right to tell the principal. The principal will tell the police and the police will knock at his door. They will explain that someone on school property saw him urinating in his yard and because he is next to a school maybe it would be a good idea to use his bathroom from now on.
    As simple as that. You did right!