Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday's at the park

Thursday morning and we are all here. The arguments are already happening. Cathy has gone to take a picture of the actual park that we have spent so many countless hours conversing over many different topics. Our friendship has developed at this very spot. Once we load it up we will post it as our new picture overtaking the old generic park picture. I never really liked the picture we have......I think it looks like a giant elephant nose!!

We talk about a new follower and we are so pleased when we see any new activity from the outside world. We are talking about the man who was urinating in his backyard from one of our posts and both Cathy and Carolin tell me how it's not a big deal at all. Myself and Louise totally disagree, however, it is our children's school, maybe that's the difference. For me (Louise) I think that any man standing outside, I really don't care if he's on his property or not, should not be naked, and especially fondling himself.......Yes when you pee...your usually touching it!!!!

The funeral posts comes up and Cathy says how much she really enjoys Carolin's honesty of the past events. We tell Cathy that she needs to start to be much more interactive with our blog, no excuses. Now to how do we get the blog to grow and be more successful? Magazines, friends, how do we get the word out? There is a hub of activity. The dog is barking, the toddler is running around and us four women are competing to be heard. Back to the pictures of the park. We all like different ones. A decision needs to be made. What angle, do we want to show the houses, how about more greenery. Well let's wait 2 more weeks so that the leaves fill in and we have more greenery.

One of the husbands is at the passport office because their passports have all expired. Cathy says wait until September because it's not so busy there. Why are our passports only valid for 5 years when in the States and many other countries its 10 years. We decide it's all about money.

Cathy wants to discuss breast cancer. Someone she knows has just been informed that she has stage 2 breast cancer. They see shadows in her other breast. The doctors say lumpectomy and she wants both breasts removed. She won the battle against the doctors and had the surgery yesterday. We hope that she is ok. There are many women at Cathy's work who have now developed breast cancer. Cathy says it is everywhere. Cathy's doctor says that she needs to wait until she is 50 years old to get a mamogram and so does mine. We are all a little scared but not sure what to do.

Now to family issues. Health and well being. Louise asks how do we attract more men to the blog? Why more men asks Carolin? Well, how do we get a bigger readership. Carolin is trying to get Cathy's attention but Cathy is occupied with the dog. Cathy asks what she should write about. She is not sure what topics to talk about. She feels that she needs to talk about something deep. We all tell her, just write. It doesn't matter what you write about as long as you are interested in it. Just share your thoughts. By the way, Carolin says that as for last weeks cereal and missing berries it was actually her husband who ate berries because apparently they rise to the top of the box. Another important topic.......finding work!!!!!! Will anyone ever hire us??? We are three smart, confident, women, and we have lot's to offer any lucky employer. We would just like a chance to prove it to someone.....anyone!

Cathy here, they are all bugging me that I need to write, so here I am. Ok, I have decided that there are a few topics that I would like to write about. First, I would like to tell you all about the time when one of the kids was born. It was a group event! Secondly, I would like to discuss how I feel when I walk around at work, (I work with the public), and people approach me and ask, 'Are they real?'. Finally, I would like to continue writing about the evolution of our gardens. I hope you find this interesting!

Carolin speaking this time. and let me say I don't know about this 'write as we talk thing' . I would like to edit and clarify everything Sunshine says! About the guy peeing in his private yard. He was peeing not doing 'other' stuff, I agree it was not appropriate but distburbing not so much. He was in his own private backyard, it bothers me more that Sunshine was looking between the slats of the fence! Okay I need to comment.......We all know how well Sunshine can see, so really he could have been doing anything!!! Bottom line, zip up and keep it in your pants!!

Sunshines phone has just rung and it's her husband to inform her that the Skunk is back.

Sunshine seems to have another problem (no surprise) she is having issues with Ants in her kitchen. Cathy says to leave cucumber around your kitchen and the ants will not cross the cucumber. I am looking forward to going to Sunshine's just to see cucumber all over her perfect kitchen.

Well it is 11:30 and I am just about finished my tea and then we all need to get on with our day. Each of us has something different going on tonight, school open house, High School music night, School play, and even one of our kids is in Italy in a running competition. Life is busy, but good.
Life is definitely for good.........well it's getting there!


  1. I felt I was in your house having a cup of tea with you all. You girls are funny and interesting. Cool I don't know if you are there yet. But then I'm one that past cool several decades ago.I know I'm not cool but I am hot.

  2. I had my first mammogram as a 40th birthday present myself and I get one every other year (because I'm "low risk", so says my doc) and will continue to do so until someone tells me to stop. I can't believe the docs out there told you all 50...mine said 40.
    Just do it...

  3. This is one of my favourite posts yet. We need to do more of this.

  4. I have been reading the comments and after reading Mommie's comment a few times, I finally get it. We are funny and interesting but not ready for the cool box.

    And so you all know I am cool just ask my sister. Some of us are born with the 'cool' gene other are not, so sad for you. I was born with it so now I will click on the cool box. Why you ask? Cause I can!

  5. ok, ok, I posted something.