Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Tree Pose

I am feeling better today. It is a beautiful sunny hot day and I hope it lasts! I know I'm feeling better because I cooked dinner. Breakfast was one slice of organic rye bread with a thin layer of smoked salmon cream cheese for flavour, with fruit and oj and green tea. Lunch was basically the same with a glass of milk added. My water intake is up, mostly due to the heat.
For dinner I made polenta with chicken stock. Once done I put it in a loaf pan and place the pan in the fridge. When we are ready to eat I remove the polenta and grill the slices and serve with sauce. For the sauce I removed sausage meat from the casings and browned the meat with sliced mushrooms and a tin of chopped tomatoes. That's it! You would be so surprised at the amount of flavour. Serve the sauce over the sliced grilled polenta and sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese. We are having carrot, celery and cucumber sticks for the veggie portion.

I also know I am feeling better as I was able to do 38 minutes on my Wii. I started with the advanced step in order to warm up. I hit a bucket of golf balls and tried unsuccessfully to make it to the third level of the advanced obstacle course. I laugh when I do the math game. I am on the advanced level, (add or subtract numbers to total 15) I can never finish! The Wii keeps telling me to make small hip shakes. My hips seem to make big hip shakes so I add and subtract numbers that I don't want, lol!

I had the Wii make up a yoga routine for me today. I just knew it would include my least favourite yoga positions. Yup! There was the Tree Pose. I was a dancer for years and I embarrass myself that I cannot stop wiggling while trying to hold this pose. I guess this should be another of my goals.

I do feel better; all stretched out again. I am still a little lightheaded and shaky, however, I feel I will not get worse. ( I hope!)

Think good thoughts for tomorrow!

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