Thursday, May 26, 2011

Better Today

I felt so much better today in one respect. However, at the same time I seem to be either coming down with a head cold or starting allergies! I am still amazed that even feeling tired and sick I still went downstairs and put in a solid 31 minutes of exercise. I must say that everyday I exercise makes me believe even stronger in the adage that, "it takes 21 days to make a habit".

I warmed up with Advanced Step and the Advanced Obstacle course. I did hit another bucket of golf balls. Hitting golf balls really works the upper body and waist! I stretched out with a long yoga routine and finished with some deep breathing exercises. Yep, felt better afterward!

I will start paying attention to my weight next week. I have 16 days (of the goal I set) to lose 2.2kg. That's a lot of weight and I hope some will disappear with the water gain from this week and I will make more of an effort with food. The food thing is harder than the exercise thing. I'm hungry!

Tomorrow, on "Catch Up Fridays", I will fill you in on my day! Thanks everyone for your continuing support!

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  1. Hi Cathy, I just wanted to let you know . There is a friend of mine at work. She is about your weight. I think that she looks perfect as she is, by the way so do you. But she really wants to loose weight. She has been eating salad for lunch every day since September and she has not dropped a pound. She exercises every day. when she first stared working with us she was always so tired and sad and down. She went to a naturopath who is giving her advice based on her blood type in terms of what foods to avoid. She also gave her certain drops that she has now taken for about 3 months now to help her with ther thyroid and other things. She is almost doen with the dropps and digestive enzymes. I can tell you that about two weeks into seeing this naturopath, she became a completelly different person. She has endless energy and she is so happy. She says that she feels as though she is living once again. But she was still frustrated because there was no weight loss. Well next step, two weeks ago she went to a weight watchers meeting. She wants to loose 20 pounds. She was worried the first week because she said that she has never eaten so much food in her life. Well she was down 3 pound the first week. She was so excited but she wonders if it is all water weight. I will let you know what her results are this week. I am actually planning on going to see her naturopath in the next few weeks.