Friday, May 20, 2011

Catch up Fridays

(Sunshine) Hello everyone. Its been a slow week around here. Little Miss Sunshine has the stomach flu and she is also very congested so she was off from school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I hate to see her like this. I don't like when they are laying around and sleeping all day and not eating and so uncomfortable. We have been fighting the flu and stomach flu in my home since last weekend. I really got nothing done as she was off because she wanted me by her side and to be very honest I have been so exhausted that when she slept, I slept too. She seems to be better today, just really tired and her stomach is still upset and she is still not eating. Good thing this weekend is a long weekend. (Cathy) I hope you are all feeling better soon. You guys have had a hard winter and deserve a good healthy summer! I really hope so too. Please give Little Miss Sunshine our best. Hubby and the younger one have been dealing with spring allergies. I guess now that it's getting warmer the allergies will get worse. I only have a touch of spring allergies and I feel for all who suffer.Allergies are big in our home too. I hate to see them suffer with that, it looks so uncomfortable. (Carolin) We too suffer from seasonal allergies. The younger one is on allergy meds for a good part of the spring. But thankfully all the rain we have had has helped. I got a text from the teenager while she was at work. Her microphone in her phone is not working so we can only text (very frustrating) Anyway her supervisor was taking her to a walk-in as she was having a allergic reaction to something. After many text back and forth and her dad meeting the a the drug store it was a hive like rash on her arms. I had in a earlier text said go to the drug store and get some benadryl but I was ignored. Guess what the doctor prescribed? Yep benadryl and claritin. So hopefully she will remember to take that with her for now one while at work.

Miss Teen Sunshine turns 16 this weekend (yeah) and I have not even started working on that yet. I really don't even know what to get her that would be special for her sweet 16 birthday. I do know that tomorrow morning bright and early she will be off to get her G1 Plan to be there all morning and probably even longer. and then the rest of the weekend, she is working. She has not made plans for a birthday party with her friends yet. I don't think that she really knows what she wants. She has not had a friends party for about 5 years now because she hasn't wanted one. Mr Sunshine's family will be over on Saturday for her birthday and my family probably in a few weeks. My sister is really busy at work for the next few weeks and Mr Sunshine is out of town on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Happy sweet sixteen! It's a special birthday and by this age all the kids really seem to want is money and maybe a special meal. They rarely have parties anymore. Tell her good luck with her G1. How about money towards the driver's ed. course as a gift? I don't know about that Cathy, the teenager went to many sweet 16 parties when her friends turn that milestone. And just last weekend one of the girls at school at a big formal dinner/party for 100 for her sweet 16. So it seems some do and some don't.

Is anyone watching American Idol? I have lost interest as all of my favourites have now gone home but I am sure that I will watch the finale next week. I am however really enjoying The Voice. How come you have not been blogging about it? I am not watching it. How is the show without Simon? What is the "Voice"? I have not been blogging about it because partly I forget to do so and mainly when the show is over I am just to tired and ready for bed. It was nice when I had a lot of time at my leisure to what ever I wanted to do. I really miss that. Anyhow I do not miss Simon at this point because I really enjoy Steven Tyler and J Lo. The voice is a new singing show with mentors, Christina Agulara, Celo Green, Adam Levine and country singer Blake somebody. They choose contestants based on a blind audition where they have their backs towards the contestants and only turn around during their auditions if they really like what they hear. If more then one judge turns their chair for you then you as the artist make the decision on who you would like to work with. That was round one. Each mentor now has 8 people on their team. Round two each mentor chooses two members of their team to face off with each other in singing a song that was chosen for them on stage together. At this point the mentor must eliminate one member per round. We are still in stage two. I am not sure what happens in stage three but so far I am loving the show.

Soccer season is here and our first game is this holiday Monday. Why on a holiday when people are with families or at the cottage? Good luck this season! Is it just little Miss Sunshine who is playing soccer and will she be up to it?

I don't know why, everyone seems to be irritated about that. Irritated with what? Soccer on a holiday Monday. And if so then just don't go. If to many don't show up then they will know for next time not to schedule it on a holiday Monday. Also will the fields be OK to play. Baseball was cancelled this week for the husband because the fields are to wet.

Only 19 work days left for me!!!!!! Maybe me too. Has anyone been listening to the news? Ninety-eight percent in support of a strike!!!! I didn't know that, are you also in support of the strike? Sorry haven't heard anything about a strike. Well Cathy might be nice to have the summer off. Know? Yes it is getting close to the end of the school year and Yes I am looking forward to it.

I have spent today in the garden. What a beautiful day! I did my weigh in this morning when I got up and the Wii told me with fanfare that I lost 0.1kg! It also pointed out that I have 23 days left in my goal to lose 2kg. The Wii thinks I need to pick up my pace!!!!!!!! I have yet to go and do my exercise routine. I think after I finish gardening I will stretch out with yoga and do a few strength exercises. Breakfast was oatmeal and berries with tea. Lunch was leftover Spanish chicken/rice and mussels. Yummy! Dinner tonight is beer, wings and fries!!!!! Hmmmmm, maybe I should double up on the exercise so I can burn off dinner, lol!I am so proud of you, keep up the great work. I am considering doing some gardening this weekend, but don't hold your breath. I do plan on cleaning the carpet on the stairs as I still can smell the cat. As the weather gets warmer I am sure the smell will get worse.

I did a bit of grocery shopping and bought some German made muesli rye bread and some rice cakes and fruit. I will try to lessen my wheat gluten intake and increase my fruit intake and see what happens. I won't do a separate blog about my quest today as I just wrote about it now.

Last night I went and had a pedicure and then went to the mall and bought a new purse from Roots. I then met up with the teenager and we shopped for shoes. I am sad to say I had to buy my dressy summer sandals from Naturalizer cause it is all about the comfort and support and not so much about the style anymore. As soon as we got home (I didn't even have the door closed)the teenager blurts out to the husband "Mom spent over two hundred dollars on a purse" The two of us look at her like she is nuts. Her Dad looks at and says "So" and I say "Hello, I am all grown up and can spend my money on what ever I want". I figured the purse will last me a few years and even if it doesn't I work darn hard for my money and if I want something nice I don't mind spending the money on it. Don't worry I still can be frugal when I want (like my $7.00 tank tops from Walmart).

On a happy note my car is going in to be serviced on Tuesday. The dealership and Chrysler engineers have had some discussions and think they have figured out what the problem is. Something to do with the keyless starter. But lets see what they say when we also tell them the Air Conditioning does not work. How many problems do we have to have before we can declare this car a LEMON.

Have a great long weekend everyone! I will be thinking of you all as I go to work!!!!

Have a great long weekend everyone!!!

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