Friday, May 13, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Hi everyone! Today was the day I went to help Carolin at her work. She had been hired to cater a meeting at the school where she owns and operates the cafeteria. I was to report for 10am. I was not late! (Carolin) Punctuality is very important Cathy, thank you.

The school was expecting me and a very nice women from the front office walked me to Carolin's cafe. I met her helper and I could see that they had been hard at work for a few hours! Carolin put me to work right away, but not before she gave me a very stylish white hair net. I looked like my grandmother! She even made me tuck my bangs under the net! I need my bangs..... I have never worn my hair back off of my face! (Sunshine) Cathy, welcome to the old ladie's hair net club. I am happy that my meanager lets me keep my bangs out all the time. If she made me tuck them in, I might just have to quit. In my own defense I said yes the bangs to be covered as they were almost past her eyes, and she only needed to wear the net while prepping food, when she went to serve she did not need to wear it. I don't make the laws just try to follow them.

So, I know, get over it! I started making a tray of snickerdoodles. She didn't say anything so I think I passed. After, I started to wrap burgers. It was just like working at McDonald's again! That kept me busy up until it was time to cater the meeting. I must say here that Carolin is very easy to work for. (maybe I shouldn't say that!) She never yelled at me once! What's a snickerdoodle? It sounds as though she is a great boss, but I think that we all knew that. Snickerdoodle is a great word, go ahead say it. See it puts a smile on your face every time. And of course it taste yummy. A snickerdoodle (giggle) is a sugar cookie that has been rolled in cinnamon and sugar.

I didn't have to do much for the meeting. Lunch was set up buffet style and everyone was very impressed and told me that all of the food was very good!

After the lunch rush.......... I got to eat! I was very hungry. I had a Jamaican beef patty and some of Carolin's potato salad with a cup of tea! I had some potato salad for dinner, must say it is very good. (if you do say so yourself!!! but I have to agree, it was very good and I felt bad for not asking for a bit for Hubby.)

After eating it was clean up time. Washing up took a very, very long time! I must admit it's not my favourite job however I was very happy to let Carolin have a break so she could tend to some other tasks. At work, we do dishes all day long. It is a greasy, wet and exhausting job. Unfortunately, dishes take up a good part of the day, Be thankful Cathy cause Scott one of the parents at the school who comes in to help on these extra busy days had already done some of the dishes. You're right and I am forever grateful!

I had a good time and I was very glad that I could help! Good job Cathy! Thank you very much Cathy, I really appreciated your help. Between the regular day (the window we call it) burger day (extra 200 burgers) and the principals luncheon it was busy.

Well, its Friday and what a crazy day! Today the meanager told us told us, actually it's more like she barked at us that we have a mandatory food handling coarse to attend. She said that two of us have to go on June 17 and the other two on June the 21st. She had no other details. Not what time, where is it being held, are they paying for our gas to get there, are they paying us for our time? Anyhow, the girls at work are very upset because the 17th is our last day at work and we have a lot of cleaning to do and now two people will be stuck doing all the work while the other two are out taking the course. I really hope that I get to go to the course that day. Hey Carolin, you may know the answers to some of the above questions. Didn't you take that course in the past? Apparently, one of the girls thinks that the course will be held at the Toronto School Board somewhere on Yonge street. I think that my boss is the worst communicator ever. One of the girls started expressing her opinion on how the date of June the 17th was a very poor choice. The meanager barked once again and told her that she didn't want to hear about it and to shut up. Another pleasant day at work. But guess what, "Its Friday, Friday, Friday!" Ok Sunshine relax! I did not take the course as they have options. In Peel region they would like to make this certification mandatory to all people working in food services. Because you work at a school board the board may require it. It is not a big deal, you have a choice in Peel to take the day course and write the test at the end or do self study and then go write the test. I choice the later and got 96%. I got one question wrong and it haunts me to this day. I wrote the test right here in town beside the Mall. It only took 1 hour or two, not a biggie. I did study at home for a few weeks. If you read over the manual and answer the questions at the end of each chapter then you should be fine. Most of it is common sense and then there is the memorizing of food temperatures and fridge/freezer temperatures.

I had scheduled my now yearly ant spraying for 2:00 this afternoon. I had to get angry on the phone with the receptionist when at 2:45 the technician was still not there and I had now left work early and have been waiting for him for an hour as I got there 15 minutes early in case he got there early. I didn't want to miss him. Well ,as I was late in picking up Miss Teen Sunshine and just about to get on the highway, I see his truck on the other side of the street. I scrambled to find the head office phone number and call them and tell him to start spraying outside and I would be back in 10 minutes. Well, getting to that school late on a Friday was a disaster. It took me half an hour to get out of the parking lot. When I got home he was in his truck sleeping. Apparently, he was sick and appreciative of the nap. This all delayed me in picking up Little Miss Sunshine so I had to make a call to one of the mothers at the school who looked after her for me until I could get there. Thank goodness for that! Well now this made Miss Teen Sunshine very late for work. I don't understand how they schedule her for 3:30? Anyhow, even with all of the delays we managed to make it there by 4:20. They were told that she could not make the 3:30 shift but we would be there by 4:30.

I can't drive that fast with my car because if I go over a bump too fast, then the all of the lights on the dash board turn on and the car turns off. I have to put the hazard lights on and come to a complete stop and turn it back on. About six months ago when my car was in for some other repair, they gave me a new gas cap because they said that my old one was leaking. News to me. Well, I can tell you that even with the incredibly high price of gas today no one will be syphoning from my tank because it is a lot of work to get this "new and improved" gas cap off. I have had to ask strangers at the gas station to help me get it off. Sometimes they can, sometimes they can't. I have left the gas station with no gas many times. I have had a friend help me. Her husband wasn't able to get it off but after 15 minutes she was so I put the gas cap in my pocket and immediately went to fill up. I have gone back to the place that sold us the cap and some young mechanic came out with a wrench and took it off and told me that there is nothing wrong with it. He took out some other gadget that tells them if the cap it defective and apparently it's just fine. Mr Sunshine is also a really big help. He can get the cap off quite easily and he says that it is a user problem! (funny!) He has been filling up my tank a lot. But hello, I would like be able to do it myself and he can't save me when he is away and I need gas. The last two weeks I managed with much difficulty and struggling for about 5 minutes to get the cap off at home or in a parking lot, put it in my pocket and fill up. One of my friend's theories is that it is a generic cap that just doesn't fit properly, so I may go to the dealer and see if they can order one specifically for my car if it doesn't cost that much. I am so tired now, I am going to bed. p.s. the font changed and I don't know how. Unclick the i button. (again, funny!)

It's a "user problem" funny, funny. Isn't your car fairly new? Not that makes any difference as today after school I had to get the little one to a birthday party (which I only learned about the night before while cleaning out her backpack!) for 4:00 pm. We don't normally leave the school till 4 - 4:30. So we are rushing and get in the car only for the car not to start. This time there was power but not enough to turn the engine. I called the husband (thank goodness he is on the day shift) he was just dropping the Teenager off at work and would be over soon. When he got to us he said the battery was dead again. This is the third time this has happened! One time the break lights stayed on all the time (when car was off). The dealership replaced some switch. Needless to say there is some other problem. The husband charged the battery and then we were on our way. We got to the birthday party only a half hour late. Have to say not so happy with this new car of mine.

Sunshine, you crack me up. Hey Benchers, Sunshine complains that we are all boring. Well, let me say just how thankful that I am not near as boring as she is! (you both crack me up!)

Have a good week everyone!


  1. Just for the record Carolin, I have no issue in taking the coarse in fact I think that we should have taken it earlier. It's the lack of communicationa and mostly the barking that bothers me.

  2. Cathy what are you talking about? Who is Terry?