Monday, May 9, 2011

Day Fourteen of Twenty-One

Today was a busy day with a lot of running around. I took the older one to the Drive Test Centre for his G1 (learner's permit). After a three hour wait........He got it! Now what?

Came home and hung a few loads of laundry outside to dry. I made a loaf of bread, (in the bread machine). I also folded and put away a lot of clothes. Dinner was simple, soup and salad.

I went downstairs before dinner and did 15 minutes of aerobics and 15 of yoga. I also did some gardening outside. I figure that along with all of the up and down with the laundry I had a pretty good workout. Tomorrow, I plan to do strength training and gardening. I have yet to figure out dinner. Whatever happened to my weekly dinner menu plans?

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  1. Well I guess that he completed his challenge of beating Miss Teen Sunshine to getting his G1 first. Congrats!!!!